my master is my master

Jason was a tall muscular man with bulging muscles as he was waiting for a beautiful and tall woman he met online he decided to remove his shirt slowly and he pulled out some lotion from his bag and started massaging it on his peck’s until a tall blond with the bluest eyes walked up to him, “are you Jason?” the hot blond woman said in a British accent. Jason answered with a nod and the blond woman took his hand and guided him to her car as Jason got into the vehicle the woman asked Jason what he liked to do in the bedroom. Jason responded with a strong but soft voice and said that he liked to be penetrated hard by any woman he had the chance to fuck. The woman looked at Jason with a lustful face and started the car. As the car was in motion Jason couldn’t help but look at his new master and he hoped that she’ll make him her long time slave, suddenly the car stopped and they both got out and looked at the apartment were Jason’s master would make him her new slave. Jason looked once again at the woman and her face got even more lustful Jason could tell that his soon to be master was thinking about how to torture him, as soon as Jason and his mistress got into the apartment Jason’s master told him to stand in front of a wooden X that stood in the middle of the living room, Jason did as he was told and stood in front of the X and watched as his master removed his clothing and bonded him to the X, When the woman was done she left Jason there And entered a room with the name Ella marked across it with big red letters. Jason looked at the door and thought of every way of torture that Ella could inflict on him, suddenly he heard the door click and it slowly opened showing Ella in a red blouse, black panties, black, stockings and a big brown box was in her hands, Jason looked at Ella with a Smile on his face as Ella set down the box Jason cocked his head so he could see partially into the box. Jason saw that the box held toys and a few different varieties of whips, Jason then looked at Ella with a lustful look on his face. Ella returned the look with a smile and pulled out four long vibrators and electric tape then she held Jason’s cock up and taped all four vibrators to it. Ella looked up at Jason’s lustful face and smiled as she turned each vibrator on high ten she pulled out cloth pins out of the box and placed them on Jason’s nipples and balls, Jason winced at the pain and drooled at the feeling of the vibrators while he looked at his new mistress his dark green eyes begged her to make him her slave forever. Ella looked into Jason’s eyes and understood then she pulled pins out of the back of the X and bent Jason over then she pulled out a strap on and f***ed the big and dry dildo into his ass. Jason let out a long and lustful moan as his new mistress plowed his tight muscular ass. A few hours passed as Jason got plowed his dick started to throb and his body shook with the pleasure he was receiving from Ella, Jason turned his head so he could look at Ella and asked if she would whip him with the whip that had studs attached to the end of it, Ella pulled out and straitened the X and started whipping Jason with the whip he had requested until he had small cuts over his muscular body. Ella then cut the tape from Jason’s cock and let the vibrators fall then she lifted up Jason’s cock and stroked it softly as cum leaked from his dick he smiled and fell into a deep slumber until he awoke to him lying next to Ella. Jason smiled and nuzzled his face into her neck and fell back to sl**p.
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