Disobeying Stepdads Orders

I heard my stepdad bitching at me from downstairs. "Becca I told you to do this dishes! I'm sick of your laziness!" What a dick I thought, I never even eat here, why should I clean up after some guy who's fucking my mom? "Do em' yourself!" I replied. He stomped up to my room, red in the face. "You leave me no choice but to deciplince you. This is my house and I make the rules." I laughed, "whatta ya gonna do Dave? I'm already grounded and you took away my computer." He made a slapping motion in the air. "Your getting spanked, that'd the only way to stop this behavior." I was furious. "You pervert! I'm a teenager! Your not going anywhere near my ass." I assured him. "This is not sexual Becca, you k**s these days have no consequences for your actions. You ARE getting a spanking." I looked down at my legs, I was wearing my skimpiest short shorts. "Look what I'm wearing you psycho! My ass isn't even fully covered!" I screamed. "Enough!" I yelled, louder than I had. He sat down angrily beside me and f***ed my body over his legs. "I'm telling my mother about this! You p*******e!" I warned, struggling against his strong grip. "Your mother is gone for 2 more months, and I'll tell her myself! Your out of control." He replied. He raised his hand and tightened his grip on me. I stopped squirming. I knew there was nothing I could do to stop him from punishing me in such a fucked up way. WHAM. His open palm crashed against my half exposed ass. "You bastard!" I squealed, "that was SO hard!" His hand raised again, this time there was no delay, I felt his his hand hit my numb skin. He stayed calm and silent as I groaned and cursed in pain. After 7 slaps I began to feel an unmistakable sensation growing in my pussy. No, no, no.... fuuuuuck! I thought, I can't get wet right now! But I knew it was out of my control. I love being smacked while fucking, when I'm horny I feel no pain, being hit only intensifies my pleasure. I prayed he wouldn't notice, but knew he would. He stopped suddenly and looked at me intrigued. "Your wet." He snarked. "I probably peed!" I said defensively. He sniffed his hand and cracked a smile. "Look who the pervert is now." He teased. I couldn't string a sentence together, my pussy was exploding with pleasure. "Its your fault!" I told him, trying not to moan. "I've been grounded for so long I haven't been able to fuck." He was chuckling at me, at least he's not mad now I thought. "Can I finish now or will you squirt all over me?" I really didn't know, I hadn't even masturbated while I was stuck at home without cock. "Just do it" I told him. I tried to make him believe I wanted him to stop, when really my horny mind didn't care how wrong it was for me to enjoy it. "Ughhh" I grunted, that felt amazing. I noticed my body thrusting slightly. I hoped he would think I was uncomfortable and not fighting off an orgasm. I kept telling myself I was just horny and I should be furious at Dave but it was no use. I was known for sl**ping with unattractive people just because I needed to get off. I couldn't hide my pleasure any longer. My hips thrust into my stepdads lap hard, then slowly grinded against him on the way up. My movement had caused my shorts to slide up my waist. I heard David gasp. "What?" I moaned, my pleasure obvious. I looked behind me and saw my full ass, and half of my pussy exposed. I couldn't pull them down, instead my hips did a circle against his lap. I felt something new poke my body, it became firm when it contacted my pussy. He slapped me again, this time with a cupped hand that remained on my ass, then squeezed. His fingers rubbed my clit. Now I felt his cock bouncing in his pants, he began thrusting in sync with me. I was euphoric and I leaped up onto him, my legs wrapped around his back while I felt up his body. He tore his pants off but I stopped him from freeing his cock from his boxers. I smiled and giggled while I rubbed my soaking wet pussy against his pulsing cock. He ripped my shirt off and sucked on my nipples. My shorts had fallen off and his boxers were all that stopped him from fucking me passionately. I slid down his body and kissed his cock through the fabric. He lurched forward like I had earlier. He could take it no longer, he pushed them down and guided my body so he could fuck me doggy style. He inserted his cock into my slit and let out a sigh. He took his time enjoying the sensations only a teenagers pussy can provide. He rubbed my clit while he sped up his pace. I screamed his name to relieve myself of the overwhelming ecstasy his cock provided. He started thrusting as deep as he could into me, then slowly drawing his cock all the way out of my body. I loved the sloshing sound that this made along with the cum that dripped out of my pussy. "Your so tight... fuck" he moaned. "I can hardly handle your cock, your so fucking huge." I relied between heavy breathed. 10 minutes ago he hated the sight of me, now he couldn't stop telling me how badly he wanted to cover me in cum. He flipped me on my back and sucked on the lips of my pussy. "Let me suck your cock." I begged. He got off my bed and waited for me to drop to my knees. I shove my head into his cock until I felt it tickle my throat. I tightened my lips around his shaft and began pulling back my head until his dick popped out of my mouth. I dove back in, swirling my tongue around the tip of his cock, and staring into his deep blue eyes. I decided he'd probably had enough so I slowly stood up. I stuck my tongue out and clung to his body on the way up licking his entire body. When we stood head to head I grabbed his cock and circled it around my pussy, licking his tongue st the same time. I knew he was dying to fuck me senseless so I turned around and bent over onto the bed. I grabbed both of my cheeks and spread my ass for him. He fucked me as fast as he could and I know we would orgasm soon. We moaned in unison and screamed each others names. I lost control and jerked my body toward his cock, I needed it so badly. Right as I began to squirt he pulled out of my pussy. He stood up and I went back onto my needs, rubbing cum out my of snatch. He stroked his cock furiously while I begged for his cum. When I felt the warmth of his cum on my face I stuck my middle finger deep into my pussy. I had the strongest orgasm of my life at the same time as my stepfather. We laid in my bed for hours after this, I played with his cock while he rubbed my pussy. I am so happy we don't fight at all anymore, instead we fuck each other many times a day.
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I guess that it is good to kiss and make up.....
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