Tantra Sensual Day

This is gentle, true, and not hardcore at all - just a pleasure...

What an erotic start to my holiday. Take 12 sensuous beings and put them in a warm room together with two grounded and skilled guides, an array of sex toys for the senses, chocolate, fruit, blindfolds and a mountain of soft cushions.

We had a wonderful day of exploration with a mix of gay couples, bi couples, individuals, bdsm seekers of truth, and experienced yoga and tantra explorers. Thank you to our guides and thank you to K for an extraordinary day in which we worked with almost everyone in the room but each other. That was our choice – the chance to do things we’ve never done, or to witness things we’ve never seen each other do. It was only one day, and it was a feast of the senses, not the sexes. Boundaries were protected and for some it was a time to work as a couple almost exclusively. For us it was “bring it on…let’s play”.

We began blindfolded solo receiving gifts to tease four senses – touch, taste, hearing, smell – wafting jasmine, soft leather, mango, the haunting sound of a rain stick. Beautiful, safe, exotic, sensuous. Then we began to see, to explore objects with all our senses, to explore each other with smell, and then to work in pairs to explore touch. We each took chances, and explored with people we might never normally experience – we learnt about ourselves as much about them. Do I like a little pain, do I like ice, do I like the smell of that other body, how close do I want to get, do I want to cause pain – will that give pleasure. At first in pairs we could see, then again we were blindfolded and our partners were chosen. Who gave me that erotic touch, which breast pressed into my back, will my hand touching that groin be remembered after today.

And then, after some sound exploration, and sharing experiences (and lunch) – plus a chance to check in with K – we began the final exploration. Both K and I chose to work with random people. We were gathered in threes. Each took a turn to ask for whatever they wanted to be sensually alive – and each of the givers agreed (or maybe didn’t) to give what was asked. This time both K and I felt it better to remain with pants – most of the others remained clothed. We both wondered afterwards whether we should have taken that naturist step – we will be doing so next time – and we found we’d both wanting to be naked for most of the day…as I say…exploration apart to feed our joint sensuality for the future.

It was wonderful to explore first an unfamiliar female body, and then an unfamiliar male body as the sensuous giver of pleasure. I loved working with another giver to mirror their touch on the receiving body. To scratch whilst the other rubbed fur. To move with four hands to electrify the front and back of the torso. To work each leg with ice or fur. To offer chocolate and g****s. To beathe in and gently bite the other person. So much to explore in 15 minutes per person.

And then it was my turn – watching K for a moment having her breasts beautifully massaged by a stranger (until today), I lay down and asked for fruit, and sensual suprises, but no pain. If I have a desert island discs moment my special object will be four hands connected to two hearts to give me the massage and sensual excitement of all time. Fur, and ice, and fingers, and breathe all blended across my body.

What a glorious way to start an exploration into group pleasure, tantra, sharing experiences with and beside my partner, ignoring male and female expectations, and taking myself, and others to points of, I hope, sensual and erotic ecstasy.

Thought I’d share yesterday’s very special day.

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3 years ago
That's a lovely comment - thanks - "stranger sex" - presuming you mean with strangers rather than kinkier - is something we want to do together when the strangers turn into friends before we start.
3 years ago
Until today I’d always thought “Oh tantra – not for me” but this is so well and beautifully written, I’d be a fool to disregard it out of hand like that.

Chris has made this sound as exciting to the senses as normal sex would be to the erogenous zones.

I love the part where he makes out that he and K are way ahead of the others and then something happens to prove to him that he still has an awful lot to learn and to take forward to another session they both can’t wait for.

I just hope they don’t leave each other behind in favour of stranger sex – it must be very tempting.