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A Friend In Need Of My Wife (an Old Fraternity Bud

My wife, Jennifer, and I have been married for 6 years. I guess you could say our lives are average, maybe even a bit boring. We are conservative, sexually, just the usual missionary or doggy style with a few minutes of foreplay.

Jennifer is a stunning 26 year old with wavy brown hair and brown eyes. She has wonderful coconut sized breasts that sway a little when she walks. Her meaty long red nipples become quite hard at the slightest touch. She has an hourglass figure with a fine butt that just won't quit. See stays in exceptional shape by doing aerobics about three times a week.

I ha... Continue»
Posted by sissychick 11 months ago

Kaylas First Big Cock

My wife Kayla and I were high school sweethearts. We married shortly after graduation and of course being the good church girl she was, she made us wait until our wedding night to make love. She has always been a doll baby, nice caring fun and that's not her best features. She is the kind of girl that guys just can't help themselves when they see her. Long brown hair, big brown eyes, nice 32c breasts, perfect tight belly and about 120lbs. Of course being a virgin, she never experienced me before marriage. I definitely have some problems in the sex area. I am very small, only about 4in and not ... Continue»
Posted by sissychick 12 months ago

Wow, Just Wow! A Hotwife Adventure by DeeGirl2013

Last week I once again treated my husband to the pleasure of watching me cum while another man slid his big, thick dick deep inside of me. I was hoping it would be good. I was hoping it would be wonderful. Instead, it was… wow!

We met Jason through Craigslist. He was in town on business, and was staying at a local hotel. His ad said he liked to have sex with other men’s wives and, as fate would have it, we were looking for a man to fuck me while my husband watched.

We’re not your typical hotwife couple (if such a thing exists). Our decision to embark on this path was a slow, thought-out... Continue»
Posted by sissychick 12 months ago


Surfing, searching, hunting, I was looking through the sex adverts on the Net, mostly they are the same old shit day in day out but one of them caught my eye 'YOU ARE BOUND TO PLEASE THESE TWO YOUNG HORNY GUY’S? It was obviously or hopefully that they were looking for someone to tie up and I was hoping that the rest of the advert would be as interesting as the title. I clicked on the read button and started to read. We are 26 and 24 years old, slim muscular build, no beard or moustache, and are looking for the ideal guy to show our new playroom to, if you are not olde... Continue»
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[Story] He caught me in his wife's cloths

I do odd job's and I was about to do one for my wife's best friend Tina and her Husband Phillip. I went over and looked at the job. I told her it would take several days and that I could do the work while her and her husband were at work. That way I wouldn't be in anyones way. Well the first day of the job I showed up just before Tina left for work. Pillip was already gone. We chatted a while the she left for work. Tina is really very hot and I have wanted to fuck her for a long time. Sense i knew that was not going to happen I thought I would do the next best thing. I went stra... Continue»
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[Story] Raised as a gurl

“Here, Slut Puppy! Here, girl!” Gina called from the living room, and I dutifully crawled in from the bathroom where I had just finished using the litter box. My little cockette dangled between my legs, the lock on my chastity cage clicking and the little bell on the end of it tinkling with each sway of my hips. My breasts hung down and swayed slightly as well. Gina liked me to crawl when I was being her Slut Puppy. She liked the collar around my neck and the little tail attached above the butt plug harness that kept a large bulb firmly in my boi-pussy. It was all part of this particular form ... Continue»
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[Story] My First Night of Being a Sissy Cumdump

Well I first started dressing when I was about 14. One thing that I always noticed is that putting on slutty clothes makes me an absolute whore for cock and cum. Throughout High School I dressed in my alone time but never acted on my slutty urges from fear of being caught by my parents. When I moved to college that all changed though. As soon as I got settled into my private dorm room, I thought it would be nice to spend the evening dressed like a little slut. I decided to wear my schoolgirl outfit that night. So I took a nice hot shower and shaved myself smooth from the neck down. I went back... Continue»
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Wife is Ruined Now - by Smal4u

Barry couldn't wait for he and his wife Joyce's hot date tonight. They had planned it all week for their fifth wedding anniversary. They were going to a club dancing and having a few drinks, but most of all he couldn't wait to take her back and fuck the shit out of her. They had always had a very active sex life, his wife was a slut in bed. Every time they made love it was like the first time. She was his trophy wife. She loved sex, she was experimental, she had the tightest pussy he had ever had, and most of all his was the only cock she had ever felt. She was his spectacle that everyone was ... Continue»
Posted by sissychick 1 year ago

Letter to chrissie about the weekend in New York C

Dear slave-gurl chrissie,

It was so wonderful seeing you on your recent visit to New York City. I had a wonderful time and wrote a record memorializing the happy occasion.

