it was the beginning of a great i have mary ellen and erin walton taking turns sucking my 10" dick down clean to my balls and then licking the balls while they are down there....I finally had to stop them before i blew my i had something in mind that i wanting to will be first Mary Ellen...she lay down and spread her legs and me with a razor and shaving cream proceed to shave her pussy bare...i looked over and looked at erin who was really going at it with her own pussy !!! Turning back to Mary Ellen I then lather up her legs and gave them a really close shave....she moans lightly while playing with her clit...I looked over at Erin and said ....You're next Erin....
Well Erin was alittle shy at first but i slowly got her to part her legs and proceed to lather and shave he pussy bare as i did Mary Ellen pussy earlier..this time Erin was watching Mary Ellen playing with her clit also...HEY GIRLS I said two play s****rs on the show ....right ??? let's all have some fun huh?? Well Judy looked at Mary Beth and said i'm game if you are !!! Mary Beth looked at me and said ONLY if we both get some dick too!!!!
find with me girls....Mary Beth starting to move away......hold on there i said...I got to shave your legs like i did judy's....she blushed and laughed i rushing myself ...
Well I gave both of them garter belts and backseams stockings to wear along the spike high heels...seems like for the hour they enjoyed each other to the fullest feelings of passions.....the whole time i watched and remain HARD as a rock without tonching myself at it was my turn with these two pretty women....Did not know if i cold handle 2 women hot as thes two.......well we are did it every which we could.....even got to fuck both in the ass too....we were all sl**ping so sound.....and in bust elizabeth walton known as kami cotler....hollering at the top of her lungs.....Judy Mary Beth you get another great fuck and I'm the last one sucks !!!!
Well I got up and said Elizabeth or Kami fix me some to eat and i will take a shower and then me and you can have a hott time too !!! well i do not know chuck.......judy and Mary Beth told her ...YOU will love it Kami....well i came out from my shower and eat my breakfast which Kami serve to me in the nude...well Kami the girls are going to hang around huh?? is it okay she asked ? It's fine as i do not think i can go anymore after me and you do it !!!
Anyway as i did before with the other two ...I spread Kami Legs and with lather and razor in hand and shave her red haired pussy bald.....then i shaved her legs every so smooth.....she moans so softly...she starts giving me a blowjob...chuck i can not take all your dick like Judy and Mary Beth can....not a problom kami.....she was still hott at it though...she could only take about 8" in her super thight pussy....WOW...Kami looked into my eyes and told me that she loves getting fucked in the ass.....well Kami took ALL 10" up her butt where as her T.V. s****rs could not....just to think i still have 9 days of my vacation lefted !!! LOL...
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