First Time Webcam Sex on Omegle

This is Sex Chat with me and a girl.. ( sorry no video :(, you can find 4 photos on my profile )

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Stranger: hey
You: hi
You: :)
Stranger: hows jacking off feel?
You: good
You: lol
Stranger: it turns me onn, ;)
You: that's good ;)
Stranger: you should make it that your dicks not in your shirrttt.
Stranger: forr meee? ')
Stranger: **;)
You: bad girl
You: do you want see?
You: lol
Stranger: yesss, ;)
You: ok :P
Stranger: waittt
You: ?
Stranger: put it back away for a sex
You: love it
Stranger: wanna see my ass?
You: yea sure
Stranger: do you like that?
You: sure
You: really wonderful
You: and you like mine?
Stranger: do you even wanna see it?
Stranger: (ass)
You: yea
Stranger: kayy.
You: i would like
Stranger: but you gotta do one thing
Stranger: pretend like you slaping my ass
Stranger: it turns me on
You: ok
Stranger: im weird,
You: ;)
Stranger: ;)
You: like it?
Stranger: pretned this teddy bear is you
Stranger: ok
Stranger: ?
You: i would love
You: lucjy bear
You: so hot
You: i'm ready for cum baby
You: where do you like to have my cum?
You: ;P
Stranger: mouth
You: yea
You: i'm jealous of that bear
Stranger: think of it as you
You: yea sure
You: would love to kiss your pussy
Stranger: do it on cam
You: baby can i see your boobs?
Stranger: if you stay on here with me til like 9
Stranger: yeahh
You: it's really hard to resist at your pussy
Stranger: ;)
Stranger: i about to cum
Stranger: i think
Stranger: ;)
You: we are ready
You: show me your wet pussy cumming
Stranger: when it does
You: ok baby
You: ?
Stranger: gtggg
Stranger: DX
You: wait
You: one moment
You: can i see you again?
You: so no way to see you again
Stranger: maybe we will run in to each other again
Stranger: remember my name.............................
Stranger: Chelsey.
You: thanks Chelsey
You: i'll do
Stranger: kayyy
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

I have to say that was really a hot first time webcam sex :P
100% (2/0)
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3 years ago
i've got it now a program like hypercam :P
3 years ago
had a lot of great camsex on could record the footage with a free hypercam program its the one i use on my videos.what are the pics like???