The joy of deserted coast paths and beaches

We went for a beautiful coastal walk over the weekend, one of two adventures on the Dorset to Cornwall coast. We had two hours and K suggested the amazing walk from the Cornish fishing village we were staying at. The coastal path snakes along the edge of the cliff and after a while comes out into an open valley – a long slope of path down 400 yards of grass, and a low point close to the sea, before rising a further 400 yards distance…a great view…exposed, and clear views.

At the bottom of the slopes we held each other close and looked out to sea. She’d acquiesced to my love of her being braless, and so it was easy to allow my fingers to tease at her breasts as the gentle spring breeze cooled her quickly warming skin. A gentle moan and a pressure against by hardening cock, gave me added pleasure and more joy in her beauty and my erotic pleasure in her sexual expression. We stayed enjoying a peaceful moment – the only walkers in either direction on a sunny Friday afternoon.

And then, without a word she turned, dropped her jeans and presented herself to the English Channel, the gulls flying overhead, and me. What could I do. In a moment my trousers were round my ankles and I was buried in her warm embrace. Now this is a very special position for us, one we use to celebrate most views from hotel rooms around the world, or from the opening of caves, or at dawn in a wood. But this was a first for me (and her) – mid-afternoon on a coastal path visible for hundreds of yards in both directions…and nowhere to hide. We were fucking for anyone to see and enjoy.

With gusto her orgasm rang out in harmony with the gulls cry. A gush of beautiful juices flowing onto the coastal path. I slipped out and she added a river of pee down the path, and we got dressed and returned to walking. It was beautiful, heartfelt, sexy as hell, and added a new joyous danger to our outdoor challenges.

The next day we were heading back to London and stopped off at a Dorset beauty spot for the night. After a lovely sexy night together we decided to take a walk Saturday mid-morning along the historic, and during the season packed, rocks by the sea. The fossils were amazing. It was wonderful to see them. Quickly we passed the few walkers and were ahead…Once again the urge came upon us and, with tourists walking around in the distance we again took advantage of a braless nipple or two, and began a gentle arousal to the sound of lapping waves. My cock was removed from its hiding and joined in the gentle massage.

We were holding each other close, and then we spotted a small group of rocks behind which we would be partially private – at least from one direction.
Goodness knows what the female rowing club just out to sea made of the sight of two naked humpers – again in our traditional doggy position moaning and crying out to sea with the joy of mid-morning public weekend sex in that ancient and wonderful spot. I came torrents and we exploded together – it was beautiful, heartfelt, ancient, and powerful.

Two wonderful open air experiences to share with xhamster, and to embolden us to do again in many places, maybe with other people joining the fun. Its only March, but the sun was shining on us this weekend…can’t wait for many more encounters together throughout the spring and summer.

Feel free to suggest some beautiful spots you have used for glorious sex...and share your stories with us. Thank you

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2 years ago
2 years ago
My fiance and I had a quicky, doggy style in a park once. Some small pine trees blocked us from the park area but was open to 3 houses. I was almost ready to cum and I heard a female voice from a house say "look at this"! Then I came and we pulled up our pants and I heard her sa, "oh, too late"! Always wondered who she was talking to and wanted to do it again some Saturday but we never did.
2 years ago
This is a great fantasy of ours. Unfortunately, on our last visit to the coasts we did not take advantage of the paths.
2 years ago
fantastic, well written, 5*s
2 years ago
2 years ago
So beautifully written Chris, it almost felt as though I was there.

I have had a very similar experience with my ferociously sexy g/f several times on Monmouth beach at Lyme Regis over the years we have stayed there – those rocks can be very unforgiving on different parts of the body.

It’s so invigorating when your lady takes the lead like that isn’t it, knowing you’re not doing wrong and in public – so very exciting.

Next, you must try to make sure that a couple ‘accidently’ watch you from a safe distance, that’s so very, very exhilarating and drives you both crazy.
2 years ago
Really enjoyed the writing as well as the content. Quite poetic as well as erotic.
2 years ago
K is wonderful to take the aggressive action to bring the sexual feelings to a head and fulfillment. It is great to feel a hot woman can throw off any prudish fears of who might see her naked and sharing her gorgeous body with her man. Often moments of tender sensual and then sexual abandonment are rare. She kept it up in situation after situation. Wonderful! Wow I will drizzle that sexual freedom in my hottest dreams as I yearn to experience this with someone else's woman.
2 years ago
Just commenting to make sure people can read this !!