That old saying “The blacker the berry, the sweeter the juices.” has been a motto that my Uncle James has lived by for years.

My Uncle J, as we call him and his new Jamaican wife had only been married a few months when I came to live with them. It started that first night when I caught my Uncle J staring at my boobs. It was very clear that my uncle liked young girls; young pretty black girls.

My dad and his step b*****r was never really close, as a matter of fact they barely knew one another. But when my folks were killed in a car crash I had no other living f****y member to go to. I was s*******n and alone for the first time.

My dad’s mom died when he was just four years old, as a result my grandfather remarried a white woman, my grandma Jan. Grandma Jan had a son by her first husband’s b*****r.

My grandma Jan met grandpa about a year after his second wife died. Grandma Jan had just spilt from her husband after giving him the news that he was not the father of their nearly thirteen year old son, but it was his b*****r’s k**. She had been fucking her b*****r-in-law for years and she was quite sure that her lover and not her husband had fathered her c***d.

My grandparents fell in love at a time when a black man could have been killed for just thinking about fucking a white woman, I am so pound that they bucked the system that they lived under.

As time passed life with my Uncle J and Aunt Meg was good but it became a bit of a challenging due to the fact that Uncle J made very clear that sooner or later I was going to have to give up the pussy. I would not say that I was apposed to sl**ping with Uncle J. He certainly wasn’t bad to look at; most women thought he was drop dead gorgeous. Being an even six feet tell without an ounce of fat on him, his long lean body gushed sex. He was the spitting image of my grandmother, with his green eyes, and shoulder length blonde hair. His handsome old Wild West look was enough to make any woman, young or old drop her panties.

It was the night before my eighteenth birthday and needless to say I was looking forward to celebrating my first steps into adulthood. Uncle J had been dropping hints for weeks about how he was going to be coming to my bed soon, and how good he was going to make me feel when he did. About a week before my birthday Uncle J walked in on me as I was getting out of the shower. I had just turned off the water and as I stepped from the shower when I noticed he was standing in the open door.

At first he didn’t say anything; he just stood there with this devilish grin on his face. Needless to say he scared the holy shit out of me. I grab for my towel but he stopped me. “No please don’t cover up that fine body of yours.” he said as I saw him lick his lips.

For some reason I was not scared, I knew he was not going to hurt me. Truth be told I had been thinking about my first fuck for awhile. My body had been telling me for months that I was indeed ready for my first cock. I did as I was told, as I just stood there while Uncle J ogles my naked body.

“Dam girl that is one tight body you got there. Too bad you don’t become legal until next week.” He said.

Letting his eyes wonder, he seems to take in ever inch of me. Uncle J told me that he liked young black girls because we were shaped like real women. He said he liked a nice round thick ass, like mines. My tits had a nice apple shape that seemed too appealed to him. Cascading down my wet body the first sight of my pussy nearly drove him mad. My pussy was covered with thick curly black hair that made his mouth water and his dick hard.

From the looks of things I didn’t think Uncle J could hold out very much longer, that big bugle in his pants told me that. His next move caught me a bit off guard when he close the door behind him and began to unzip his pants. I knew Aunt Meg was not home, and wouldn’t be back for hours.

He walked pass me, brushing up against naked body. With his back to me, my view was blocked from seeing what he was doing until he turned around holding his hard erect penis in his hand.

My heart nearly stopped when I saw what my dear Uncle J was working with. Nearly seven inches of pure manhood was being offered, and from the wicked smile he flashed he could tell that he was getting under my skin.

“I just wanted you to see what you are going to getting real soon.” he said as he stroked himself.

He took a seat on the red bench that was apart of the bathroom décor. Uncle J continued to play with himself, taunting me with unlimited possibility. My awaken womanhood was in full blossom as my heart started to pound against my chest, and my mouth began to water at the thought of Uncle J’s manhood sliding in and out of my womanhood.

“Dam girl I wish your birthday was here already, once you’re legal, it’s gone be on then.” he said as pre cum oz down his shaft.

I was almost rendered speechless at the thought of my uncle becoming my first lover. My eighteenth was less then a week away, and I knew Uncle J was chomping at the bit to get in between my legs and this little bathroom interlude was just the warm up for what was to come.

“Uncle J may I touch it?” I asked shyly.

Uncle J said I had such a sweet innocent look on my face that the very thought of turning me down almost proved impossible.

“No baby girl we have wait until you are legal, you will be eighteen in a few days, as much as I hate to say no.”

As much as hated to say it, but Uncle J was right, we had to wait until I turned eighteen to go all the way. The days that led up to my birthday was the hardest days I have ever spent since my folks died. I wanted my Uncle J. It had been almost a year since I had come to live in his house, and over time he had worn me down by telling me how much he wanted me, and how he just had to have me when I turned eighteen. But it didn’t stop us from looking. In the days that lead up to my birthday Uncle J and I saw each other naked more then a few times. The lust in my uncle’s eyes told me that he was going to have me no matter what, and by the time my birthday came around the thought of fucking Uncle J was not the worst thing I can do.

