Tantic Couples Massage - heavenly introduction

I wanted to share another beautiful and true experience this week
Again - don't expect hardcore...that's not the point

On Thursday K and I checked in for a couples tantra massage afternoon – firstly I got 2 hours massage and introduction to the gentle art of energy sensitising including exploration of what my prostate can do for me (even on the outside). And then K took to the table, we had a change of tantric guide and she got a beautiful erotic and relaxing session.

We chose to watch each other being massaged – which I gather is unusual, but seemed rather obvious to us…we both love seeing the other person excited. K watched as first feathers were stroked over my body, then oils were touched across sensitive points to encourage the flow of energy, and then gentle finger-light strokes helped to move sensation through my body along my back. As my male guide reached around my buttocks and explored by balls, and the oiled area between and in front of the prostate I felt waves of thrill and warmth flow through me. The gentlest of touches was moving the energy around my body.
I turned to have my nipples, chest, and lower stomach massaged, my legs enlivened with the sensual oils. And my prick and balls gently massaged to increase excitement within – without ever feeling the need to be exploded without. It was so gentle, so heartwarming, so erotic – I wanted it to go on for ever.

Next our naked male guide left and a stunning female tantric guide took over for K. Again the feathers and the oils flowed. My turn to watch this gentle erotic goddess stimulating every sense of K from stroking her back along the energy lines, to using her breasts and whole body to calm the body before her hot breathe enlivened the oils carefully placed at sensitive nodes. As K turned onto her front she told me later that she was drifting away with the pleasure and peace of it. She was at one as her breasts were gently touched, and every pass of the massage hands touched her nipples. Slowly our guide reached the sacred heart of K’s body and stimulated every sense around the clitoris – but in such a way that K was stimulated but not exploding. She like me before was enjoying a sense of stimulation and peace. Amazing combination.

After K was awaken from a drifting sl**p we had the final 90mins of our time with our wonderful female guide. This time we each took turns on the table and shared what we had seen with the assured and caring touch of our guide. I was first there, and this time there was no question of my excitement at having four gentle hands caressing my balls and prostate on the outside. I was engorged and buzzing – but was also brought down to earth my, once again, K and her naked guide laying their bodies on mine to cool my ardour. Amazingly four breasts on me brought me back to centre. ?

Then I had the chance to explore K’s body again with our guide – it was beautiful to see just how gentle my fingers could be almost gliding over her skin to touch and encourage the energy to flow, and never working on the tissue or muscles. Featherlike strokes across her nipples and onward to her clitoris showed me new ways forward to give pleasure.

When our time ended we realised we had been over an hour longer than expected – we’d shared something deep, erotic, beautiful, sensual, sacred and , most definitely, more-ish. I can’t thank our guides enough for giving us this first hint at the power of tantra to excite, energise, and support us in our love.

We look forward to learning more skills, finding time to use the feathers, the oils and the fingertips over 2hr sessions with each other – and then, maybe, to share this with other couples…along with everything we have learned on sensual touch and senses in our first group session.

Thank you to our guides. Very happy to pass on their details to anyone who wants a beautiful introduction to tantra in a loving and peaceful environment.

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3 years ago
Once again, the beautiful writing shines through Chris’s pen, his eloquence drawing you up into a dream of peace and tranquillity.

But once again, I feel as though it’s one of those experiences that you really must try before you can believe it for yourself, I should think that half the people reading this wonderful passage will say – as I did – “Goooh, if she did that to me, I’d have her there and then, she’s begging for it”.

But then you read on and that nagging doubt runs through your mind, “Well would I, would I have the strength to break this beautiful trance I’m in, just for sex?”

Mmmmmm, a difficult one but thank you Chris for putting these wonderful words to music.