A Berlin dream

When I was 19, I went in Berlin, in Germany, with a few friends, on a holiday trip.

I wasn’t a virgin, I’d had several girlfriends in the past, and although I was young, I knew pretty well what sex was. I always had this fantasy about older woman. Not saggy wrinkled granny, but curvaceous busty mature women, with love and passion to give. I’d never acted on those fantasies, because I’d never had the opportunity, and because I was rather scared. It was just a little secret for me to have. I would often wank while thinking about a lady I saw on the bus, fantasizing about one of my teacher, or about my best friend’s mother… But that was it, I never went further.

So I was in Berlin, it was our last night. We were leaving the city the morning after, at 5.45 am. We went to have supper in a restaurant. We were having fun, the place was nice, the food was yummy and the wine was alright. In the middle of the meal, I had to go to the bathroom. I excused myself, went upstairs, and arrived in front of the two usual doors : man or woman. In front of those doors, a woman was standing. She was the “toilet lady”, the bathroom attendant. You know, she cleans everything, and expects you to leave a tip.

First of all, she was probably a woman of mixed race. Her mother must’ve been an African woman who fucked a German white dude. She wasn’t tall, and had semi-long black hair. The first thing I noticed about her, apart from the soft darkness of her skin, was how big her boobs were. You could see that the uniform shirt she was wearing was on the verge of breaking. It fit her waist and her shoulders, but her breast must have been way too big. Then I saw her ass. I was baffled. It looked just perfect. It had this flawless curve every man loves. All I wanted to do was grab it.

She must’ve noticed that I was picturing her naked, because she politely coughed. I looked up, embarrassed. Luckily, she didn’t seem mad. She actually smiled at me, which surprised me. And man, this mouth! She had a dark red lipstick, her mouth was fleshy as hell and her teeth were pure white.

I f***ed myself to laugh with her, and I entered the men’s room. I went to the urinal, and opened my pants. I saw that my dick was as hard as concrete. I peed, hoping that it would end my hard-on, but it didn’t. I had tight pants, and didn’t want to wait 10 minutes for my raging boner to go to sl**p. I wasn’t even sure it would leave me alone, if I kept on thinking about this lady just outside the room. The solution was obvious. I started to jerk myself off. Because of the wine, I was a bit fuzzy, and I didn’t come right away.
Just when I was about to come, I heard the door. I immediately stopped. I cursed in my head. So close to the goal, I would have to wait for an other dude to piss near me, to wash his hands and to leave before I could go on. This would take forever.

But as I turned my head, I realized it wasn’t a man. It was the half-black goddess. I didn’t speak German really well, but I managed to grasp what she told me :
– Don’t worry, mister, I just need to clean here for a while, she said.
– Oh… Kein problem, I answered.
I looked at my boner, it was huge. I was trapped. What could I do ?
– Are you alright, mister ? You’ve been in here for a long time.
– Eh… Ja, Ich bin gut, danke…
She was now close to me, I could have reached her shoulder with my hand. I was frozen. And she was still slowly approaching me. I decided not to move, and see what what was going to happen.
She was now standing right next to me, still pretending to clean with her plastic gloves on. She leaned over me, looked at my dick, and whispered gently to my ear “You need help with that ?” in a bad English.

I felt like I’d just smoked a joint. High as Neil Armstrong. It wasn’t the wine, I’m sure of it. I’d had only one or two glasses anyway. I thought I was in a dream. This beautiful mature woman, apparently hitting on me ? Come on… That’s why I didn’t think twice about it. I just said “Yes ma’am…”. She turned back and left me there.

What the fuck had I done ? She was just teasing me, this whore. She went out, but quickly came back. She hung a sign at the door, which said “Außer Betrieb”. I later learnt that it meant “Out of service”. She closed the door, grabbed a key in her pocket, and locked it from the inside. I swear she ran to get back near me. I was euphoric. She didn’t lose any sec. She took off her plastic gloves, grabbed my cock with her hand and started to masturbate me. She looked so thirsty for sex. You could see in her eyes that all she wanted was to get some. She was staring at my stiff cock with crazy lusty eyes.

