Shortcut through the park. pt iii

pti -
ptii -

Holding on to the bark of the tree, his dick f***es my asshole to open. I'm pushed forward until my shoulder hit the trunk. Upset that I'm slipping away from him, he grabs my hips hard and pulls my ass back onto his cock and his head fully enters me as my asshole wraps back around his cock. I get a warm feeling in my belly and my hole twitches as he slowly leaves his prick inside me.

"Hmmmmmnngh." he grunts to himself as we pause. "Feel that, boy? Can your arse take it?"

My eyes are shut tight and I breathe deeply as I try to relax, now. Concentrating on the penis forcing its way into my ass, my own has started to get flaccid now, no matter how horny I feel. I reach down an start to jerk it a little. I feel his hand on my arm as he pulls my grip away. "No! I told you not to touch that! You're a naughty boy aren't ya? Can't do as you're told." He starts to push in a little further, harder this time, impatient to get all the way in and open me up. Rubbing a little more spit around the shaft of his cock, I feel his two thumbs either side of my asshole as he opens up my buttocks and stretches my hole as he slides back out a little and then works his way in further.

Suddenly, all of the turning in my stomach and the feeling in my ass vanishes as he pulls all the way out and my eyes spring open. I turn around just as he slaps me HARD on my right butt cheek. He beckons me silently with his finger and I turn on the spot and thrust my mouth back around his cock.

"You don't even have to be told, other times.." he laughs, looking down at me. His jeans and underwear are crumpled around his ankles now and he thrusts his dick back and forth in my mouth. "Lube it up, boy. You dirty little cocksucker." I'm drooling all over his cock now and he pulls it out to inspect it. Tapping it on my tongue. "Alright.", he nods, "back around." he motions a turning circle with his finger. I turn and with a shove, he'd knocked me down onto my all fours.

"Right where he belongs" I heard one of the voices behind me jeer.

"Hands back. Hold your ass open." my top gives me an order and I obey. Grasping and scrambling to get a good hold of my ass and hold it open for him. First I feel a finger slide quickly in to my butt and it takes me by surprise. As soon as I feel it enter, he's pulled it out and replaced it with his full hard cock, sliding all the way in until I feel the hair on his stomach on my lower back.

"Uuugghh!" I moaned, uncontrollably, losing my balance and letting go with my hands until I'll back on all fours like an a****l.
"Yes.. There we are.. " He holds his dick inside me for what feels like forever. I can't believe it, I feel like I'm going to piss myself. My body is tingling and I hang me head, looking back beneath me, my cock and balls swinging freely and then his thick hairy balls and legs immediately after me. Beyond them, there's at least 4 or 5 guys watching. Some have their dicks in their hands. Some with cellphone cameras pointing at us.

Then he begins to fuck me. Grasping my hips tight and digging his fingers into my ass so hard his fingers leave indents in my flesh. He pulls back until the head of his penis is barely still inside me then brings my ass towards him and plows his hips forward until my butt slaps against his thighs *smack*. Starting slowly and deep, he soon speeds up until all I can hear is *smack* *smack* *smack* *smack* and my own moans and squeals, just as he predicted.

The fucking slows down but does not stop as he methodically slides his dick into me, making me feel his entire length.

"Mmmm. You like that don't you boy? Big old willy up your bum. Dirty bitch." He knows me well, it seems. His dick is big and it hurts my ass. I still feel like I'm going to wet myself at any moment and the our clammy skin sticks together and peels apart in the cold each time he brings my arse down onto his groin but I do like it and have to answer him.
"Yes, sir. I love it." I don't know why I called him that and I remained frozen for a while in embarrassment.
"Sir, eh?" he laughed "Yeah you keep calling me that you little slut. Bet you used to fantasise about your teachers giving you a once over like this, didn't you?" He was right again, but I kept that to myself, this time.

He leaned forward and flattened me out into the mud, placing his whole weight on me. "Get down there in the dirt, bitch." He was leaning completely over me, calling closely into my ear. His voice was filled with rage and passion and sex and honesty and he practically spat the words at me. "Yes! You dirty little bitch! Aren't you?! Letting me fuck that fat fucking arse. You fucking love it, don't you? Yeah you do. Love getting fucked like a stupid little slut." He pumped his cock into me as we lay there for a while.

Some of the gathered masses had cum, themselves or drifted off with their own hookups and before long it seemed we were alone once more. His weight suddenly shifted as he rocked back and he was fucking me harder than before. Grunting replaced his talking until, "FUCK. YES!! Yeah slut." He was cumming in my arse and I could feel it warming inside me. "Oh yes, boy. That's it." And lay back on top of me.

We lay there with him holding me in place for what seemed like forever and there was no one else in sight. He withdrew and stood up quickly redressing and zipping up his fly.

"Get up. "

I got to my feet and felt a cold trickle of cum run down the back of my legs. He squeezed my arse together and bark, "Keep that butt tight boy. I don't want any of that spilling out in my car."

"Your car?" I barely managed to get the words out before he frog marched me out of the bushes to a short fence near the road.

"Got no lift home, have you? And you're practically naked, you stupid boy. Although, if you want to walk.." He grinned and opened the passenger side of a red estate. "Get in".

I sat on the cold leather seat, clenching my butt so I wouldn't leak out for him. He got in and I guided him back to my street.

We pulled up close to my place and I thanked him.

"I can walk from here.."
"No. Which one is it?"
"Uh. 245. The first floor. "
"Let's go then. Don't be scared. "

He parked the car and I, red with embarrassment and nerves quickly shuffled to the door as he strode behind me.

"Live alone?" He asked and I nodded 'yes' as I unlocked the door and got us upstairs. He marched around each room and took a good luck before he returned to me in the hallway. He came in close and pushed his tongue back into my mouth for a kiss. I was weak at the knees. He pulled away.

"OK. Now I know where you live, my boy. "
My cock twitched at the words. He smiled. "You like this. "

"Yes." I was blushing.
"I thought you were calling me Sir."
"Yes sir. " I giggled a little. And he moved to the door to leave but stopped.

"Oh. You can touch your little willy, now"

I reached straight for it and began wanking. Like no one was watching and no one cared. He was watching though. He laughed as I came all over my hands.

"Good lad."

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