From the look on Dad's face, I could tell that he was in no mood to talk. After all, he had just caught me in a lie when I told him earlier that day that he and my b*****rs and grandfather were the only men that I had fucked since I left home for college. The truth was that I had become another f****y's sex toy and the proof was standing right in front of him.

"I asked you, Girl, who in the hell are these people, and why did this man have his hand on what belongs to me?"

"Dad, please. I can explain. I wanted to tell you when I came home a few
months ago but there never seemed to be a right time."

"Tell me what?" Daddy' voice cracked and I knew from the tone and the look
in his eyes that what I had to say would not go down easy.

"Dad, there is someone I have been seeing for awhile now, and he has asked me to marry him. This is his f****y."

"Christy, what the fuck are you talking about? You know damn will that's not going to happen. Do you think I would ever allow another man to touch my daughter?"

"Mr. Davis, your daughter and I are in love and there's not a damn thing you can do about it," Josh said as he grabbed my arm and pulling me to his side.
Daddy was about to exploded. I was scared out of my mind. I had never seen anyone stand up to my father before.

"So you're the young buck who thinks he is going to nail my daughter?" Dad said, as his anger rose.

“Frankly Mr. Davis, I have already nailed your daughter, and so have most of the people in this room."

"Josh!" I yelled, as Dad's anger came to a boil.

"Christy, Honey, I'm sorry, but he had to be told," Josh said, as he lit a cigarette.

"What's he saying Girl?" Daddy asked, as the fear began to gnaw at my guts.

"I'll tell you what my son is trying to say," Frank commented, in a calm voice that seemed to take the edge off the moment.

"Mr. Davis, you don't know me or my f****y, I' m afraid you will have to look over my son's hot temper, he gets it from his mother's side of the f****y.
Frank was almost a foot shorter then my father, but that day my future father-in-law stood six feet tall in my eyes.

"Mr. Davis, my name is Frank Patterson. My wife and I are the parents of that "young buck" over there seated next to your lovely daughter. My wife and I have been married for over forty years and we have six wonderful c***dren that we love very much. Now, a few months ago, Josh brought your daughter home to meet our f****y. From the first moment I laid eyes on Christy, I knew that she would fit right in with our f****y and how we do things."
Daddy had calmed down to the point where he could listen to Frank as he explained how the Patterson f****y system worked.

"Now Mr. Davis, I'm a man who loves his f****y. Their mother and I have tried to teach our c***dren that real f****y love knows no boundaries, that it is natural for siblings and parents to express their special love for one another."

"Are you saying what I think you're saying?"

"I'm saying that you have a very lovely daughter and that you have taught her how to love. As a matter of fact you, her b*****rs, and her grandfather have a lot to be proud of. This girl really knows how to get a man going."

I sat there with my hands folded in front of me; I was praying that Daddy wouldn't hate me for revealing our f****y secret.

"They know?" Daddy asked in disbelief.'

"Daddy, they're just like us, the first time I was at their house, I walked in on Josh licking his s****r's pussy. I know I wasn't supposed to tell anyone, but I knew I could trust Josh and his f****y, because they were just like us."
"You know Mr. Davis, I don't blame you for being upset, after all you thought that you and your boys where the only ones getting it, but as I said before, you have a lot to be proud of. Your little girl is a wonderful lover, she has a beautiful body, and she has one of the best pussies I ever had in my life," Frank said.

Frank seemed to be getting through to Daddy, at least, a bit. Dad tuned to me and took me in his arms, kissing me on my forehead. I knew he had about come to terms with the idea that another f****y knew our secret.

"You know Mr. Davis, your daughter is right, our families are very much alike. We love sex and we don't apologize for it. There is nothing better then taking a sweet young thing to your bed, and having your way with her," Frank said, as he searched around the room with a gleam in his eye.

"Patterson, I guess you're right, too, I don't apologize for loving my girl, and as for your son, well, we will see."

"I can understand how you feel, but I think I have an idea how we can prove that we mean your f****y no harm, and maybe ease the shock of finding out that your daughter is fucking other people. "Brook, sweetheart, would you come here, please?"

A beautiful young blond girl quietly walked toward him.

"Christy, Mr. Davis, I want you to meet my niece, Brook. Brook is my b*****r's daughter. She just turned fifteen a few days ago. My b*****r owes me one, so to speak, and he sent her to me and asked if I would like to break her in before he took her."

From the look in Daddy's eyes, Frank could tell that Dad was more then just a little interested in doing the job himself.

Brook was a tall, lean beauty with thick, shoulder-length red hair. She was wearing a pair of tight black jeans that showed off her hart-shaped ass, and a tight-fitting, green tee shirt. Her silky white skin looked as soft as cotton. She had a warm smile and lovely pearl blue eyes.

Daddy tried hard not to show it, but he wanted her — and he wanted her badly. By now, the rest of the f****y had gathered into the f****y circle. Frank was obviously trying to temp Dad with this lovely young girl.