Luckily for me, and thanks to my dad, I am what I call a “late cumer”. I can last one hour without problem when I’m not self-satisfying me. What I mean is that it is very tough for a girl to actually make me cum.

She was still jerking me off, with the energy of a black panther in heat. She looked at my dick with voracious eyes. After 2 minutes, she couldn’t restrain herself anymore. She kneeled, and gobbled my boner with her erotic mouth. Her lips and right hand around my penis, her tongue on my glans, her left hand caressing my balls and anus, it felt magical. I thought I liked my ex-girlfriends’ blowjobs, but I obviously never had a taste of this divine feeling. I watched her head moving quickly, her hair were clean and smelled good.

Suddenly, I had a paranoia feeling. I had to check immediately. What if she was a transvestite ? It would explain everything.
I made her stand, which she reluctantly agreed to. I unzipped and took off her skirt. She had a black thong. I saw her black bush through the tissue. OH YEAH. She was for real.

I took off her panties, and unveiled a perfect pussy. A nice front and imposing front bush, carefully shaved on the sides and everywhere else. Her legs were shaved, soft and warm. Her whole body smelled like melon. I started to kiss, lick and massage her secret garden. Amazingly, she was already as wet as a professional swimmer. But she quickly made me understand that it wasn’t what she desired. She made me sit in the chair next to the sink, and hastily swallowed my cock. She was fuckin’ craving for it. It was unimaginable. In the heat of the moment, I put my hand on her head, and made her deep throat me. I don’t think she really liked it, but she didn’t say anything, she even started to touch herself and silently moaned as if she was dying from pleasure. She must have liked the idea that I was commanding her.

It was just too much for me. I could feel that even though I’m a late ejaculator, she already had me on the brink of blowing my load down her throat.
I made her stop. I needed to see her breast. I made her understand that, and she took off her top and her bra. Her tits were astonishing: big, firm, fat, soft, warm, welcoming and smooth. I sucked her large brown nipples with passion. She started rubbing them on my belly, on my legs, on my balls, on my cock… I groped them again and massaged them with a violent sexual envy.

Then, I had a flash of lucidity in my head. I had to fuck her, it had to be done. It was a duty, towards my future self. I couldn’t not fuck her. I stood up, made her sit on the sink, spread her legs, rubbed her moist pussy, and easily pushed my stiff dick into her. She put my right hand on her left breast, and proceeded to lick and swallow my left hand. She started to touch her clitoris with her left hand, and touched her right breast with the other. Surprisingly, she wasn’t closing her eyes. I wasn’t used to that. All my girlfriends were closing their eyes and moaned politely when I was fuckin’ them. But she was crazily watching my cock disappear into her soaking pussy, under her heavy bush. I was pretty sure she loved it. She looked really sincere.

At this point, it started to become really hard for me not to ejaculate. I informed her of the situation, and she seemed to understand. She made me sit on the deck besides the sink, and then proceeded to give me a rimjob. Yes, you heard correctly. A rimjob. I never had this done to me. But God, it felt wonderful. She wasn’t doing anything with my cock, because she knew she had to give it some slack. Her tongue was licking my anus, trying to find a way inside. Her fingers were stroking my shaved balls, and spreading my anus to ease her tongue into it. I was greatly relieved I had shaved, had a shower and didn’t take a dump before the restaurant. She had probably noticed that I was as clean as a new pin, and that’s why she was playing with my anus this way. She had now 2 fingers into my anus. I was discovering a new sensation, and I was loving it.

Her idea worked : the pleasure never stopped, but my orgasm’s proximity wasn’t a problem anymore. At least, not for now. I got it together, and decided that I needed to try some different stuff with this busty whore. It had to be my lucky day, and would never happen again. I just had mature woman deep throating me, and giving me a rimjob. I wouldn’t stop there.

