When Rene Calls chap 3 (a Chrissie Conway story)

Chapter Three

In less than another 10 minutes I felt the car beginning to slow down and we made a number of sharp turns. Finally the Rolls came to a stop
and I could detect the sound of a large gate opening automatically. The Rolls once again began to move but much slower this time. We slowed
down once again I heard what sounded like a garage door opening. Charles directed the automobile into the garage and I heard the door begin to
close. I attempted to exit the Rolls but the rear door was locked and there appeared to be no way to open it from the inside back seat.
I nervously sat there for what seemed like a long time but was only about 30 seconds until finally Charles opened the passenger side rear
door and taking my hand assisted me in exiting the Rolls. Once Charles closed the car or the garage returned to an almost pitch blackness.
Charles then asked me to remove my eyeglasses and place them inside my clutch purse. He then stepped behind me and using a silk
scarf of some type he blindfolded me.
"Forgive me Madam if you find this uncomfortable but it's my employers orders." Charles whispered.
Then taking my arm he slowly led me from the garage to the house. When we reached the doorway he asked me to surrender my clutch purse
to him
"Not to worry Madam." he again whispered "It will be quite safe with me."
Before opening the door Charles asked me to place my hands behind my back where he used a second scarf to bind my wrists together.
Charles opened the door and assisted me in entering the house. He led me down a hallway and the only audible sound was my heels as they
clicked upon the hard wood floor. When we reached the end of the hallway I noticed that the floor was now carpeted. Charles led me over to a
high back leather chair and helped me to be seated. As I sat there with wrists bound and eyes blindfolded I heard muffled voices that appeared
to be coming from across the room. It appeared to be the voices of two women. Then I heard Charles addressing the woman.
"If you ladies would care to wait for me in the car I shall bring your bags and meet you there shortly." he said in very low tones.
I then heard the shuffling of feet as the two women exited the room and headed down the hallway toward the garage.
"I shall be leaving now Madam. If you'd kindly remain seated here he shall be joining you shortly" I heard Charles say as he left the room
and headed toward the garage.
I sat there in darkness for several more minutes and listened as to the garage open and the Rolls Royce pull away. Once Charles and the
two women were gone I heard someone approaching from an adjoining room. He walked up to me and carefully removed my blindfold. It was Rene.
"Good evening my pet. I'm so glad you decided to join me." he said.
"Your invitation was hard to refuse Rene." I said.
"You recall our conversation at the museum that night?" he asked.
"Yes of course.....the Mapplethorpe exhibit." I replied.
"You may recall that you couldn't tell me whether or not the sadomasochism excited you." he said.
"Yes Rene I recall the conversation. It seems you may have been more intrigued by it than you let on that night." I answered.
"Very astute of you my Dear and tonight my precious little whore we shall endeavor to find out if you are as intrigued by sadomasochism as
I am." he said.
"Rene? Just what did you have in mind? What do you intend to do to me?" I asked.
"Well precious, that is entirely up to you." he said.
Rene reached down and helped me to my feet. He stroked my hair and then my cheek. he ran his hands down my torso from my shoulders to my
hips. His hands slipped behind me and he gave my butt cheeks a gentle squeeze before pulling me close to him and bending down to kiss me
passionately on the lips.
He then sat down in the same leather chair and untied the scarf from my wrists. I rubbed my wrists where the scarf had left light red marks.
My wrists were not to remain untied for long as he placed them together in front of me and retied them with same silk scarf. Once my wrists were
securely bound he pulled me down across his lap and proceeded to caress my fanny. Once he'd caressed my ass for several minutes he hiked
up my dress and I knew he was preparing to amuse himself at the expense of my panty-less ass.
"Chrissie, you luscious little whore, I am about to spank your lovely little bottom. There is only you and I in the house and this property is in a very
secluded area so you may scream, wail, howl and scream as loud as you wish.........No one will be able to hear you." He said.
His hand caressed and explored my naked buttocks for several minutes......but then I felt the full f***e of his right hand as it came down on my
ass with a resounding "SMACK". The first smack was quickly followed by another "SMACK"....then another "SMACK"....then more and more in rapid
succession.."SMACK' ''SMACK'' ''SMACK' "SMACK' 'SMACK' 'SMACK' 'SMACK' 'SMACK' 'SMACK' 'SMACK' 'SMACK'..........the brutal punishment
continued unabated for many minutes. I screamed and howled with every stinging swat. The spanking continued and my ass was on fire......burning.....
stinging........the pain becoming unbearable. With tears streaming down my cheeks I begged him to stop...."RENE PLEASE NO MORE!!!" I hollered
but it was if he never even heard me and the spanking continued....'SMACK' 'SMACK' 'SMACK' and "SMACK" again. I screamed again "PLEASE
NO MORE.......NO MORE!!!
Then suddenly the sadistic beating stopped.
"Chrissie, you know you can take it. Stop crying!! I've done some research on you and I know you're a fucking whore!" he snarled.
