milf cousin part 3

A week had passed since having a wonderful sexperience with my older cousin. Thinking about it, makes me hard to this day. She had invited me over for dinner that night, which was becoming pretty regular.
When I go to her place I found that it was her son’s weekend with his dad and he was already gone. I couldn’t smell anything being cooked so I wondered what we were having.
Through highschool I worked as a cook at a local restaurant so I knew my way around the kitchen and she knew that.
She said she had just come home from work, and was about to take some stuff out and start making something. So I offered to take over. “I’m going to change out of my work clothes.” She said as she started to the stairs going to her room.
After a few minutes of getting the food prepared she strolled into the kitchen wearing a white t-shirt and a small tan skirt. I could tell right away that she wasn’t wearing a bra. The shirt wasn’t super tight so it wasn’t obvious but her perky nipples gave it away. “You look good!” I told her. “Thanks, wanted to get into something comfortable.” She replied. I couldn’t stop staring and fantasizing about her as she pranced around the kitchen. Every now and then she would try to peek over my shoulder to see what I was doing. I could feel her breasts up against my back and every now and again her hand would touch my ass. She was clearly flirting with me and I knew it this time. I had to restrain myself, but the excitement of us being alone was starting to get to me. Got that cold feeling again. I struggled on with dinner and knew I screwed up the recipe a couple times, and had to add a few things to offset tastes.
She had been sitting at the table facing me. I can only imagine what was going on in her mind as she watched me cook up the meal. I turned to go get something from the fridge, and caught a glimpse of her at the table. Peeking at me from under the table was her open skirt. It wasn’t wide open for the world to see, but her legs were parted enough that there was a shadow in there. I couldn’t tell if she had black underwear on or none at all. The thought was getting me hard, and I must have been showing that. She was glaring at me like a piece of meat.
All though dinner I was playing footise with her and she was playing along. At one point I could feel her foot near my inner thigh. It was very uncomfortable having dinner with a raging hard cock. I tried to endure it the best I could but the thought of her not wearing underwear was exciting me even more. We talked about the usual things we did when we were together. It was never about the things we had done or anything sexual. All the while she was eating and looking at me, just made her look so sexy and appealing. I tried hard to think of a way to try and get a better look, to see if she was wearing any underwear. Then like destiny called, it happened. I guess my elbow caught my knife and pushed it on the floor.
Accidents happen! That’s my story and I’m sticken to it!
I let it go unnoticed. She didn’t. “You going to get that?” she asked. “Ya,” I chuckled “I almost forgot about it.” So I leaned over and once my head was past the edge of table I glanced over toward the parting in her legs, which was now a bit wider spread than the last time. Had a perfect view of her trimmed pussy. So the bet had been settled. It was clear she didn’t have anything on under that skirt. I almost blew a load in my pants. Fumbling to get my knife I had to get another look and as I looked over she was closing the gap on me. Got a hold of my knife and I sat up straight. “Found what you were looking for?” she asked me. Hell yes, I almost caught myself saying but what I really said was “Yup.”
She had that mischievous look in her eye, that I knew she was playing games with me. Boy did I like those games. She had accomplished what she had set up for dinner. I was so grateful for that.
After dinner we cleaned up the mess that was made, and settled into the living room to watch a bit of TV. As I sat down on the couch where I normally park myself, she sat down on the other side. As she sat she did the lady like thing of folding her skirt down so nothing would scrunch up on her. Once seated she pivoted her legs towards me. All the while keeping both her legs together and plopped her feet in my lap. She could have done one leg at a time but then It would have given away the mystery she was trying to not make too obvious.
“Could you rub my feet?” She asked me. I didn’t object and quite liked her well kept feet. She didn’t have weird toes or toe nails. If I could rate her toes out of 10, they would have been a 9. As I was rubbing them and watching the TV I could tell she was enjoying it, as her head was tipped back and her eyes were closed. She wasn’t even watching TV. As I rubbed I was casually moving her feet to try and get her to spread her legs a bit more so I could get a glimpse between her legs again. I found the spot and she started to go along then she moved her hand and laid it down on the front of her skirt pushing it down, blocking my view. Damn I was shot out again. With her head back and eyes closed she said “ I know what you’re trying to do mister!” I was busted but she wasn’t making any major attempts to stop me. How could I make a move that was slow and not too f***eful. Then it hit me. Since I was rubbing her feet and ankles I just started moving my way up her calves. The feel of her smooth shaved legs was just heaven. All the while I was leaning closer to her. Got up to her knees and thighs. Started going in farther. Again my advance was not met with any resistance. As my hand made its way under her skirt I started feeling my way around like I had last time. All the while she hadn’t moved and made no motion to stop my wondering fingers. Her breathing was getting heavier and I could feel her juices flowing as her pussy lips started to puff and my fingers were sliding all over with her warm sticky juice. She bent her knee slightly and I could feel her toes now fondling the throbbing bulge in my jeans. Her legs then snapped shut on my hand trapping it. She then sat up looked and me, she leaned in and our lips locked into a passionate kiss. “Uh, Uh!” She muttered, “ It’s your turn! Come with me upstairs.”