I got up, and made her bend on the sink. I could see her fat breast laying and shaking on the deck. She was looking me in the eyes, biting her lips, heavily breathing. With my hands on her hips, I started to fuck her from behind. I could see in the mirror how much she enjoyed it. Her massive breast shook at the rhythm of my stiff rod banging her, the rhythm of my balls slapping her pussy. I caressed her everywhere: her neck, face, mouth, arms, armpits, back, belly, breast, hair, bush… I felt like the King. I had everything I’d always wanted within reach.

Then, my eyes set on her butt. She was bouncing on me, and I would sometimes catch a glimpse of her anus. It was clean and beautiful. I had never observed closely a woman’s anus before. It had always disgusted me. I’d never wished to have anal sex with my past girlfriends because I thought it was filthy. But there, it all started to make sense. I spread her buttocks, spat in the middle, and began to play with her tight and cute asshole. I slipped my pinkie inside. She groaned, but didn’t keep me from going further. Her anus was quivering with pleasure, as my finger got deeper. I don’t know if she was enjoying it because it felt good or because it hurt her. Anyway, I didn’t care. I switched to my index finger, soon followed by the middle finger. Her anus was stretching, widening under the pressure of my two fingers. She was now accepting it, and she was swinging her body so that my fingers would go deeper.

At this time, I knew what I had to do. My dick was soaking with her juice. I put my glans on her anus, and waited. She clearly wanted it, but I was going to wait for her to do the first step. That’s what she did. She started to slowly swinging back and forth, and my cock entered her hole as easily as an oily soap would have. All I can say is that it was tight. Really tight. It felt like my dick was being crushed, and that the bl**d was rushing out. It didn’t hurt, but it felt really special. Unfortunately, my dick was quickly losing its strength. But as it was going deeper and deeper, her anus started to relax and my dick found its second wind. It got even bigger than before, and she definitely felt it, telling from her suppressed moans. She bit my hand so that she wouldn’t scream. It probably hurt, but I didn’t feel anything. I was joyous. It was like I had found God.

Her ass was hitting my waist, faster and faster, and she was making me touch her pussy and breast. She was going crazy, it was intense. But that was it, I was going to cum. She understood it, so she stopped me, immediately f***ed me to lie down on a towel, quickly cleaned my stiff cock, and sat on me. She started to bounce on me like a cow. She was way heavier than me, and her weight were pinning me to the ground. I hoped my dick wouldn’t break under her violent sexual assaults.

Even though my dick physical integrity and I were a bit scared of this horny woman, riding me as if it was her last day on earth, it was a vision of Heaven : first, she was watching my whole body. Her eyes were like mines : trying to see every corner of each other body’s. Her mouth was opened, she was trying to contain her breath and moans. Her throat was glossy with sexual sweat, it made me shiver with satisfaction. Her huge tits were swinging, her nipples were hard. I was groping them and squeezing them.

And then, her pussy. It was literally devouring my raging boner. I had never seen my dick so hard and so big. It had bulging veins and was glowing with her female nectar. Her bush was dark, strong, perfectly trimmed, and called every secluded sexual feelings I had left inside me. This was the best moment of my life. She looked like she was in trance, like she was possessed. She wanted me, she wanted my fat cock deep inside her, so deep that it would make her orgasm like a demon, and feel like an angel.

I knew she was almost at climax, when I felt that her pussy was suddenly tightening and having spasms. I looked at her face and then she started to come. She had realized that she was going to scream as loud as an opera singer, so she had grabbed her dress and had shoved it into her mouth. She came as I’d never seen before. Even though she had her dress in her mouth, you could still hear a loud mumbled sound coming from her throat. She was pounding me like a hammer would pound a nail. Her eyes were rolled upwards, she was hitting me to the ground with every strength and weight she still had.

Seeing this was glorious. It was the grand final for me. I started to come. It was a never-ending orgasm, but I didn’t close my eyes as I usually did. Instead, I stared at her body, still impaling on my pole. After a good 10 seconds of intense pleasure, I felt I was cuming inside her. It seemed like I had one liter of hidden sperm in my balls. I sprayed her insides at least 8 times. She kept on orgasming for at least 10 seconds after I was done. Overall, she probably had 2 minutes of uncontrolled orgasm.

