Shortcut through the park. pt ii

By now, the crotch of my tights had split from groin all around to the small of my back. He tugged at the material above my belly, producing my dick along with my bare ass. The bl**d was gushing to my cock as my heart pounded faster and faster and it was so hard it hurt.

The longer we kissed, feeling our tongues lapping over each other, the harder it got and the better it hurt. He pulled away and looked at the throbbing prick now poking out of my epic wardrobe malfunction.

"Hmmm. Get horny kissing strange men do you, you dirty slut?" He smiled but his voice was still stern. I couldn't resist and reached down to rub my dick, but he batted my hand away quickly, "Don't fucking touch it." I was quick to obey, under his spell and not wanting to displease him. "Get back on your knees and suck my dick."

I dropped back down and faced his dick, once more. Heart racing, I shivered with nervous energy and wrapped my fingers around it near the base. My fingers didn't quite reach all the way round but I lifted his cock and leaned my face into his balls and breathed in his scent. So horny now, I smelled his musky, sweaty cock and slid my lips back up his shaft before pushing his foreskin back with tongue and sucking him for a second time. My knees were filthy with mud and leaves as I knelt in the dirt a clear indication to anyone who'd see me after that I'd been on my knees, up to no good.

"You'd better get that cock nice and slippery... You won't be a happy bunny if I have to go in dry, will you?" He laughed and a couple of the onlookers joined him.
"I wouldn't give him a choice!", said one.
"Hahah. I don't think he's got one.", added another.

"Right. Up on your feet, you nasty little cocksucker." He drags me up to my feet while the others snigger at me, raising his foot onto a nearby tree root and pushing me, bent over his knee. I hear a low cheer as he peels back the torn edges of my tights, displaying my clammy cold pink ass for everyone to see. I can see nothing of interest facing forward and glance back over my shoulder.

"Turn around!", he slaps my ass hard and the sound makes a hard crack in everyone's ears. "Look at that fucking arse, lads. Did you see it wobble then? The hand print is even faded yet." He reaches around and pulls my ass cheeks open and I feel the air on my asshole. He repeats this a few time, jiggling my butt for the watching. They laugh and the next thing in my ears is the sound of him spitting into his hand. The next thing I feel is that hand rubbing the improvised lube between my ass cheeks and onto my anus.

"You're going to be a squealer, I bet. Aren't you, boy?" I remained in my position, unsure whether he wanted me to answer him when he barked, "I said.. AREN'T YOU, BOY?!!"

I barely had chance to start saying 'Yes' before he drove his middle finger into my ass. "Yeeaaaooooh!!" I moaned as he sniggered.

"I thought right, huh?" he mocked as he worked his thick hard finger in and out of my butt hole. "Mmmm, I didn't think a little bitch like you would be so tight, though.. What's wrong with you boy? You've not been coming here often enough!" He rubs my asshole hard and works a second finger in, eventually. I moan, drooling and weak at the knees. "Oh yes, opening up now.." he rams his fingers in and out as he slaps his hard dick against my leg. He holds his hand still and I begin to work my ass back and forward onto him. "Oh you really want this, don't you? Proper fuck-hungry slut, you are.."

It's true I suppose, I hadn't ever been this horny before and couldn't wait for what was coming next.
"Yes, I want it so bad..". He smiled at this, and biting his lip shook his fingers hard inside me before pulling out.

"Here.." he grabbed my hands and placed them onto the tree where he'd been leaning and circled behind me. "Bend over, there's a good boy.." I pushed my ass back and found the tip of his cock waiting for me. Leaning forward, he carefully drooled between my arse cheeks and began to lube my hole as he began to push in.

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8 months ago
that was some story I so horny going to use my dildo on my asspussy