Shortcut through the park. pt i

I had originally started cycling to work after I inherited a bike from a house-mate who had moved on and left it behind. It wasn't long before I realised I could be wearing skin tight spandex with drivers staring at my buttocks wobbling up and down in front of them as I made my commute for an hour every day.

By winter, the stitching on my cheap tights was coming loose and the thin material was really not leaving much to the imagination. I had been working late and was the last to leave after changing into my cycling gear. The light was vanishing and then as I swung my leg over the saddle to get on and I heard the inevitable sound of lycra tearing. Red with embarrassment I set off for home, hoping I could get there while they still covered my arse.

I took a shortcut through a park, pleased that the big gates were still open as I entered. As I cycled through, twilight descended and then disaster struck.. I had a flat on my back tyre and no repair or spare! I got off and began to walk the bike to the exit. When I got there I found the gates had been locked shut!

"Shit!" I thought, looking at the chained lock. "Fuck!" As I realised the gates I'd entered through had obviously been locked at the same time and I was stuck in the park. I locked the bike in a nearby rack and began walking back the way I came. If the gates were locked, at least they were low enough to climb over and make the long walk home.

As I walked back in the dark, I heard some footsteps behind me.. I thought I had been alone.

"Shouldn't be in the park after closing.", his voice was authoritative and startled me..
"Oh, sorry.. I got locked in.. my bike got.."
"I don't see any bike.", he was closer now and I could see he wasn't a park ranger or anything. "I don't think you've been cycling at all.. Just wanted to wear those tights out in public.", he laughed.

At this point, I noticed two other men, further down the path.. Entering the bushes. Another man followed a few moments later.. Then I realised what I missed after the park gates closed nightly.

"I.. I had to lock my bike up.." I looked at him. He was older and kinda stocky, taller than me and had made me feel like a naughty boy caught by a teacher. He leaned closely in to my face and spoke into my ear, his lips practically brushing my cheek.

"I'll be the judge of that. Now, turn around", he grabbed me around each arm and turned me on the spot, kicking my legs apart a little like a cop about to frisk a suspect. I felt the wind blow through the hole in my tights, and at the same time he noticed this spot. "If.. you've been cycling.." He pushed a finger into the tear, stitching coming loose as he added a second. " must be pretty sweaty in there."

Here, he pulled hard on the rip, splitting the tights clean above my ass cheeks. He slipped his palm in between my bottom.

"Oh yes.. Just as I thought.." his hand slipping easily between my thighs and rubbing my asshole.. He pulls his hand up to my face and wipes his hand on my mouth. Breathing heavily, he walked over to the same opening as I'd seen the other men disappear into. I followed.

I walked through the bushes and found him unzipping his fly. He leaned back against a tree and waited for me. I knelt down in the cold leaves and pull down on his waistband. A thick fat cock soon flopped out of his pants and into my face..

"You gonna suck that dick you dirty little bitch?" he snarled as I fed it into my mouth. It was a thick cock to start with, but I felt it getting thicker as I sucked it, his hand occasionally pushing on the back of my head.

More feet were heard walking through the bush behind me and I felt eyes upon us and then eventually an audience as a few stroked their cocks watching. He noticed me looking at the newcomers while I blew him and with his cock fully hard, he pulled it out of my mouth and beckoned me to my feet. Pulling me close again, he whispered, "Don't you pay any attention to any of them, you hear? It's just you and fucking me, OK?" before kissing me wetly on the lips, feeding his tongue into my mouth.

He reached around to my arse and pulled hard on the tights, tearing them completely and making them practically useless.

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8 months ago
wow what an experience made me so horny
9 months ago
mmm more plizzz
9 months ago
Nice, can almost taste your sweaty arse
9 months ago
Well I'm hard already. Onto part 2!
9 months ago
Can't wait to read part 2. I have enjoyed many a night at the local parks becoming a cum dump for the men who hung out there. Lucky for me no one wanted to hurt me, just fuck me.