She then fell on me, like a brick. I had my eyes closed, and I could feel her breathing. Her magnificent breast was on my torso. My dick was still inside her, and I felt that tons of cum were dripping on my balls and legs. We laid in this position for a few minutes, not wanting to let me go. I was still high from pleasure and atonement. I couldn’t stop thinking about her body. I was the happiest man on earth, although I couldn’t help but feel a bit sad that it was over.

She stood up, took a towel, and started to clean what was left of my boner, with hot water and soap. She was still naked. My dick had a burst of energy, and it stiffened again. To be honest, at this point, it hurt, and it wasn’t as hard as before. But she started to give me the perfect blowjob, and it eased my pain quickly. After 4-5 minutes, I came once again, in her mouth. It was a small load, and I’m sure that she preferred it this way. No woman likes to have her mouth floated with sperm. She caressed my balls one last time, cleaned me for good, and kissed my dick.

It felt natural. We got up, quickly dressed, and she opened the door. I turned to her, and said “Danke… Danke vielmal. Es war wunderschön”. She smiled at me, and said “Goodbye, mister”.
I went downstairs, and my friends started to muck me.
– Dude, what happened to you ? Did you fall in there ? Haha, you’ve been in there for at least 45 minutes, man! Your meal is cold now…, they said.
– I’m sorry guys, I didn’t feel well… I *really* had to go the bathroom, I blinked. My stomach hurts. I’d better go home now. See you at the hotel, alright?
I got the hotel keys, and headed back. Everything was okay. My friends thought I had been shitting for 45 minutes, and I had found the perfect excuse to leave. After 10 minutes, I was back in my room. I got on my bed, and fell asl**p right away, with my clothes off. I dreamt about her. I woke up at 5 am, when my friends started to pound on the door, telling me to hurry up. We had to check in at the airport in 45 minutes.

I suddenly remembered everything. I thought it was a dream, but I then felt that my dick was sore as fuck. Fuck yes!, I thought, it did happen. I started to pack, and suddenly realized that I didn’t even leave a tip to the woman. About that, where was my wallet ? That was fucking it. Nothing was free. It was too good to be true. This woman knew I had cash, and she was right. I had around 300€ left and all my credit cards. She had done all this just to earn a quick 300 bucks. I was so deceived, but I couldn’t help thinking that she had actually enjoyed herself like a Queen with me, and that she hadn’t been faking it. Luckily, I always left my ID card at the hotel, and I wasn’t the one carrying the flights tickets. We managed to catch our plane back home. I had to call my bank and tell them to block my visa card. This was definitely the best sex of my life. But it was tainted with deception and fear. In the plane, I realized I didn’t even use a condom. I was a fuckin’ idiot, she was a complete stranger to me. I started to get all paranoid : she probably had aids, or shits like this. My life shattered in my head. This was the worth flight of my life.

After I got back in France, I went to the doctor. He checked everything, and thank God I was alright and healthy as Hulk. A few weeks after, somebody rang at my door. It was the postman, he had a package for me. I signed and said thanks. I opened it, and it was my wallet, untouched : 300€, my cards, everything was in there. And there was polaroid picture, with a little note on the back, written by an insecure hand : “Will I see you soon ? I miss you.” I flipped the polaroid, only to see that it was a picture of her, showing her breast and spreading her legs so you could distinguish her pussy through her panties. Under the pic, she had written her full name and her address.

Ten years later, I am now married, and have 2 c***dren. But I still see her once a year. We became friends. But every time we meet, we don’t talk, we don’t laugh. We just fuck. We fuck like a****ls for 1-2 days in a row. On my advice, she started modeling. So far, she has appeared in many different commercials. She doesn’t work as a toilet attendant anymore. I asked her if she had stolen my wallet from me on purpose, but she never told me. I like to think that she did it on purpose so that we would meet again. And it worked. Bitch.

Christopher Healey

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