When Rene Calls (a Chrissie Conway Story)

When Rene Calls
Chapter One

I first met Rene at an Art Museum Benefit. I aware of it at the time but Rene was the guest of honor as a result of his impending
large donation to the museum's endowment fund. The reception and cocktail party was to be the event at which he was expected
to announce his considerable gift. I had been invited to attend the gathering in appreciation for my considerably less extravagant donation.
Whenever I have occasion to visit the museum I make sure to seek out any new acquisition to the museum's collection and also
I make it a point to take in whatever temporary exhibit might be on display. It so happened that on this occasion the museum was
featuring a retrospective of the photographic works of Robert Mapplethorpe. In case you weren't aware Mapplethrope's work often
tended to be of the homo-erotic, sadomasochistic genre. This collection of black and white photographs contained several examples of
this type of material. The fact that the museum was exhibiting them had several of the powers that be up in arms and I was rather proud
that the museum had the courage to display them.
I was standing in front of one of the photographs that happened to be extremely sadomasochistic. The photo was of a beautiful male model
dressed in leather with restraint leather bindings and obviously in a subservient pose. While I stood there lost in staring at the photograph
I heard a voice behind me say "So are you a fan of Mapplethrope or do you just like the bondage?" The voice was Rene's.
I turned to face him and replied "You know I'm not really sure. I love Mapplethrope's work but I haven't decided about the S and M aspects."
"I used to think he only appealed to the Gays" he said "but I must admit I find his photographs quite intriguing."
" I take it that you're not Gay then?" I asked.
"No" he answered "At least not that I'm aware of."
"Well then I guess it's the sadomasochism that attracts you." I said with a smile.
"What about you then?" he asked "You don't strike me as lesbian."
"Lesbian? Me? No." I replied "However I am Transgendered."
"Really." he said "How interesting......now what about the S and M?"
"Hmmmmm??? I imagine it does hold some attraction for me." I said.
I don't know what it was about Rene but for some reason I found it extremely easy to talk to him. In the short time that I'd known him I'd
revealed things that I normally would only close reveal to close friends and certainly not to someone that I'd just met.
Our brief but very interesting conversation was soon interrupted by a museum employee who came to inform those of us in the Mapplethrope
exhibit hall that the benefit committee was assembled in the reception hall and the evenings' proceedings were about to commence. We adjourned
to the reception hall and listened to the thank yous and well wishes of the museum director and board members. Rene was seated right up front
with the other dignitaries and I was seated well to the rear with the lesser- knowns.
The announcement of Rene's generous donation was met with thunderous applause and a standing ovation while my donation was acknowledged
with a polite smattering of applause. A graphic demonstration of the difference between the 1% crowd and us 99 % folks.
The remainder of the night was taken up with casual conversation, cocktails, amateur artist babble, cocktails, pseudo intellectual drivel,cocktails
and bullshit. Once it became obvious that the evening's doings were winding down I decided to seek out Rene to offer my personal gratitude for his
generous contribution to the museum....and to say goodnight. Once I located Rene he appeared to be deeply enmeshed in a conversation with
some museum big wig. I was just about to forget about saying good night when Rene saw me and excused himself from the conversation and
walked over toward me.
"I just wanted to give you my personal thanks for what you've done for the museum and to say good night" I said.
"No need for the thank you Chrissie. It was my pleasure.....the least I could do. I've always loved this place." he said with smile.
"Good night Rene. I must admit I enjoyed talking with you." I said "Now I've got to get a cab before they roll up the streets."
"Nonsense! I won't hear of it. You can ride with me. I can drop you wherever you want." he said.
"No that's OK I don't want to impose upon you." I said.
"I INSIST !" he said in a voice that seemed to say "Chrissie you have no choice."
I agreed to allow Rene to drive me home but little did I know that his private limo and personal driver were dutifully waiting outside. The ride home
was fairly uneventful consisting mainly of small talk. Rene asked me what I did for a living and I informed him that I was an Investment Counselor with
a very exclusive clientele.......I left out the part about me also being a very high priced whore.
When we pulled up in front of my condo Rene insisted on e****ting me to my door. I had barely begun to enter the entry code into the
keypad on the lock when he placed both of his hands on my shoulders and bent his head down to kiss me. At first I was startled. I never expected
him to kiss me, but I suddenly found myself kissing him back. Once the kiss was broken I just smiled at him and said "Thank you for the ride Rene."
He stared down at me with penetrating blue eyes and speaking softly he said "Chrissie, the day will come when I send for you and I sincerely
hope that you will except my invitation."
I was momentarily stunned and needless to say speechless. He kissed me tenderly on the forehead and said "Good night Chrissie."

