Chrissie Learns A Harsh Lesson PT 2

Chrissie Learns A Harsh Lesson Part 2

I returned to the small adjoining room as he had instructed me and once again I amazed at the accumulation
of S and M devices. The difference this time was now i was expected to select three different spanking implements
that he intended to subject me to. I suppose I could have just refused and ended this ordeal but a part of me wanted
it to continue.
"You don't have all night to make your selections you know" he bellowed "I am going down to shut the lights out
in the store and I expect you to have made your choices by the time I return."
"I will have them ready for you" I answered.
"You will have them ready for me what?" he shouted.
"I will have them ready for you Sir!" I shouted in reply.
"That's better whore." he shouted as he began to descend the stairway.
Not wanting to anger him any further I quickly selected a leather strap, about two inches wide and perhaps a quarter
of an inch thick. My eyes now were centered upon a device with an 18 inch leather wrapped handle about the thickness of
a broom handle and attached to it were nine lengths of leather strips a bit less then 2 feet long. I heard his footsteps on the stairs
and quickly grabbed a wooden paddle with brown leather covering the flat portion and a wooden handle about six inches long.
Except for the leather coating it resembled a ping pong paddle.
I came out the small room, which was actually more like a large closet, just as he was entering the room. He smiled at me
with a bit of a fiendish grin and asked "So I see you've made your selections."
"Yes Sir." I replied.
"Well bring them to me so that I may approve your choices." he said.
I walked over toward him and handed him the three things I'd chosen. He seemed to be carefully evaluating each one while I
stood before him.
"Not very imaginative." he said "but suitable considering it's your first time."
"Thank you Sir" I replied.
He tossed the leather strap and the paddle onto a nearby chair and flicked, what I came to learn was a cat-o-nine, several times
in the air.
"I want you down on the floor on all fours with you ass high in the air. Do you understand?" he asked.
"Yes Sir" I answered and prepared to kneel on the floor.
"Not just yet." he said "I'm wondering if you really have any idea what I intend to do to you?"
"I believe I do Sir" I answered.
"Really! Let me tell you what anyway,whore." he said "I intend to begin by spanking your delectable bottom until it's a nice rosy pink
color. I have every intention of spanking you extremely hard. How many strokes I shall administer we really don't know. I won't be
counting them and neither will you. My cock will tell me when I administered a sufficient number. Will they terribly painful. I have to
inform that indeed they will be first.... but I believe that once you've been beaten a bit they won't seem so painful and
you may begin to accept them. Will you learn to enjoy them? Perhaps not today but maybe someday you will."
I knew he intended to spank me but listening to him calmly describing what he had in mind caused a shiver to run through my body.
"Now as you may recall earlier I told you that this ordeal that you will be subjected to has little to do with your pleasure and much
to do with mine. Now, I expect you to make the experience as pleasurable for me as you can. I want you to know that each time you
whimper it will please me. Every time you cry out it will please me. Every time your body jerks or spasms under the lash it will please me.
Should resort to tears or beg me to stop that too will please me. I might as well let you know that neither tears nor begging will result in
a cessation of the beating because as I told you only my cock will tell me when you've had enough." He continued " I will enjoy listening
to the sound of the lash or belt as sails through the air before making contact with your lovely backside. But please do try to make this
a much more enjoyable experience for me.........and whimper, yell out, squeal, beg and cry."
"Now, please do a favor and remove you bra so that we can begin." he instructed.
I reached behind me and unhooked my pink Victoria's Secret bra and tossed it on the chair. He reached out and cupped my right breast
in his hand, after giving it a rough squeeze he grasped the nipple between his fingers and pinched it.
"AAAAAWWWWWWWWWW!!" I cried out in pain. He just smiled and slapped my right breasts.
"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWW!!!" I cried out again. He then proceeded to roughly slap each of my tits 10 or 12 times.
I shut my eyes and waited for each successive slap. When he finished he bent down and bit each nipple. I winced in pain again.
"I'm sorry I forgot to mention that there could other little distractions." he said.
"Now, down on the floor like good submissive little whore." he said.
I knelt on the floor and assumed the all-fours position as he instructed and stuck my ass as high in the air as I could.
"Lovely, just lovely." I heard him whisper to himself as he let the leather strips of the cat-o-nine trail across the cheeks of my ass. He let the
cat tease my ass cheeks for about a minute and when I could no longer feel it I instinctively tightened up because I knew I was about to
feel the lash.
TWACK! and the first stroke landed on my right buttock. TWACK! TWACK! TWACK! TWACK!....the next four strokes landed in rapid
succession. "OOOOOOWWWWWWWW" I cried out.
My eyes were shut tight and I found myself biting my lip as the strokes continue to rain down on my ass.....TWACK! TWACK!
TWACK! TWACK! TWACK! TWACK!..........the blows continued to fall and I continued to shriek in pain.
TWACK! TWACK! TWACK! ..........I marveled at the realization that each blow seemed to be of the exact same intensity. Then for a moment
the onslaught stopped.
"Now, take your panties down, not all the way, just pull them off your ass but not past your knees" he ordered.
I dutifully tugged the black hipster panties down off my ass until rested just above my knees. Once the panties were down he ordered
me to spread my legs as far as possible. Once again I did as I was instructed to do. With legs spread and panties down my "clitty" was now
clearly visible. I heard the whistle of the cat once again and cried out as it landed directly between my legs lashing my "clitty". He directed
several more blows upon my "clitty" but soon returned to raining them down on my now bare ass.
TWACK! TWACK! TWACK TWACK! the blows continued but now they stung a bit more, who would have thought that the thin silky
fabric of the panties would make any difference.
I was twitching and crying out with each and every blow. TWACK! TWACK! TWACK!
Many times I could detect the whistling of the cat as it sailed through the air providing
an indication that the next blow was about land. TWACK! TWACK! TWACK! TWACK! TWACK! I could feel the heat beginning to develop.
