THE SMITH b*****r PART 2

The Smith b*****r 2

It had been two months since the Smith b*****rs had seen each other. By now, both Paul and Bob were up for a little fun. Bob put in a call to his b*****r Paul one day asking if he and his baby girl Emily would like to get together with him and Kate at their cabin for a weekend of f****y fun.

Paul thought it was a lovely idea. The thought of spending time with his b*****r delighted him; however, the thought of having his niece’s young naked body in his arms again could surly put a smile on his face that could last for days.

Bob thought of little else since coming back home two months ago, except for how he was going to stick his dick into sweet little Emily’s pussy again. The memory of fucking her every night was locked in his mind.

The weekend had finally come; the b*****r met up at their cabin on the lake, the two men could not wait to get their dicks into the sweet young pusses that await them.

While Bob and Paul unpacked the cars, Emily and Kate waited inside the cabin. Emily always knew that Kate was pretty; however, it had been nearly a year since she had seen her younger cousin. Kate had just turned fifteen, and was beginning to come into her own as a woman
Nineteen-year-old Emily had never thought of herself as being bisexual, however the sight of her beautiful young cousin made the idea more appealing. After unpacking the cars Bob and Paul decided to cheek out the old fishing hole were they had spend many hour at as boys, leaving their girls alone to get better acquainted.

As Kate and Emily were getting reacquainted, Emily could not stop thinking about how much she wanted to see Kate naked. After all Emily just knew that, her favorite uncle had been hitting that sweet stuff every night.

‘Kate why don’t you take off your cloths, I sure would love to see the beautiful body that my dad keeps raving about.

Emily never expected Kate to comply, after all Paul had told his daughter one night while they were fucking, just how shy her cousin was when he first tried to fuck her. However, there was nothing shy about Kate’s response. Walking upstairs Kate returned moments later to the living room were Emily was enjoying a glass of wine.

Kate had just turned s*******n; however with in the last two months after Uncle Paul’s visited, Kate has become very experience at giving pleasure to both men and woman. Kate started having sex with one of her dad‘s girlfriends and she considered herself to be a lesbian.

Wearing a black and red silk kimono that her father rewarded her with, after their first time together Kate joined her cousin on the brown lather sofa
taking a sip of Emily’s wine, Kate flashed a sexy smile. “Do you still want to see me naked?” Kate asked as Emily untied the silk sash that held her kimono together. Kate slowly pulled back the kimono revealing her beautiful body.

Her one hundred pound, five feet eleven inch frame, along with her beautiful soft brown hair and eyes, and lovely full lips that send waves of lust and desire throw her cousin. However, it was Kate’s thirty-six inch breast and her clean shaved pussy that left Emily speechless.

Not a word was exchange as Kate’s kimono fell to the floor, suddenly their lips met. Their tongues slipped into each other’s mouths. Emily slid her cousin’s body down onto the sofa, opening her legs she quickly went to work on Kate’s freshly shaved pussy.

It was Emily’s first time eating pussy, and much to her surprise, she loved it, almost as much as she loved sucking her dad’s nearly eight-inch cock. As Emily played with Kate’s clit with her tongue, it drove the young girl crazy with a new kind of pleasure.

Kate tenderly stroked Emily’s soft red hair, as her cousin introduce her to this new and powerful feeling. Kate’s body seemed to have been taking over by a f***e that she could not explain. She knew that she had never felt this way when she was with her father or her uncle. Pushing one then two fingers deep inside her cousin’s cunt, Emily was continually giving Kate’s clit the kind of pleasure that she was not use to.

Taking a break, the two girls basked in the sheer joy of being in each other arms. Suddenly Kate took Emily by the hand and ran upstairs to the bedroom. Rummaging throw her overnight bag, Kate soon found what she was looking for.

With a shy evil grin on her angel like face, Kate produced her very own golden dick. “I sure would love to fuck that pretty little pussy of yours. “She declared

A wink from Emily was all it took. Kate pushed her on to the bed; Emily gladly opened her legs for her cousin. Crawling between her legs, Kate and Emily continued to kiss as Kate slowly guided her steel hard tool towards the sweet young pussy that awaits her.