I knew Dad's mouth was watering at the very thought of tasting her young coochie. He had to be as hard as a rock by now, and their was no way in hell that he would pass up an opportunity like this. Miss free pussy? Not my dad.

"Isn't she beautiful?" Frank asked, as he caressed her soft, white tits. Frank's hands roamed her young body in an attempted to break my father's will. Frank slowly unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans, slipping his hand inside to find her pussy. He fingered her a few minutes, pulling out he sniffed his fingers, getting good whiff of her sweetness.

Daddy could no longer stand it, as the sight of a very turned on Brook brought my father to his keens. It was clear that Frank was in charge as he, little by little, undressed his young niece.

"You can have her if you want," Frank said, as he removed her bra, letting her budding thirty-four inch tits come into full view. After Frank finished undressing Brook, he instructed her to lie on the floor and spread her legs.
Brook did as she was told. Without a word, Daddy removed his robe. The sight of Brook's long lean body was a big turn on for Daddy, obvious by his raging hard on standing straight out from his body.

As Dad stood over the young girl, his nine inch cock scared the hell of out of her. To try to help Brook to relax, Frank laid down beside his niece and lightly stroked her arms. "Just relax baby, you're going to do just fine," Frank said as he eased his hand between Brook's legs.

Daddy wasted very little time as he knelt down between her open legs. His hands explored her body. Her cunt was nice and smooth, just the way he liked it. Taking one of her soft tits into his mouth, Dad socked her nipple, while replacing Frank's hand with his own to stroke her small pussy.

As Daddy slid down on top of her, he pushed the head of his dick between the tight lips of her pussy, but he only got a little way in when his cock head met her hymen. Brook hissed between her teeth and flinched. Tears of fear trickled down her cheeks, as Daddy tried to reassure her. Frank leaned over and kissed away her tears while Daddy waited, the head of his dick still pushed against her hymen.

Frank nodded to Daddy, and he rammed his cock forward, bursting her cherry. Brook wailed and thrashed her legs for a couple of seconds, but Daddy had not moved any more, letting her get used to his size, and get past the most of the pain.

After awhile, Brook tried a somewhat f***ed smile, "Okay, I think I'm ready," she very quietly said.

"Are you sure Baby?" Daddy asked, concern in his voice.
"Yeah, it's starting to feel good," she answered, experimentally moving her hips a little.

As Daddy pushed the rest of the way in, held for a while, then started slow-fucking Brook, Frank told me to get undressed and lie down beside the fucking couple. It was almost as if I were watching a home movie of me and my dad. The things that he was doing to Brook, Daddy had also done to me.

As Frank mounted me, Daddy pulled out of brook, then shoved two fingers up her. As his fingers searched for her g-spot, he licked all around her clit. He must have found her g-spot, because she arched her back and shoved her pussy toward him. He fastened his lips around her tiny clit and began sucking. That's all it took, Brook went off like a rocket.

As Frank slammed his six inch cock into my pussy, Daddy rolled over onto his back, carrying Brook with him. As she straddled him, he lined his nine inch cock up with her freshly deflowered pussy, and holding her hips, thrush hard up into her.

Brook let out a scream, but this time it wasn't from pain. In no time, she was bouncing on Daddy's dick like there was no tomorrow.
Among the Patterson men, my father in law was surely the best lover. His six inch dick seem to be made for pleasuring women of all ages. Frank thrust into me for a while, then pulled out and offered his cock for me to suck. As his lovely dick waved back and forth in front of my face, I trapped it with my mouth, and cradled his balls with my left hand. The feel of Frank's dick slowly being shoved in and out my mouth was lovely to be sure, but when I felt Daddy's hand caressing my ass, it nearly drove me over the edge.

I was now on my hands and knees with my ass waving in the air. "Yes, that's it Baby. Show your Daddy what you can really do," Frank said, as he called Josh over.

"You want some of this Son? While she's working my dick, why don't you start working her ass?"

Josh was more then ready to show my father that he had what it took to keep me happy. Josh undressed and came up behind me spreading my ass cheeks. He drove his meaty cock deep into my ass in one long, hard thrust. By now I was so fucking turned on by being fucked in my ass by Josh, while I was getting his father off, while my dad was banging Josh's cousin and watching me, that I was in almost constant orgasm.

Dad slammed hard up into Brook and held. It was apparent that she felt Dad's cock spurt, because she gave a little yelp, shivered as he held her pussy hard against his groin as he emptied into her, then she came with a wail that hurt my ears.

After she had collapsed on Dad's chest, and they had lain there for a while, it was Josh, and his b*****r, Grant's turn to break in their cousin. Daddy, Frank and I went into my bedroom for some more fun.

After the first time that I fucked Frank. I would always fantasize about what it would be like to have a threesome with Daddy and Frank. Believe me when I say that my daydreams came nowhere close to the reality.

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Amazing and sexy.
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this made me wet myself.Just wish I was so lucky to have so many cocks anytime I wanted.
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oh my.... I just made a mess in my hands. Thank you for providing me with masturbation material. SMOKING HOTT Story!
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