Chapter Two

Several weeks past and I never heard a word from Rene, although I can't say I didn't think about him everyday. I was beginning to think
he was an eccentric rich guy who got off on messing with people's heads. But then my thoughts would wander back to that long passionate kiss
on the night he drove me home and I kept telling myself that was real. It wasn't something you could fake. I've kissed a lot of guys but that kiss
was different. That kiss was something special.
Then one Friday afternoon around 3 o'clock I heard someone ringing the buzzer outside my condo door. I peered out through the peephole
to see who it could be. I knew that I had no more appointments for the day, hell I'd already sucked three cocks and been fucked several times.
I thought to myself "Shit! I hope this isn't some unscheduled client trying to drop by for a quickie. Some horny SOB who had an extra $500 burning
a hole in his pocket. Upon gazing through the peephole I noticed it was a guy in a uniform. I double-checked to be sure it wasn't a cop and then
opened the door.
Standing there was an elderly gentleman in a chauffeur's uniform.
"Ms Conway?" he asked.
"Yes I am. What can I do for you?" I asked.
He just smiled politely and handed me an envelope. I took the envelope from him and he just said "Very Good Madam." and turned to leave.
I watched him walk back toward the street where a Rolls Royce Silver Cloud was waiting. He climbed back behind the wheel and slowly drove
I turned my attention to the envelope I was now holding. The mere feel of it told me that it was expensive .fine linen stationary. I turned the
envelope over in order open it and immediately noticed, engraved in gold, the letters RPE. My heart literally stopped.....RENE!
I carefully opened the envelope and removed the plain white paper. I unfolded it and began to read the hand written note
It read "THE CAR WILL ARRIVE PRECISELY AT 5 PM. PLEASE SEE THAT YOU ARE READY" It was signed simply with an "R".
I sat down and stared at the somewhat cryptic note, reading and re-reading it several times. I found myself slowly tracing the engraved letters
on the back of the envelope with my fingertip.
I thought to myself "Chrissie, what does this mean?.....Where was I supposed to be going?....how long would I be gone?....and like any
woman I wondered what am going to wear?"
Gradually I began to gather my thoughts. OK it's from Rene. He intends to meet me somewhere. He no doubt is anticipating a sexual encounter.
"OK Chrissie, now what?" I thought. "Do you intend to follow through with this? Do you want to see him?" The answer to both questions was yes.
I drew myself a hot bubble bath and settled in the tub to soak. I'd recently shaved my legs but decided to do a bit of touch up shaving to the small
triangular patch of pubic hair just above my "clitty". I toweled off and applied a scented body lotion to every reachable part of my body. I slipped into
some black nylon stocking with wide bands of lace trim at the top. I affixed the stockings to a black Christian Dior garter belt. The straps of the garter
belt were adorned with ornate little red bows. I selected a pair of Dior panties that had a lacy applique in the front which made a "V" that pointed
directly down between my thighs. The back of the panties were sheer and provided a nice view of my ass cheeks. The crevice that bisected
the twin mounds of my bottom and marked the path to my tight little "pussy" hole was clearly delineated. Next I choose a thin black spaghetti strapped
brassiere. The cups of the bra were gauze-like thin and my nipples were plainly visible through the fabric. I slipped a low cut black off the shoulder
cocktail dress over my head and let it tumble down over my breasts, past my hips until the lower hem rested just apart mid-thigh. Black 5 inch heels
completed the outfit. I stood in front of the full length mirror checking to make sure everything was perfect. For jewelry I selected silver and pearl
stud earrings and a duel strand pearl necklace.
I grabbed a small soft-sided carry-on type suitcase and tossed in a white push-up bra, two pair of bikini panties, a silk nightgown, a white
sweater, a black mini skirt and a toothbrush. I still had no idea where I was going or how long I might be gone but I felt I should be prepared.
