That Night

That night as she was walking through the streets of Idaho falls she heard a faint moan coming from an alley so she walked into the alley there she found a young man to be in his early 20's she knelt next to him and asked if he was okay, the man responded to her in a faint voice that he was weak from walking and asked if she had any thing to drink the lady looked at the man and told him to follow her to her hotel room were she would take care of him until he was strong enough to tell her what happend to him. now the man wasn't the most charming man in the world he had crooked teeth and a mole on his chin but the woman saw past his hurdles and liked him for who he was and that is a complete stranger. as the woman got into her hotel room with the man the man thanked her for her kindness and asked for her name the woman smiled at him and told him her name was Erica. erica looked at the man and sat him on one of her chairs then she poured a glass of cold water and handed it to the man, the man took the glass and drank it the he put it down and told the woman that he was a regular business man that lost his job when he couldn't get enough people to buy his product. the woman looked at the man and the man looked at the woman (now the woman was in her late 40's)the woman just new right then and there that she was with someone she could love if she got to know him, so the man and the woman both deeply kissed each other and during the night they had a connection like no other they new right then and there as they were making love that they were destined to be lovers.

so it doesn't matter what you look like or your age all that matters is you and your partner love each other
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