Hollow Strap-on for her pleasure

As we explore our developing sex-life (not bad to be able to say that after nearly 12 years together) I asked K to tell me something she'd like that she'd never tried. The answer came back "a strap-on". Now I'm the "more than a mouthful's a waste" size and she's tight and beautiful - and so the idea of a hollow strap-on grew. Not too large. But something we could enjoy.

I had a look on the internet - but we decided to go through Soho and see what we could find. We tried Anne Summers, very little to choose, and Coco de Mere which was lovely but didn't have anything hollow. So we went down into the depths of a Soho bookshop to see what we could find.

We came back with a 6 1/2inch hollow rubber dildo. A lathering of oil inside and out and it fitted snuggly around my erect prick, and slowly she mounted me lying there so she could try it for size.

I loved watching it gently enter her...but then we hit a problem. She's used to a pliable hard cock with veins that move - not a rubber vein and hard edge. So we have a challenge. And this erotic true reveal will have to stop for a while whilst I make some adjustments.

I'm about to tackle my new extension with some sandpaper and oil to see whether I can smooth out some of the rough edges so it slips effortlessly into her deep oozing centre, and we can have a fantastic time together. Me inside it inside her.

And my reason for writing this as a story is to get a load of ideas on how we can play with this in the coming weeks. We're off on holiday to Oxford (for a couple of nights) and Devon (for some wonderful massage therapy) at the end of November. And I will take this toy and maybe a couple of other suprises with me.

So tell me a few things we should do...and I will add to this introduction when I return. Hoping with some spectacular spurting tales of K letting go, oiled and contented.

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3 years ago
As an end used by her strap on, I would suggest sunny side up for her use on your ass. She should have and exercise control of you cock, balls and cumming. She should not allow your hands playing with your cock. She may force or deny your cumming. She may let out all of her wonderful sexual dominance for you and her to enjoy. She may insist that you oil the parts of her strap on with you most submissive mouth to get her and you ready for her riding you.
3 years ago
You're getting carried away - actually we need to find another one because this is so plastic hard that it is painful to K. We are going to have a good look on the internet for strapon hollow and a bit less rigid. I like the cream idea Cheers Chris
3 years ago
If you were to drill a small hole in the end of it and fill it full of hand cream, it would feel like you were cumming when she has it far up inside of her and squeezes it Because your erect cock must travel up and down the insides of it a bit too.
3 years ago
How about if she wore it out and about whilst you're on holiday, not with you attached to it of-course.
3 years ago
Where are the follow-up stories, you have me so intrigued now, please write a couple for us.
3 years ago
What's your combined length, you and it?
3 years ago
Don't forget that she can also use it on you can't she, that's once you've exhausted her cum gland.