At precisely 5 PM, as promised, the Rolls Royce Silver Cloud pulled up to curb in front of my condo. Should I go out to meet the car or
should I wait inside? Going out might make me appear to eager? I decided to await the driver's ringing of my bell. I didn't have long to wait.
I answered the door roughly 20 seconds after the driver rang the bell.
"I trust Madam is ready?" he asked.
I just nodded my head and watched as he picked up my small suitcase. I stepped out onto the front step and checked to be sure the door was locked.
The driver led me down the short flight of stairs and opened the rear passenger side door for me. He placed my carry on bag in the trunk of the
Rolls and slid back in behind the wheel. As we pulled away from the curb I attempted to ask the driver where we were going but instead of an
answer I heard a whirring sound and watched as the privacy partition rose up between the front and rear seats.
The rear windows of the Silver Cloud as well as the privacy partition were tinted so heavily that I couldn't really see out, nor could I
see the driver. I sat back on the plush rear seat and marveled at the smooth quiet ride. All the while my hands caressed the soft red leather.
After driving for nearly 45 minutes, though I was unable to see out of the windows, I ascertained that we had ascended and descended several
times so I knew that we had clearly left the boundaries of the city.
Another 10 minutes elapsed and I heard the sound of a small electric motor followed by the opening of compartment in the right side door
panel. The panel had opened to reveal a chilled bottle of champagne as well as a champagne glass. It was obvious that the champagne cork had been
loosened, most likely by the driver just prior to his arrival at my condo. I poured myself a glass of champagne and settled back wondering just how
much further we might be going. To be honest though, if you have to take a long car ride this was definitely the way to travel.
I had just finished a second glass of champagne when a second concealed panel open on the back of the front passenger seat. This opening
of this panel revealed a mobile telephone. It had hardly been open for a minute when it began to ring with a low muted tone. I assumed I was
supposed to answer it and so I picked up the receiver.
"Hello Chrissie" a voice said. It was Rene.
"Hello Rene." I answered.
"Are you enjoying your journey so far?" he asked.
"A chauffeur driven Rolls Royce and champagne." I answered "Who wouldn't enjoy that?"
Rene just laughed and said "I must inquire Chrissie as to what you are wearing this evening?"
"I am dressed in black with pearls." I replied "I'm sure you'll approve."
"Well my darling that would depend." he said.
"Depend on what Rene?" I inquired.
"I trust you are wearing stockings?" he asked.
"Yes Love" I said "Black stockings and a garter belt."
"Very good." he said. "But what about panties?"
"Black, sheer and very sexy." I answered.
"Oh Dear! That won't do." he said. "Hike up your dress, reach up under the skirt and remove them."
"You're not serious? Are you?" I said.
"Quite serious Darling." he said. "I want you to remove your panties and give them to Charles, my driver."
"Oh Rene!" I said "What if I choose not to?"
"Then he has orders to turn the car around and return you to your home." he said.
I took only a moment to think about it and then began to hike up my dress. As I was reaching up under the dress to remove them the center
privacy partition began to come down. I noticed Charles watching me in the rear view mirror as I raised up off the seat a bit, lowered my panties
down past my thighs. Once they reached my knees I tugged them and pulled them off over my heels. Charles raised his right hand up and reached
over the seat to take the panties from me.
"We shall be arriving shortly Madam." Charles said as he slipped my expensive Dior panties into the pocket of his jacket. The privacy partition
once again went up leaving me once again alone in the rear seat. I found the sensation of the smooth cool leather seat against the naked flesh of my bottom.
my bottom strangely erotic.

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