It was close to midnight and I was only a few minutes away from entering adulthood. I was in my room when I heard a knock on my door. I knew without question who it was. Without a response the door open and there stood Uncle J. Standing there with a bottle of champagne and two glasses, he closed and walked over to where I was sitting on my bed. Closing the door he walked over to where I was sitting on my bed.

To say that I was nerves as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs would be the understatement of the year. My whole body shook with fear, the thought that I wouldn’t please him, or give him the kind of pleasure that he expected from me terrified me.

He sat the champagne and the glasses down on the nightstand, looking down at me; it felt as if he was looking straight into my soul. “It won’t be long now, you will be legal. I have so much to teach you, my sweet girl.” he said.

He open the champagne and poured two glasses half full, handing me a glass, he sat down on the bed beside me. “I want to make a toast, to your womanhood and all that it will bring to you.”

I took my first sip and the bubbles did not tickle my noise as I had always heard it did. After a few sips I began to relaxes a little more. I asked Uncle J about Aunt Meg, he assured me that she knew what was going on and that it was alright with her.

I soon felt Uncle J’s hand slid up my thigh, he saw the fear in my eyes as he kissed the back of my neck, and whispered in my ear. “SHHH, baby don’t be scared, Uncle J is going to take real good care of you tonight.” he said as his finger found my tight slit.

His sinful grin when he discovered that I wasn’t wearing any panties told me that nothing was going to stop what was about to happen. I was about to make love for the first time to my dad’s older b*****r, a man who had become like a father to me.

Taking a look at the clock it was a few minutes to midnight. “Oh babe I want to be fucking you at midnight.”

He slid my nigh tie over my head; he seemed to be in aw of my little apple shaped tits. As the numbers on my clock turned from eleven fifty-nine, Uncle J laid me down on the bed while taking one of my small tits in his mouth.

I let out a soft moan as his tongue teased my dark nipples. I felted his hand cup and gently squeeze my breast. His hands were so strong as he slid them down my body. My body burdened with lust as he found the insides of my thighs. Working his way up he pull my white cotton panties to the sides, taking a whiff of what I had to offer, I saw that devilish smile and the glee in those killer blue eyes that told me that I was about have the most unforgettable nights of my life.

“MMM, you smell so good baby, dam I can’t wait to get my cock into this.” he said as he lightly fingered my slit.

He played with my pussy for what seemed like hours. Sliding his fingers in and out of me my body began to burn with the fire he had lit the day I walked into his house. He lift my bed long enough to undress. While I had seen Uncle J naked in the weeks leading up to this night, for some reason his dick looked a lot bigger to me, I suppose knowing that soon it would be inside me throw me a little. The thought of me being able to handle something so huge never enter my mind.

He pushed me back down on the bed while getting on top of me. His hands were soft and gentle as he caressed my back. I felt his hot breath on my neck as he took a gentle bite of my ear. His soft sweet lips covered my lips in our first kiss. In a slow erotica dance of pleasure our tongues met with pure joy.

Uncle J’s hands traveled the full length of my body, touching and exploring his new playground of lust; Uncle J took ownership of his new sex toy. On his second round he stopped long enough to tug at my wristband taking my panties off, he took one more sniff before discarding them to the floor.

Pulling my legs apart his mouth began to explore my garden of pleasure. Using his fingers and tongue he found all my hot spots. Uncle J proved to be a master lover. Finding my clit he used his tongue to toy with my senses, bring me close to the edge, only to reel me back in.

“No baby, you’re not ready yet.” he would say just before pulling back.

Dam it he was driving me mad, and he loved it. I glanced at the clock, it was midnight. “Uncle J its midnight, I’m legal.”

“So you are.” he said as he position his cock against my slit. At a minute past midnight on my eighteenth birthday, I felt all seven inches of my uncle’s cock plunge deep inside me. My mind went blink as a deep hollow scream erupted in me.

Taking only a minute to let me adjust to the explosion that was going on in my mind and body, Uncle J took the most precious gift that a woman could give a man. I wrapped my legs around him as he laid claim to what was his. The first time was an out and out fuck. There was no pretense, it was raw sex. Pounding me until my pussy overflowed with his sweet cum. We fucked for hours in various positions. I not only learn how to suck cock that night, but I learned how to ride like a pro.

We were about ten minutes into our first round when I came for the very first time. Uncle J had been banging me hard, so hard in fact I thought I saw stars. He had just broken my hymen when the first wave hit. It felt as if I had entered another world. A word where I was able to float outside my body and it was so beautiful that I wished to never return.
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I wish he was my uncle.
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wow get hot when i read this
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Sexy story of 1st time, Christy! - porn poet Pete
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Mmm, Christy, so good to read this! Made me real horny!!
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what a beautiful perverted mind that churned out such a great story.
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A great story...
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Very hot ,,thanks,,