in my ass and wondered what shade of red my fanny must be.
TWACK! TWACK! TWACK! TWACK! TWACK! the blows became harder and seemed to be coming faster. He
was quite adapt at making sure the blows didn't all land in the same spot but by this time my entire ass was stinging. TWACK! TWACK!
TWACK! TWACK! TWACK! TWACK! TWACK! after a flurry of particularly hard blows he tossed the cat-o-nine away and
began to run his hands over my stinging red ass.
"MMMMMMMMMMM!!! you'll be glad to know we are making excellent progress, whore" he said with a grin. "and once I'm through beating you
I'm going take great delight in fucking you in the ass."
He grabbed a hold of my hair and dragged me over to the over stuffed chair. He threw the paddle and cat on to the floor and unceremoniously
shoved onto the chair.
"Turn around and kneel with your arms on the back of the chair." he instructed "Now stick that ass out as far as you can."
Once I was in the desired position he began to rain blows down on my already well spanked ass with the leather strap. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!
again and again the leather strap landed on my ass. First one cheek and then the other. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!.....the leather kissed
my stinging flesh. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!....unlike the cat-o-nine, which stung but eventually became tolerable,
the leather strap really hurt as it landed on my tortured bottom. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! ....I howled in pain as each blow landed.
"Oh yes my little whore, you should see the lovely little welts we've created." he said. "Sooooooooo pretty!"
SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!.....yet still more blows landed on my ass. By now the pain wasn't reflected so much in each individual blow
but instead had morphed into a continuous searing pain that seemed to penetrate deep into my ass. The tears which he was so hoping to see
were now slowly streaming down my cheeks.
Suddenly he dropped the strap on the floor and again grabbing my hair he spun me around. He bent down and kissed me on the lips, tenderly
this time and gently wiped the tears from my cheeks with his fingertip.
"You've been such a good little whore that I believe that we can save the paddle for another occasion.' he said.
I breathed a sigh of relief because I doubted that my poor ass could stand any more punishment.
"Now as I promised you I'm going to fuck you in the ass." he said "Your ass is a nice pinkish red color tattooed with welts and strap marks and
you may find my fucking you a little uncomfortable but I'm still going to fuck you."
I felt the heat which permeated my ass and the ever present stinging and when I went to rub it I could feel the welts of which he's spoke.
"Now first, if you'll kindly get on your knees I want you to suck my cock." he said matter of fact like.
I dropped to my knees and using his hand he opened my mouth wide and roughly shoved his cock down my throat. I gagged and he briefly
pulled it back out only to quickly shove it back inside. He began to pump his cock in and out of my mouth much the same way as he'd done
before my beating. I did my best to refrain from gagging but the ferocity of his thrusts made it extremely difficult. After several minutes of
this violent face fucking he pulled his cock from my mouth.
"On the floor bitch, on your back." he seemed to spit the words out, "I am going to fuck you now. I'm going to fuck you hard. I won't stop
fucking you until your 'pussy" is filled with my seed. I want to see my cum dripping from your fucking cunt!"
He pulled the seat cushion from the chair and placed it under my lower back in order raise me up a bit and provide him better access to my
"pussy". He placed his cock, still wet from my saliva, at the entrance to my boy-pussy and in one savage thrust rammed a third of it's length
into sex.
"AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" I cried out as he grabbed my wrists and pinned to the floor. I was helpless to do anything
but lay there as he pulled his stiff cock and then once again rammed it f***efully into my 'cunt".
"Oh fuck yes." he uttered as he once more withdrew his cock until it was barely in my ass and with one final savage thrust he plunged the entire
length of his cock deep into my "pussy". AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! I screamed as I
endured the violent thrusting of his cock in my "cunt" and the pain from the severe thrashing that still resonated in my ass cheeks. He began
to pound my poor tortured "pussy", hammering away at my sex hole like a man possessed. I must admit though it was painful I soon myself
attempting to match his every thrust. I rocked my hips and pushed back against the stiff cock that had so savagely penetrated my most
private place. I found myself forgetting about the pain from the flogging and starting to revel in the way he was pounding my "pussy".
All at once he withdrew his cock from ass and rolled onto the floor on his back.
"Mount me." he instructed "I want you to ride me cowgirl style." I climbed up off my back and while straddling him I began to slowly lower
my ass down onto his cock. Once the full eight inches of his cock was buried deep inside my "pussy" I began to bounce up and down, taking
as deep as it would go. I continued my up and down movements, thrilled to feel his cock so snugly planted deep in my "cunt".
He squeezed and fondled my tits while I rode his cock until finally he pushed me away.
"Back on all fours." he commanded and of course I immediately assumed that position. He knelt down behind me and once again shoved
his cock into my "pussy". I never got the chance to start a steady fucking motion before I felt him begin to tense up and then explode into
my ass with great bursts of cum. Spurt after spurt filling my love box. When he was sure he'd ejaculated every last drop he withdrew his
cock from my ass and once again lay on the floor on his back. I laid down next to him and he pulled toward him and wrapped his arms
around me. He kissed me deeply and passionately for several minutes as we lay there together.
"Well, what did you think." he asked.
"I loved it." was my answer.
On Saturday evening when I returned to my hotel following the wedding reception the desk clerk informed that someone had
left a package for me and he handed me a plain brown envelope. When got up to my room and opened it I discovered it contained
a first edition leather bound copy of the writings of the Marquis De Sade. There was no note but I knew exactly where it came from.

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very good effort, come to my study after class!
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Dear chrissie,

So great. Thank you.

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