Fucking Emily felt so natural to Kate; she loved shoving her big golden dick deeper and deeper inside Emily’s red hairy pussy, while sucking on her rock hard nipples.

Emily loved being with another woman. It was as if a completely new world was opening up to her. Emily did not want Kate to stop, as Kate picked up the paced of their lovemaking. Kate fucked Emily all afternoon.

By the time Bob and Paul return to the cabin their daughters had formed a special bound however the men were not about to be left out.

At dinner Emily and Kate found it impossible to hide their newly attraction for each other. The new developing bound between the cousins did not escape the attention of their fathers.

After diner, the fathers along with their girls sat in the living room of their cozy cabin. With a roaring fire going in the fireplace, the fathers made their move on their girls.

Sitting on the sofa, Bob started kissing Kate. His hand between his daughter’s legs he whispered in her ear. “Why don’t you show your uncle and me what you and your cousin were doing this afternoon?

A look of surprise as Kate notice that her uncle Paul had undressed his daughter. Standing before Bob and Kate, Paul was busy rubbing Emily’s little pussy.

“I know you want some more of this sweet stuff.” Paul said as he rammed his two fingers up his little girl’s pussy.

“Oh jeez daddy/” Emily let out as his fingers hit her spot.

Paul pushed Emily down on the sofa next to Kate; leaning over Bob began sucking Emily’s tender young tits. Kate why don’t you and your cousin put on a little show for us? Bob said as he patties their pussies.

If it was a show that they wanted, then that is what they were going to get. This time it was Emily’s turn. As the men took their seats, Kate spreads her legs for her cousin. Emily striped on Kate’s golden dick. Ravaging Kate’s pussy, Emily fucks Kate into a sexual haze
Kate’s orgasms came hard and fast. To everyone’s amazement, Kate had become Emily’s sex slave right before their very eyes. Emily loved fucking men, especially her father. However there was something about fucking another woman that brought out feelings in her that no man has ever touched.

Paul and Bob were on the edge of exploding as they watched one daughter enslave the other. The two men could no longer stand it, as their hard on reached a point of no return.

Paul pulled Emily off her cousin. Snatching off Kate’s dildo, Paul pins Emily to the floor, he spreads her legs, and slammed his rock hard cock deep into her red hot pussy. Fucking Emily was good the first time, but now that she has been with Kate, her pussy seemed even more appealing.

Paul drove all the way into his niece’s pussy, cupping her breast for leverage; Paul fucked Emily hard, long and good. For nearly an hour Paul fucked his beautiful young niece before releasing her.

Lying naked on the sofa Emily watched as Kate pleasured both her father and her uncle. Kate loved the thought of having both men inside her at the same time. Bob placed Kate on top of his rock hard cock, slamming his dick deep inside her little pussy. Fucking her hard and deep, Emily watched as her father fuck her cousin shapely ass, while her uncle fucked her lovely face.

After Kate was done pleasuring the b*****rs, they turned their attentions to Emily. Emily laid her naked body down in front of the roaring fire that was going in the fireplace. Spreading her legs while playing with her clit, she invited both men to come take what was theirs.

Bob shoved his tongue deep inside his daughters red haired covered pussy. Gripping her tits for leverage, Bob nearly sucked Emily’s pussy dry. Paul fucked her angel like face, as Emily took her uncle deep inside her mouth.

Bob plowed his cock deep inside Emily’s sweet love hole, rotating his hips, giving his niece one of the best fucks of her life.

Kate could no longer stand being left out; pushing her father to the floor she fastened herself on top of his six inch hard dick and rode him like craze. Kate love riding his hard cock.

“That’s right you little whore fuck me, you fucking bitch, fuck your daddy hard, you fucking whore.” Kate loved it when her father talked dirty to her while she rode him. There they were, fathers and daughters loving each other, just the way it was meant to be.

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Makes me want to be related.
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