my sick minded son pt1

i had a little to much to drink one friday night, and was laying on the couch tired from swimming all day. i had my eyes closed thinking about going to bed when i felt my son standing over me, i was still in my bathing suit(i wear a metallic gold one) i cracked open my eyes an saw him staring at my bottoms, i new i had a cameltoe, then he pulled out his dick and thinking i was passed out, started jacking off right over me not knowing i was watching him. he ran his fingers lightly around my pussy lips, then he moved my hair out of my face(i closed my eyes real fast) and before i know it im feeling and watching him shoot cum all over my face, in my eyes, my mouth, im laying there looking at him with one eye open as he looks down an sees me staring at him
72% (24/9)
Posted by chuck3
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2 years ago
nothing sick about that.....good boy in my book
3 years ago
what happens next???
4 years ago
oh that's hot!!!
4 years ago
i agree u need to make it a bit longer and go into more detail and say wot the mums feelings are is she turned on or disgusted
4 years ago
Aaaannnnnnndddddddd then...............
4 years ago
fair start but need the next installment
4 years ago
very nice what happened next?