I have known from an early age that I am a pussy lover. My sexually has never been in question, I love men. I love being around them, and most of all I love fucking them. However when I say that I love pussy it means that when ever I see another woman’s pussy I get so turned on that the thought of fucking a woman is all I think about.

I was in my mid to late teens when I got into adult entertainment, I loved sneaking into my older b*****r’s room and finding his well hidden stash of Playboy and Penthouse. I loved flipping though the pages of beautiful women with their lovely naked bodies on display for all to see. It was at that time in my life that I discovered that I had this deep affection for a woman’s pussy.

As I have said before I do not think of myself as gay or lesbian, perhaps bisexual, a man’s cock is equally fascinating to me, but whatever the case maybe I know my love for pussy will never die.

I am the youngest of four c***dren, and I have played sexual games with all three of my siblings. It all started with my older b*****r when he took me into the bathroom one day, laid me on the floor, pulled my panties down and stuck his cock inside me. I won’t tell my age at the time, but I was very young.

No I never thought of it as ****, I enjoyed it too much. We never told anyone else, nor did we ever talk about it. It was my first time being fucked, and now that my b*****r is gone I will take that beautiful loving memory to my grave.

My s****r is nine years older then me and we were never very close while we were growing up. However, there is this one memory of us being alone in the house one day, and while I can not really remember just how we ended up on her bed, with both of us naked, and my s****r on top of me, I just remember that it felt so dam good. As I sit here remembering how I felt as she slit her fingers in and out of my young tight fuck hole, I am getting turned on all over again. My s****r had the best looking pussy I had ever seen, it was the first time I seen a shaved one. She has been married a few times, and there was one or two that I would not have mind have a threesome with her and I and my b*****rs-in-laws, but sadly it never came up.

My younger b*****r who is five years older then me, and have played round with a time or two had the biggest cock I had ever seen when I was younger. The fact that we had the run of the house during the summer while my parents work made easy for us to get together. How well do I remember those good morning fucks before breakfast.

However it was when I was in school that I got my first good taste of good pussy. At the time my very best girl friend Maggie V. and I were very close, we shared everything, and as most girls do we went everywhere together, including the girl’s restroom.

It happened one day between third and forth period that Maggie and I found ourselves alone in the girl’s bathroom of Riverside High School. I knew that Maggie had a thing for other girls in school, and she knew that I had been messing around with my s****r and b*****rs. But it was that day in the big handicap stall that we discovered each other.

I don’t think we had sex on our minds when we walked in the bathroom; we were just trying to kill time before our next class. I was brushing my hair when Maggie called for me to come help her. When I walked over and open the door there stood my very best girl friend with her pants down smiling the most sexist smile I had ever seen.

To say that I have never thought of Maggie in a sexual way would be a lie, Maggie was a very pretty Latina girl, with long brown hair, and dark eyes, and the sexist little body you have ever seen. Just about all the boys chased after her, they all wanted what I would soon have, the sweet taste of Latina pussy.

I walked into the stall and locked the door behind me. She looked so fucking hot as she striped naked, my heart was pounding so hard I thought I would die. She knew what she wanted as she stood and beckoned me to come close. I knew I could not resist her fine brown body. Approaching my eyes locked on her, as we leaned in for our first kiss.

Maggie pushed me up against the wall she tore my blouse open as her hands captured my 34d tits. Discarding my blouse she throws it on the pile of cloths that she had made my skirt soon follow as we exchange kisses. My body was suddenly yearning for her. With the coming together of our bodies we begin to explore and play.

She laid me down on the floor of the roomy stool as Maggie smothers my body in kisses. I had never realized until that day how much I wanted her. As she made her way down my body she pulled my legs apart softly kissing the inside of my thigh she made her way to my pussy.

Her soft lips felt good against my skin as she found my small pussy that was barely covered in dark hair. I felt her small fingers part my lips, as her tongue darted in and out of my tight little fuck hole. I arched my back as she drove deeper inside me. I have only been finger fucked by one other person, my s****r. Maggie knew she had me right where she wanted me, as she drove two, then three fingers deep inside me.

It took everything within me not to scream out my pleasure, after all we were in a public restroom, and the thought of being caught by one of our teachers would not have sat well with either of our families. However, I don’t think Maggie and I ever gave a thought to the possibly of being caught, we were both so caught up in a moment of lust that nothing else mattered.