"Yes sir" I answered "You're right I am a whore."
"Stop your crying or I shall beat you again." he said.
"Chrissie darling It doesn't matter that you're a whore. Because I want you to be whore. I want you to be my whore." he said.
"Yes Rene...Yes I want to be your whore." I said through my stiffled crying.
"That's a good girl Chrissie." he whispered as he took two ice cubes from his glass and began to slide them gently across my red, welted,
burning ass. He continued to apply to the soothing ice cubes to my tortured backside while he tenderly stroked my hair. After a while the pain in
my butt cheeks began to subside a little. I found myself beginning to purr like a contented kitten as he softly stroked my hair.
He continued to sip his drink while he attempted to ease the pain that he'd so recently inflicted upon my ass. Eventually he stopped caressing
my ass with the ice cubes and lifted me to my feet. He untied my wrists, turned me around and unzipped my cocktail dress. He roughly yanked my
dress from my shoulders, the fabric gave way with a loud ripping sound as he tore it down and off my body. He roughly pulled me against him and
kissed me. The kiss this time was not the soft and tender kind he had given me earlier but a rougher and noticeably more violent.
Once he finished his rough kissing he shoved me away from and I barely was able to remain on my feet. That seemed to upset him almost like
he had intended for me to tumble to the floor. He reached out and grabbed a hold of my Christian Dior brassiere, hooking three fingers between the
two cups of the bra. He roughly yanked the bra and the thin delicate fabric was easily shredded. I was now standing before him in just my heels,
stockings and garter belt. He grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled me closer. He slapped once across my right cheek and then roughly kissed
me again. Then using my hair he pushed me to the floor.
"Now my sweet little fucking tranny whore I want to see how you can suck a cock." he said.
I landed unceremoniously on the floor looking up at him as he quickly opened his pants and extracted a beautiful, stiff cock. I reached up for his cock
preparing to wrap my lips around it.
He grabbed hold of the back of my head and guided toward his cock.
"I want your cock in my mouth Rene." I told him.
He roughly shoved his cock into my mouth and began to roughly fuck my face. I eagerly took every thrust of his cock. I wanted it...I needed it...
I had to have it......I wanted it all the way down my throat. I nearly gagged with every violent thrust of his cock..........but I didn't want it to stop.
With saliva literally dripping from my chin I continued to suck his cock until.................he quickly pulled his stiff prick from my mouth. I gazed up
at him as if to ask why?
"Now my precious little cunt I'm going to fuck you. I'm not going to be gentle. I'm going to fuck you very hard." he said "I don't care if you
enjoy it or not. In fact I would prefer it if you didn't enjoy it."
With that said he had me kneel upon the high back leather chair and with not the least bit of warning he roughly slammed his cock into my
"pussy"....I let out a yell....AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! He immediately began to pound my ass with
long hard strokes........AAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!! I screamed as he slammed into my still tender ass. It was quick
and rough. It was sadistic and violent. It was like being savagely ****d. He slammed his cock in me as deep and hard as he could. I could do nothing
but grip tightly to the back of the chair and take it. It wasn't long before i felt him pull his cock from my ass "pussy" and spurt his cum upon my
still burning ass cheeks.
When he'd expended his load he pulled me from the chair so that he could be seated. He left me seated at his feet while he recovered
from his violent fucking. He again tenderly stroked my hair while he whispered "My poor sweet little whore."
Once his breathing and heart rate had returned to normal he informed that he would be retiring to his bedroom. He informed that I was to
stay in the upstairs bedroom at the end of the hall. He let me know that I was not permitted to lock the bedroom door and that I was to
sl**p in the nude so that should he choose to enter the room to fuck me during the night I would available to him.
I asked him if it wouldn't be easier if i just slept in his bed?
"OF COURSE NOT!!! he shouted "Do you honestly think I would allow a dirty little whore in my bed?"
Just before he left me he said "Chrissie I shall likely wish to beat you again in the morning before Charles returns to take you home."
"If you wish Rene." I answered.
"Yes love, it will always be as I wish." he replied "Now please get out of my sight."
Over the next two years I would occasionally be visited by Charles and summoned to an encounter with Rene. Each time was slightly
different but always involved an S and M experience. I never knew what to expect......but I always went. I was always kept in the dark as to the
location of Rene's home but eventually I was allowed to witness the temporary departure of Charles, the housekeeper and Rene's wife whenever
I visited.

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2 years ago
Loved the story Chrissie!
2 years ago
Wow that was really rough but was it worth if Money wise
2 years ago
Dear chrissie,

Great story, but the ending was sort of anti-climactic.

By the way, I don't like Rene or his attitude towards you. Being a courtesan has a long and noble history.

I did enjoy the story. As usual, your writing is great.

Spanks and kisses,
Master Padraig