Penny Part 2

The next day the office was buzzing...
“Happy birthday Bill.” As I walked into the group of people surrounding his desk.
“Hope your going to let me buy you a drink later at the bar? You are having drinks after work aren’t you”
“Oh yes, try stop me” his friendly voice replied.
“Will see you in there after work then” I demanded, laughing at his eagerness.
Penny wasn’t in yet, still confused and desperate to get back to where we left off.
I picked up the phone to check my voicemail, getting the same old dribble of have the departments projections been finished yet and phone calls from my mates to see if I was playing golf at the weekend. Out of nowhere I feel a body move behind me tapping me on the shoulder and walking round to the front of the desk. It was Penny! As she lent over my desk wearing a well fitted black-buttoned dress with collar. I took the phone away from my ear to see what she wanted, biting the corner of her lip.
“Morning Christian, might need your help later with a meeting I’ve got with the board” she said completely unfazed about yesterday’s antics.
“Erm yes of course, I thought I was doing that anyway” I said confused
“ Well yes you are with me, the bosses want me to do it with you as a back up to make sure we get the right message across”
“Sounds like a plan, give me a couple of hours and I’ll come and find you to go through it” I said trying to match her professionalism, still not being able to take my eyes off her perfect boobs.
Penny looked me in the eye “no I need this to be perfect, my head is on the block just as much as yours! Meet me in the seminar room in 15”
Without even a chance for me to reply she pushed her self away from the desk and walked off to the female toilets across the office, swinging her beautiful thighs and bum. I suppose she’s had second thoughts about yesterday after all but damn that arse is too hard to resist.
I went to find her in the seminar room, it’s a huge room, rarely used and has a bank of seats flowing right across one side of the room like the ones you see in all the American high school films, reaching right up into the eves.
“Christian! Up here” I hear a voice at the back row. All I can see is a pair of high heals resting on the chairs in front of the back row. I swiftly walk up the stairs to find little Penny looking stunning with her cleavage full out and her fab legs wrapped around themselves.
“Why you all the way up here?”
“I wanted to see what I’m letting myself in for” grabbing my buckle of my trousers she slowly unbuttoned them to reveal my tight boxers hugging my cock.
“Well that’s no good, why isn’t it hard?”
I was a bit shocked but I thought fuck it there’s no holding back now.
She stood up and pushed me back into the chair she was sat in and pealed back my boxers exposing my stiffening cock, grabbing me by the balls she sucked my half aroused cock deep into her beautiful red lips covering it with her saliva, giving me sharp bursts of hard sucks to breath life into my ever more throbbing cock. By now she was struggling to fit all 8inches in and began stroking my soaking wet cock with her soft elegant hands, panting as if she hasn’t had a breath for ages looking into my eyes then back at my cock “who’s the tease now?”
“Hang on you’ve got my cock out Pen, how can I be a tease?” reaching down she pulls up her dress, her pussy has been creaming away leaving a soaking wet patch of her juices on the chair with no panties. I had enough I wanted to tease her as much as she was teasing me! I grabbed her thigh and kissed from her knee making my way up to her pretty little pussy working her outer edged with my fingers I licked through the length of her pussy stopping at her throbbing clit sucking it into my mouth and slowly pushing my finger into her soaked warm pussy. She tasted so sweet! Penny let out a gasp and grabbed the back of my head and pushed me harder in to her thighs, flicking my tongue over her clit I moved down and lapped then pushed my tongue as far as it would go into her pussy. Letting out another gasp I know she wanted to come looking up at her she had a finger in her mouth sucking it hard and the other hand grabbing her tits I wanted to be back in her mouth so badly… I lapped at her pussy working two fingers in-between her lips, her hips gyrating pushing my fingers deeper and deeper into her pussy she slams my head against her pussy as I feel her pussy clamping around my fingers as she cums really hard, pussy juices soaking my lips tasting evermore sweeter I pull away as she grabs my cock and sinks her mouth around my cock pumping it hard with her hand taking my balls one by one into her moist warm mouth sucking them hard as if she can’t wait for me to empty my balls. She pumps harder and harder on my cock panting furiously now as she struggles to catch her breath then sucking it all the way back into her mouth and out again.
“I know you’ve been watching my bum for all these months” she says in a sexy but totally out of breath voice, as she still pumps on my slobbery hard cock she moves around and sticks my cock between her taught round little bum working it hard she starts to play with her pussy.
“I want you to cover my ass with your cum so I can feel your warm cum all over my ass and thighs” she says in a even dirtier voice.
She shoves three then four fingers into her soaked love hole ramming them in and out, she works my cock with such precision pushing it against her arse letting the tip of my cock tease the entrance of her gorgeous little bum. Penny starts to shake as she’s moments form cumming again I grab hold of my cock and wank it hard between her arse cheeks as she lets out a little squeal it blows my mind as I feel my balls twitch and cock pulsates I explode and shoot huge wave after wave of hot creamy cum all over Penny’s bum and pussy as she comes to the end of the shuddering climax she reaches back to feel the warm cum all over her peachy little bum.
Penny grabs her panties and slides them back on leaving my sticking cum covering her bum.
“Mmmmm…. now that was definitely worth coming in for work today” as she buttoned up her dress and fixed her hair, still cock in hand I sat there amazed watching this sexy little woman turn from cock slut to the stunning professional ounce again she move with grace and the flick of her ass as she walked down the steep steps like a pro in heels.
“What about the meeting prep?” I shouted
“I’m sure we can meet later on today,” a sexy little voice returned.

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Ahh yes,very enjoyable!