We meet at Penn Station on the upper level. I kiss you then put the dog collar and leash on you. I lead you past the Amtrak police kiosk; the officer sneers and says, “You folks have fun". I laugh and jerk the leash, "We will". We go up the escalator and out onto 8th Avenue. It's a beautiful fall day; lots of crowds out and people are looking and pointing at us. I remark to you, "Isn't it beautiful today?" Slut/slave ... Continue»
Posted by kcirtap_efrum 1 year ago

[Story] The night I stayed in Nashville ( as a sissy )

I was traveling to Florida from Missouri to see my k**s. I new always stay the night in Nashville, and sense I would be alone in the hotel I thought I would pack a few of my sissy things. The thought had me hot the whole trip so I had to pull over early and slip into a rest room in a truck stop to put on some things for the drive. I put on some pink panties and stay up stockings, also a little camisole under my shirt. Wearing these under my cloths had me excited the whole trip. By the time I got to Nashville I was fit to be tied. ( literally )I checked into my hotel and started to get dressed ... Continue»
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Cumming of age

I remember it was the fall of 1964, I had graduated from parochial elementary school, and was attending public school for the first time, in grade nine. I was amazed at how much more "womanly" the girls looked in the ninth grade. The young ladies were much nicer dressed in public school. Even the same girls that I knew in Catholic school, that wore bobby socks or black tights back in Catholic school, now wore tight skirts with gartered nylon stockings with various height stiletto heels. A new uniform in a new school? Lucky me!
I recall having trouble listening to the teachers. I was distr... Continue»
Posted by jillynylons 1 year ago

A real-life gangbang story

Let me tell you about a real-life gangbang, not the ones you see on porn sites where all the guys cum at the exact same time. That's not how it really happens!

Last night I went to a party and somehow the conversation ended up being about gangbangs. I was talking with three guys and they said they would love to take turns with me. Since I have done this before and really loved it I agreed to a gangbang so we left and went to their apartment.

When we got there it turned out they had one other roomate who of course also wanted to be in on this. I sat on the couch and two of the guys sat d... Continue»
Posted by ruffredmuff 1 year ago

[Story] The Developing of Emma Part One

From an early age it had always been the same; an attraction to girly things, never quite fitting in with the boys. When adolescence brought out its spots and downy genital hair, it also brought the urge to dress in s****r’s clothes when no-one else was at home. The feeling of a tight bra and panties contrasting with the airy freedom of a thin cotton dress, whilst perched precariously on high heels, always guaranteed a healthy erection followed by most gratifying hand relief. Oh to be a girl! On one of these occasions, as an eager cock erupted whilst viewing dress and heels in the mirror, ‘... Continue»
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The Dave Mire Guide to Good Spanking!

Posted by Mikebasil 1 year ago

Me and Carol Brown.

First off, this is a fictious story (I wish it was real though).
I am not using the words "Cock, Pussy, Tits" as much. I am trying to make it a little more classy then some of my other stories. There are a few of those words in here, but I tryed to minimize the use of them.
And I did get consent to write this story from [user][/user].

Our story begins with me living in California with a 2 bedroom, 1 and a half bath (Master bathroom with shower in my room) house by myself. I have a decent job which pays my bills and then some, but what I was lacking was a... Continue»
Posted by luvsarajay1 2 years ago

[Story] My being taught to have a girly orgasm

My being taught to have a girly orgasm
one of the first times I was taught by a boyfriend how to have a girly orgasm. it went something like this.

"Ok, you cute little sissy girl, time to have your pussy introduced to some serious play. You loved my fingers, and this will be better, I promise. It may hurt a little at first, but, let that pass and U'll be in girlie heaven." and I feel some lotion being applied to my pussy, as his finger slides all around my girlyboi pussy, making it nice and slick. His finger invades my pussy, twisting, turning, making me moan. Then two fingers, giving me e... Continue»
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[Story] My Whipping Date with Sarah

My Whipping Date with Sarah

When she showed up at my place, I was surprised by how young she looked. The picture on her website made her seem older. So I asked her to show me her ID. Sure enough, Sarah, as she had called herself in all our emails, was 19. I repeated the rules we'd already agreed on. No hitting with a closed fist, no knives, needles or pins, no broken bones, no s**t, no marking on the face. Everything else was permitted. In response to her repeated email requests, I had explained several times how I planned to whip her.

I took Sarah into the other room and told her ... Continue»
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[Story] SissyRayG at the Roadside Reststop......

Last year I was traveling by car on business between Saskatoon and Regina, Canada. I was looking for a roadside rest area to use the washroom. I had all my sexy lingerie with me and hadn't had a chance to wear it for days as had been way to busy at work.

I saw the roadside rest area I was looking for and pulled off the road and stopped near the rest rooms. There were four stalls in the men’s and three urinals. It was one of my favourite places to dress and attempt to seduce guys. I got out of my car with my backpack full of satin lingerie and high heels and went into the stall in the... Continue»
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[Story] Mistress Chelsea

I am sitting in the middle of her chamber on the floor. Waiting for her to come in. Just as I do everyday when when she returns home from work. I wait and watch tv while she is away, but the moment I hear her car in the drive, I rush into action. Turning off the tv, returning to her chambers and taking off the little clothes I usually wear around the house while she is out.

Today it was a soft white tank top and cotton panties...both are now folded neatly and placed inside the chest in the corner that holds all my worldy possessions...the ones Mistress Chelsea allows me to keep.

I s... Continue»
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