After I came a few times I wanted a taste of Maggie’s sweet stuff. Changing places I now had control of my sweet Maggie. As she opened her long lovely legs to me, I claimed one of her hard nipples, I hard her soft sexy moan as I felt her body tighten. Soft bites and licks were gives as Maggie’s fingers get tangle in my thick black curls.

Her pussy had not a trace of hair on it, and her lips were slightly puffed. I traced the outside with my fingertips as I took in her sweet aroma, as I parted her lips I saw the biggest clit that I had ever seen. The very sight of Maggie’s half formed cock send chills down my spin, and I had to have it.

I started to play with it, giggling it back and forth. I could tell that Maggie was really getting off on my clit play. With the tip of my tongue I took control, sending my Sweet Maggie to the edge. Pulling her lips further apart I took another big whiff of her sweetness, if her pussy tasted half as good as it smelled, then I was about to have a feast.

I took a few small licks at first; her walls were dripping with her juice. Pulling back the hood I found her clit moist and tender as I gently bit down on her mouth watering bud. Her body tightens as I went to work, taking her clit between my lips. I sucked on her sweet little bud while as the sane time I slipped two fingers in her wet tight hole.

I finger fucked her as hard as I could; Maggie was close to coming when we heard the bell ring for our fourth period class. We knew that we only had a few minutes to put ourselves back together before the girl’s restroom was full and overflowing. We made just in the nick of time, Maggie and I was walking out just as the first group of girls was coming in. Turning I know that Maggie and I were thinking the same thing. If those girls had come in five minutes earlier they would have really seen a show.

Maggie and I decided to ditch the rest of our classes; both of us knew that it would be useless to go sit in a class knowing that the only thing we wanted was each other. We decided to go back to my house, it was not only empty, but I lived only a few blocks from Riverside High.

The very minute we behind close doors we were at it again. There was no way I was going let us be interrupted again. We were both in heat as we undressed each other. Within minutes Maggie and I were standing the middle of my living room buck naked and ready to fuck.

I pushed Maggie back onto the sofa, with her legs open I crawled between her legs. My hart was pounding so fast, as I lay on top of her, breast to breast and pussy to pussy our bodies felt so good as we were entangled in lust.

I wanted to fuck Maggie so bad. Pussy to pussy Maggie and I fucked for nearly twenty minutes. It was good, but I knew it could be better. I gripped Maggie’s hand and ran to my room. My lover crawled onto my bed, while I looked under my s****r’s bed for her stash of toys. My s****r is into sex toys, dildos, vibrators and strap-on seem to be her thing. I found just what I was looking for, a black ten inch strap-on

I could tell from the glee in her eyes that Maggie was turned on by the sight of me strapping up; she knew that I was getting ready to work that pussy, but good. I got on my bed and pulled her legs apart, I fingered her pussy once more to see how wet she was. Her pussy was soaked as I played with her clit with my toy dick. I knew she couldn’t wait to get my toy dick inside her.
We both knew that it was time as Maggie braced herself for the invasion of my cock. I slowly inched my way in. Maggie’s tight little pussy slowly unfolded for me. Once I was in, fucking Maggie proved to be all that I hoped it would be.

I fucked her hard and long, with my toy cock all the way in, I took deep shot strokes. Her body felt so good under me, as she wrapped her legs around my wrist as I began to pound and mold her pussy. I can not began to tell you the feelings that had begun to awake in me, lying on top of my sweet Maggie, the smell of her hair, the look in her beautiful brown eyes, as she looked at me while I was stroking her pussy was priceless.

She arched her back and let out a primal scream as she came over and over again. That was the day that I discovered my undying love for good hooch.
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2 years ago
This is why i fucking get mad aT YOU U SAY U DONE LOVE NIGGER PUSSY FUCKING LIER
2 years ago
such a long but sexy buildup.. shame it has to end in like, 10 lines.....
3 years ago
Very exciting...very hard Love your intense love for pussy. I want to meet a woman that loves pussy (and cock) like you do!
3 years ago
made me hard yesssssssss
3 years ago
Great story
3 years ago
nice story.
3 years ago
Christ Crissy, these are memories hot as hell! ;-)P
3 years ago
Good story... you cant beat a nice fresh pussy.
3 years ago
Very nice writting, ejoyed every minute of it!
3 years ago
Perrrfect.. :) .. was picturizing every bit of it
3 years ago
awsome, what age were you;?
3 years ago
Excellent story a good read, and yes, it made my cock quite hard.
3 years ago
Verrrryyy hard now. ;)-
3 years ago
3 years ago
very hot.