So we get up off the couch and she grabs my hand and leads me toward the stairs. We go up to her room and she leads me towards the bed. I sit down on the corner of the bed and next thing I know she is straddling me and our lips locked together.
Once again the cold feeling and the shivering start. At this point I take it as being normal, considering the excitement level I’m at, at this point. My dick is rock hard as she is grinding on my lap. She unlocks the embrace she has me in and pushes me back on the bed. She is now off me and working at unleashing the b**st that has been caged in my pants all evening. As she reaches into my boxers I can feel the warmth of her hands as she grabs a hold of my throbbing cock. She then takes it into her mouth. I feel the warmth of her lips sliding up and down the length of my cock. Her tongue working feverishly all over, trying not to miss an inch of it. What a feeling she slurped and sucked on me for nearly 15 min. I wasn’t near the point of orgasm yet when she came up she asked if anything was wrong. I said “No, it feels great.” At this point she laid on the bed next to me and let out a sigh. It was almost like she was frustrated. I wasn’t about to have the moment disappear, so I kicked my pants off and removed my shorts. I was now standing at the foot of her bed in my shirt and socks. It made me excited as I had never exposed myself like this to anyone. I slowly bent down and removed my socks and as I stood upright again I could see she was staring at me taking in everything that was being presented to her. I slowly took my shirt off and walked over to the side of the bed. My still erect member swaying back and forth with each step. I then slowly climbed under the covers next to her. “What’s this about?” she said to me as we looked each other deeply in the eyes. My reply was clearly inviting, “ It’s pretty cold in here all by myself.” I could see that mischievous look in her eyes. For once it was me making the moves and she clearly liked that.
She got up off the bead and unbuttoned her skirt. It was one that was a wrap around so it fell to the floor pretty quick. She then pulled off her shirt exposing those beautiful breasts. They were not small and not huge. They were two perfect handfuls.
I finally got to see the full package clear as day. No more thinking about what it was going to look like. It was there, Right in front of me! But merely momentarily, until she slipped under the covers next to me. The warmth and softness of each others skin was all that I imagined it to be and more. After fondling each other and kissing for what seemed like an hour. It was time to get my rocks off as I could feel the ache in my balls.
I rolled over on top of her and spread her legs. She was now ready for the taking. She looked at me, and I could see the worry in her eyes. “Don’t put it in……we can’t…..Just rub it against! “ Then there was a pause that preluded the “Please.”
I’ve watched a lot of porn so I knew what to do. With it being my first time I was willing to go with the flow. So I did what she asked and slowly and gently rubbed my penis against her pussy. Soon we were grinding against each other and I could feel the excitement building inside of me. I was about ready to shoot my load. When I could feel her twitch with an orgasm, grinding her hips into me. It felt like her pussy lips had w****d themselves around my throbbing cock. I could feel the cum building and that familiar feeling I get when I masturbate. I let loose a load of my hot sticky cum right onto her stomach. I’m sure there were a couple streams that made their way as far up as her tits. Once the convulsing in my cock stopped she reached down and gave my now receding member a couple tugs. As she raised her hands she proceeded to slather the load of cum I unleashed on her stomach. Smearing it up and onto her breasts until made her whole stomach and breasts glisten with my man juice.
“Let’s go clean up.” She exclaimed grabbing one of my hands and guiding me towards the bathroom. She then turned the shower on and stepped in. Being a new experience I wasn’t sure what to do next. At this point in porn the screen has faded to black and the credits start rolling. So I stood there, and was going to wait my turn for the use of the shower. She then peered around the curtain and said “Well…..are you just going to stand there, or are you coming in?” Holy shit that was an invitation to join her in the shower. So I quickly hop in and she moves out of the way enough for me to get wet then with soap in hand she starts lathering me up. I tell you what a feeling it is to have someone do that. She made sure to give my cock some extra attention. She was then soaping herself up and embraced me in a slippery hug. She was now struggling on her tiptoes to look me in the eyes. As I leaned over my hands slid down her lower back and found their way onto her round firm ass. With a cheek in both hands I have them a squeeze, kissed her and said. “Thanks for that!”
After rinsing each other off she stepped out of the tub first and grabbed a towel. I didn’t see any other towel so I stood there thinking she was going to get me one. But she didn’t she then stood there hugging the towel staring at me. The water dripping off me, waiting for a towel.
Smiling at me she let out a shiver and walked out of the bathroom with the towel. What the heck? I called out, “ A towel would be nice right now!” My reply was “ Ya there is one in here, come get it.” Meaning that I had to get out of the tub and walk into the bedroom to get one. As I walked into the room she had already slipped back under the covers of her bed. I didn’t see any towel. All the wile she is giggling and watching me walk butt naked through her bedroom towards the bed. She wants to hid the towel and play games! OK Game on. So still a bit damp I crawled into bed with her.
Nothing more happened that night but we did stay up late talking about all the things we had done at the cabin and how she had fantasized about me and she admitted to masturbating next to me a couple weeks back when at my parents. We soon fell asl**p in each others embrace.
That was a night I still remember to this day.
Stay tuned for more.
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