Step Mother fucked by Father, His boss and Driver

Today I will tell you the story of how I saw my step mother being f***ed to have sex with my fathers' boss by my father and my driver itself. I always refer to her as mother only.

My mothers' name is Rajani and she is 39 years old and she is actually extremely beautiful for her age. I am studying Engineering and my father is a high ranking official in one of the best companies of the world.

I always stay up at night and study and my mother also sl**ps late after watching television for a few hours (atleast that is what I thought till that day). My room is on the first floor and my mother also lives on the same floor. One day i went downstairs to have a glass of water. When I crossed my mothers' room I heard a moaning. When I peeped inside I saw she was watching a pornographic DVD and she was lying stark naked on the bed fingering herself. I was so stunned that i was standing there for 5 minutes without myself realising. At that moment I realised how HOT my mommy was. I am her son, and even I wanted to suck her boobs and drink the milk from it. Her slim stomach, waist and her white thin legs compelled my dick to stand. I then slithered in and switched on the light. Mommy suddenly realised I was there and started scrambling for the remote in the mess on the bed ( all the bedsheets and her lingerie and her gown were bundled on the bed). Eventually she wasn't able to find it. Her body was shining in the light and I was stunned. In the haste to look for the remote she forgot to cover herself and I saw her tits, and vagina in its' full glory.
Mom asked me to go to my room saying that it was normal for her to do whatever she was doing. Unknowingly I had kept my hand on my cock and my cock had also grown to its' full size. Mom saw my erect penis through the flimsy material of my shorts and laughed and sent me away.

Next day I had a test and I wasn't able to concentrate at all. So after the test, I came home and went off to sl**p after jacking off to the naked pic of my mother which had become so nicely embedded in my mind. That day in the evening my father was supposed to return with his boss from America. The boss was supposed to stay with us.

I woke to my mother moaning loudly late at night. I thought she was masterbating again. But she wasn't in her room. The noise was coming from the drawing room. I went down slowly and peeped through the door all the while hidden behind a curtain. I saw her having sex with our driver. I was shocked again. How could she have sex with the driver. But it seemed pretty passionate with lots of fondling and kissing. It was the hottest interacial sex I had ever seen - the black toned 6 pack abs of the driver and the white body of my mother.

It was pretty late and my father could return home at any time and he had asked mom to pop off to sl**p. I heard the lock of the front door unlock. I rushed upstairs and saw my father and his boss walk in. Apparently at the same time my driver was ejaculating sperm all over my mother. So the screaming had stopped. My father saw the light on and went to switch it off.

He screamed "I knew you MILF, I knew that you were fucking the driver" to the driver who was by that time having body shots of his own cum off my mothers' breasts he said "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?"

He said " Sir, Madam used to walk naked in front of me, trying to seduce me"
Dad in a fucking rage tied moms' hands and legs together with her own gown and threw her on the floor breast side up. He then said to her " You want fucking, we'll give you a good old fucking". To his Sir, he said, "Sir do the honours, lets' have some wild sex." His boss willingly stripped off his clothes along with dad and walked towards mom.

Mom was squirming at the sight of 3 huge dicks waiting to penetrate her. She screamed but dad asked the driver to f***e his dick in her mouth with he did willingly.

The Boss was fondling her tits with her legs by that time.

Dad said " Wait I'll show you what is embarrassment, you embarrassed me in front of my boss". He shouted out my name. I ran to my room and came down as if I was a newcomer and didn't know anything. I acted shocked, but I was actually enjoying the site of my hot mother naked on the floor with a dick stuffed into her throat. I was offered to lick her vagina but I declined saying I would just jack off.

My boss started fucking my mom like a whore My dad asked the driver to move aside and yanked her by the hair and began pumping his cock into her mouth. The driver asked the Boss to take the vagina while he took her ass. I was asked to get 3 beers, which I got. After 5 beers and about 1 and a half hour of extreme shouting and screaming and fucking, everybody wanted to eat. They left mom lying the floor in a half - u*********s state and went into the kitchen for a snack. I took the oppourtunity to lick her tits. THEY WERE THE BEST AND SOFTEST TITS EVER !!!

When they came back they began banging mom against the wall and fucking her one-on-one. The boss threw into our private pool and had violent sex with her. The driver threw her onto a table and cummed in her ass. But nobody was in the mood to stop. Mom was extremely tired and asked for the last round of fucking.

In India, to sweep the floors we use an instrument called a "jhaadu". My dad got that and started spanking her ass and boobs with it. Meanwhile the driver smack her face up and down, left and right. The best moment came after that whenin one go all the three men pumped their hard dicks into her - Driver in mouth, Father in ass and boss in Vagina. I was then asked to cum in her mouth and on her face. I did so willingly. We then covered her body with cum and began licking it off with our mouths and spitting it into mothers' mouth.

By that time was like a rag doll who was being pounded by 3 huge cocks left, right and centre. Dad slapped her so hard to help her regain consciousness that she screamed and it looked as if her eyes would pop out.

To end it all, All of us ( me included ) gave her a little frenching on the mouth and the others gave her one final fuck and went to their rooms leaving her bounded and gangged in the drawing room on the floor stark naked.

The next day she came to me and said that since, I had seen everything of her, she would wear nothing except a see - through gown in the house. And that I could have sex with her whenever I wanted.

If she was expecting sympathy, She was in for a shock, I was extremely pissed off with her for fucking the driver, I said " Wear a bra atleast, I don't like sagging boobs".

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Sad kid turning down A present like that, after what he done the night before, You don't look A gift horse in the mouth,U get up and Ride, Lol
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3 years ago
very good ,,keep pounding her with cock
3 years ago