Names changed to protect the guilty….Written and read to Beth as it was created
and now edited from our New Year online Talk...

Ok settle back and let me tell you a story.

One eve this beautiful couple Pete and Beth came round for dinner. It was a lovely summer night and the french doors opened out onto the patio. A light breeze played in the trees and you could see the sea clear and blue below.Kay and I had some champagne on ice and we felt we knew them already. A manly hug to Pete, a big kiss from Kay and I had the chance to see Beth properly for the first time.

The black dress looked stunning. Her bare legs were brown and I could sense her arousal in the early evening breeze just looking at her. We passed the glasses around and went to sit outside. Pete looked calm and happy and proud of his woman. It was a special night and we were all going to enjoy it

Kay was dressed to kill. A green crochet dress with a thin lining. It left little to the imagination, and my imagination ran hot just looking at her - as it always does. She was clearly wearing nothing but the frock, and you liked what you saw. You liked the relaxed way she walked, and the comfort she had.

After some snacks with the champagne we enjoyed some cold food and chilled white wine. A mellow atmosphere covered us. The warmth of the evening sun was good, but it was time to enjoy the rest of the terrace
What I loved about this first meeting was that clearly you were relaxed enough to come to meet us both without the bra, we talked about the silk shirt you had worn to another event, and how the silk had rubbed gently against your nipples and given you a gentle sense of thrill - you knew you were safe, but you felt dangerous. Kay talked about the joy of being without underwear, and Pete and I both agreed that commando was best. You smiled. a sense of power flowed from you. We were suddenly aware of you as never before

Beth's comments: ok... so u and Pete go inside and get more drinks... i get to know kay more and start feeling more comfy... u guys wallk back outside with a smile on ur faces... wat r u two smiling at i ask....lolu guys sit opposite me and as time passes we get more chilled in each others company... i see u stare at my legs every so often... so i hitch my dress up to show a bit more thigh.... next time you look u notice a give me a big ur turn

Without a word you lifted your dress up on one side only...your thigh was a golden brown, and there was no line, no change in colour. Pete and I looked on with pleasure. He knew. I didn't and Kay laughed in a wonderful warm and embracing way which set you completely at your ease. You were with friends. You had come daring yourself but without a belief that you would. Now with one beautiful swift move you lifted the dress over your slow seductive strip...just one joyous "oh fuck it" and you were naked. Now you had the power. Now you needed to take charge and have your command met

You stood there proud and bare. Kay whipped off her dress in a moment and you stood together. Now you needed your men to do the same. I moved instantly over to the Jacuzzi and lifted the lid, slid out of my trousers and top, and moved to get in.

Slow down man...let's see the bodies. Suddenly you wanted us to go slow. Pete smiled. He'd not seen you take charge before like this. He liked it
We took our glasses of wine and headed to the tub. We lowered the lights on the verandah, and the tub lights lit the trees around. It was beautifully warm. We were happy and comfy together in the tub. Naked and comfortable in our skins. For the first time we chatted as if we had known each other all our lives. We were sensual beings, but we were not in a rush

Beth's comments: sorry 4 interupting... Pete has read this and he actually likes hes come up with wat he calls a good this story is finished.. he says how about you pick a scence from this story and he'll take the pic....but i cant promise i'll be brave enough to show u... but i am getting turned on here...infact we both

The gentle stroke of your shoulders, unknotting your muscles, taking the cares of the world away. You seemed happy when I started to kneed one shoulder and Kay touched your other shoulder. A feather touch, a question mark, could she join. Pete sat back. smiling. wondering. Was this going to go any further. Was his excitement going to last and grow - or would we all take it just too far. You smiled at him. Him back at you. 2 very erect nipples were sharing a tub with 2 very erect pricks, and another couple of beautiful nipples which you hadn't, in all the rush, had time to look at

Kay and I worked gently on your back and you put out your legs, rested back in our arms, and Pete took first one foot and then the other for a gentle massage. Kay and I touched down your sides, feeling the beautiful skin beneath the water. From there our hands moved to your thighs. We touched nothing obvious - we didn't need to. Pete had moved forward and taken your breasts in the way only he knew how. We watched with joy at your growing excitement. Time to move from the water.

With no problem we all got out. Pete looking fantastic and powerfully erect. Kay and I enjoying the sense of care and sharing and lust we had for you two.

Inside there was a fire burning. The room was warm the rug was massive. We settled down all together all on the rug and continued in calm warmth. Pete took the lead now

You had come to dinner scared of nakedness, worried to show your body. Here we were separate but together in front of the fire, enjoying looking at each other, enjoying wanting to touch more of each other. But first we had a little fantasy to fulfil.

Pete lay you in his arms first, one hand on your breast, the other stroking the inside of your thigh. Kay and I could see the juices from your beautiful cunt start to flow. Your labia was beautiful...unique... yours, and now you were giving us the chance to share in seeing it open out with Pete's touch. Pete knew just when to change from soft to insistent. Your hand wrapped around his beautiful cock. Your own saliva gave added lubrication to his skin. You touched his balls. He moved his hand to your mound...not quite touching the clitoris.

Kay and I were by this point having out own exploration. My hands were holding her nipples and gently turning them softly, then almost painfully. She was squirming and her bum was pushing against my cock. You seemed so enrapt with yourselves for a moment that you didn't notice her finger snake to my balls, her tongue lick my cock, her mouth take me deep into her. Just for a moment...just to keep me warm (as if I needed it).

Pete now moved you . Without comment we moved one head on each thigh, watching his fingers, watching his stroking. He pushed Kay's head towards your clit. And you with a laugh pushed mine. Together we alternated and you writhed. Pete prepared himself for one hell of a fuck...

He accepted Kay and I at his lover's/wife's cunt. He adored the look in your eyes. The beauty that is a woman. But he knew just where our tongues should be, so pushing us aside he moved you into his lap, so both his strong hands could wrap around you and hold your cunt. He took with beautiful gentleness your labia and opened them wide. First Kay and then I drank from the nectar that was flowing from your cunt. My tongue went deep. Oh how I wanted to add a finger where my tongue was...but now it was Pete's turn.

He got you into your favourite position, and we, like lapdogs followed the commands. The juices from your cunt were flowing freely. He was deep inside you. We took the flow.

As Pete penetrated deeper Kay took a gentle lick at his balls, and I stayed with your clitoris, then...just for fun...we swapped. What beautiful rough balls, what a great taste of man. And Kay loved the texture of the juices flowing from your cunt.

Now Pete wanted some room. It was your fuck. We moved back and watched as you worked your rhythm beautifully. You knew each other. You knew how to make it happen. And within a few minutes the sound was wonderful, and the sight of an explosion was wonderful. You came in an eruption. Pete held back as long as he could...

Pete bust out of you and his sperm flowed. His head exploded with a full body orgasm and he collapsed by your side. The smile between you was beautiful. You rested. Kay and I stroked you gently and then without any change of pace you hugged us, you began to touch us, you explored our bodies to see what happened. We lay back like passive things as both your tongues sought out parts of our bodies.

You were satiatiated (for a while at least) and you were ready to give us your attention...and that's another story which you should tell and I will read.

Told to Bath by me one night by MSN Exploring her trepidation about nakedness. Hopefully this story did some good – whatever happens it was fun to write.
Chris Jan 4th 2011 / Edited Feb 2011

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2 years ago
Beautiful sensual story.
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very nice
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Beautiful story, beautifully written.