Big black bear master

About a year ago, I was in serious debt to this huge black guy, he told me if I became his bitch, he would end the debt, before I could even answer, everything went black.

Next thing I knew, I wake up in a basement, hands and feet bound staring up at him. He stood about 6ft 1, at least 20 stone and had a dick which was easily 12 inches long and 2 or 3 inches wide when erect. I was naked and cold on the floor. He shouted, "get on your fucking knees!". I quickly rushed up, he laughed to himself. Now, put this on. He attached a leash around my neck, "now, you're my bitch" he authoritatively said. He was wearing a leather thong with leather straps around his huge belly and smooth man boobs. He clutched the leash in one hand and stroked his massive cock with the other, which wasn't erect yet, even in this state, it was a solid 5 inches by 2 inches. He turned and walked towards a chair in the corner, "crawl" he growled as he dragged me along towards it. I stared up at his huge, firm ass as I crawled. He turned around and plopped down onto the chair, spreading his legs and allowing his cock to flop fully down. I was on my knees about 2ft from his cock, he said "come here and get a whiff this, bitch". Panic set in, I didn't want this, I tried to restrain but he was too strong and pulled me towards him. I pleaded and begged "please, no, don't do this I will pay you the money please" he laughed louder and louder as I begged "keep begging bitch, it's just gonna taste all the sweeter". I was now only a few inches from this monster, he grabbed my hair and shoved my face into his floppy cock, making me sniff under his balls, all over the shaft and all around. The thick manly musk filled my nose, I tried to pull my head back but he held me there firmly. He slapped it against my face, that warm, meaty, greasy cock. I begged him again, "please, let me go" "Not a fucking chance, bitch, you're gonna be on my dick the rest of your pitiful life".

He pushed me onto my back, I spluttered for air and to try and relieve myself from the stench of his sweaty cock and balls. He reached down from behind the chair and produce a bottle of body oil. He squirted it all over his huge belly, tits and cock, gripped the leash once again and pulled me into his cock. "Look at me" he shouted. I looked up, with his cock resting up against my left eye, "rub this all over me with your hands, slave".

I begged him again, whimpering "please don't make me do this, I want to go home" "This is your home now bitch! you're my new gimp! whenever I need satisfying, your tight little ass is mine for the rest of your days!". He laughed at the horror on my face, i began to rub the oil over his huge, floppy tits, he sighed "thats a good boy", I got to his big hairless black belly, he grabbed me by the back of the hair with both hands, "I think your face can rub this in". He violently rubbed my face all over his belly, spreading the oil, then slowly pushed me down to his cock. I held it in my hands, It was so heavy, I began to rub it, "like that don't you bitch!" he shouted. I truly didn't but feared if I disagreed he would do something terrible to me. He stood up, your face as a lot of oil left on it, slave, he turned around, rub it into my big black ass. He put the leash between his legs and bent over, "Please god no!" I shouted, Laughing again, he pulled me into his ass, My screams were muffled out. "Bet you love that smell too slave, don't you? I purposely didn't wipe today just for you" "NO!" I screamed as he laughed even more.

He threw me back down on the floor, he sat back down. I looked up at him, his cock was getting bigger. My eyes widened, "ever had a dick up your ass before slave?" "No, please, I don't want it up there!" "ahahahaha" he stroked his cock over and over until it was fully erect. "Im gonna put you on this and parade you around slave, I will be inside you and I will own you.
I turned around to crawl away, "no i shouted, I wont let you!" he laughed, with straining me on my leash. I like it when they try to run, do you know what happened to my last slave? he disobeyed me too much, now he spends all day in a small cage, in a gimp suit. Whenever I let him out, its for an hour during which I am sat on his face.
Now, get back here, he grabbed my ankles and pulled me towards him. No! i shouted, he sat on my legs rubbing his huge cock between my tight chubby cheeks, you feel that bitch? I continued to try and crawl away with my hands but there was nothing to grip. I felt his huge hand slam down on my left bum cheek, then the right. He covered it in oil, "Just like greasing a pig". Now, get ready boy, here comes the pain.

He hunched my ass up, gave it a huge slap, then I felt him enter me. His bellend was so warm, and it just kept going in, it felt like it never ended, and it hurt so much. Please! no! no more! thats it bitch, scream, beg for mercy!! it just makes me harder! he pounded into my ass for a solid ten minutes, then turned me over and crawled up to be sat across my chest. He flopped his dick across my face. Now listen to me bitch, you're mine, I own you. Now, kiss my balls. No i pleaded, He flopped them on my closed mouth, Kiss them or I will fuck your ass for the next 5 hours straight!. I kissed each ball, now, kiss my bellend, I did. Good boy. he got up, turned around then crouched down, I stared into his big black crack, now, im gonna sit on your face, you're gonna lick my dirty asshole clean. I will allow you to breathe when I say. Understand? "yes" I submissively responded. Yes what? he shouted. you will call me master, do you understand? yes master. he sat on my face, it was hot, sticky and smelly, after 15 seconds i became short on air, I tried pushing him off, kicking my legs frantically but he stayed put. lick my ass white boy and ill let you breathe!. I did, I licked his warm ass hole, it was disgusting but I had too.
he got off, i gasped and panted for air. Now, he grabbed my in comparison tiny cock, this is mine too. I control your orgasms now. understand? yes master.
he sat down in the chair, cock fully erect, come and sit on this. I walked towards him, my unerect cock swinging as i walked, I watched his eyes follow its movement. I turned around and sat down, the feeling of his huge cock sliding inside of me made me cringe my face up. I reached his balls. All 12 inches were inside. Theres a good bitch, now, stay sat there while I wank you off, and if you cum, there will be hell to pay. He was wanking me off furiously, I think he wanted me to cum just to hurt me more, I groaned and sighed trying not to be aroused and finish but I couldn't handle it any more, PLEASE GOD NO IM GOING TO CUM!! I shouted as I released. You fucking bitch, I told you not to! please master, Im sorry , he threw me off his dick. Lick it up! Now!!! you dirty bitch.

he threw me over the back of the chair, spread my legs and gave me the hardest fucking i could imagine, I screamed, have mercy but he kept going, now, im gonna release inside of you bitch, and you're gonna love it!!! no, dont do it! aahhhhh i screamed as he did, it just kept coming i couldnt take it, i squirmed and wriggled but couldnt get off his dick, he laughed, ooh yea wriggle more bitch, it just shows how much you're mine now!!
he pulled out, now clean my cock off he shouted, thrusting it into my mouth, i gagged and swallowed, the taste was terrible.

he put me on my back, sat on my face and pulled my legs over, he spat in my asshole and licked it and spanked me, at least 100 times. making me thank him for every one. He wanked me off again, it hurt so much.

he dragged me back over to his chair, where he sat down and I sat on the floor, with my head between his legs. he flopped his cock on top of my head, i felt his juices dripping onto my chest and over my face.

I like you, bitch, you'll be a good slave to me. now, say thank you to my cock. i thanked it. Kiss it, I did, good boy. he said, walking towards the door. I'll see you tomorrow for round 2.
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