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Dawn helped me cum earlier just by telling me she watched one of my vids. I orgasmed by rubbing my clit in just minutes as she told me what she liked.

I went for a long run, then I showered and slowly shaved my pussy clean. My cunt is aching and tingly.

I'm laying in bed naked listening to my husband shower.

I'm not touching myself, just waiting for his mouth all over my thighs and my pussy. As he does this I'll be running my fingertips, tongue and lips...and use my entire face on every inch of his thick cock from top to bottom. I'll run my tongue over his balls and to that spot underneath and lick his ass...if he licks mine.

We will do this for the better part of an hour and I will climax hard in his mouth.

Then I will become his fuck doll and holding his hot thick meaty cock, I will slide myslef down on it, feeling that familiar "it's too fucking big for my count" feeling when we start.

Then I will ride him until I cum hard and creamy on his cock. Then he will sit on the edge of the bed and he will bounce me up and down on his cock as it impales me at an extreme angle to make me scream as i orgasm several times in a row.

Then he will turn me over and take me from behind. Now I will be talking so much filth, telling him I'm his little whore, his fuck toy, fuck his slut, use her cunt.

The pressure on my g spot will be too much and I'll collapse beneath him spasming.

Then he will turn me over again like a rag doll, and ram his cock into me and fuck me relentlessly for a half hour. Now I will lose control and have no ability to control my orgasms. I will feel like cumming the whole time, but only do so when he lets me from begging. Hard orgasm after orgasm will wave through my body as my creamy juices form a puddle under my ass on the sheets.

After maybe eight, nine more cums, I'll beg for his sperm, please shoot your hot cum all over my mouth and face. he will straddle my tits and jerk off hard while I twist his nipples. I'll see his cock swell to massive proportions and first a big thick white drop of cum will ooze out onto my chin, then the launch of three or four thick strings of cream across my face and into my hair and forehead. then big globs will fall into my mouth and I will accept them into my mouth as his submissive cumslut.

Then I will clean his dripping cock gently with my mouth and tell him how much I love him and thank him for making me his whore.
Posted by christianbalerant 2 years ago
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9 months ago
wow, he's such a lucky man
1 year ago
all I can do is grin and enjoy this to the max, and believe it all .....yessss
2 years ago
I wish I had the nerve to be this outspoken about what I want, lol
2 years ago
Jenn, you're such a dirty whore. Love you!
2 years ago
He's the luckiest SOB, to ever walk the face of he earth, hard to believe youre a chick, mercy
2 years ago
Your not suppose to tell all these folks what we do at night. He's a lucky guy.
2 years ago
He's the luckiest SOB, to ever walk the earth, fuckkkkkk
2 years ago
You two make an extremely hot video! loved every second of it!
2 years ago
A naughty girl! They are the best kind :-)
2 years ago
You are just terrible-I love it.
2 years ago
You are a wondrous cumslut. very very hard after reading this. Love the bit where he turns you over and take you from behind whilst you talk filth. The make of a true cumslut. Xxx