Chrissie Learns A Harsh Lesson PT 1

Chrissie's Gets A Harsh Lesson Part 1

This is a story I've been wanting to write for a while but I only recently got the gentleman involved to tell me it
would be okay to write about our encounter. Normally it wouldn't bother me to write about any experience I've had but
this gentleman is a special friend and I didn't feel right about relating the story without his knowledge. As you probably
guessed, with exception of Kelly, I generally change the names, dates, and locations mentioned in my stories. Even though
I won't be using his name or telling you any personal information about him I still sought his approval and I thank him for
giving me permission to tell the story.
Not too long ago I was required to make a trip to New York City and happened to meet a man that would introduce me
to experiences that, until then, I'd never imagined I'd ever be a part of. I say I was required to visit New York because I never
was particularly comfortable traveling by airplane and today air travel is even more unappealing to me. However a dear friend
from college was getting married and I simply couldn't avoid attending the festivities.
Since I had to make the journey anyway I decided to add a few days to front end of the trip and besides I received a
considerably better ticket price by leaving mid-week instead of on Friday. I had decided not to tell anyone that I would arriving
on Wednesday instead of Friday in order to avoid be f***ed to spend time with people I really didn't care to see and I didn't
want to be in the way as my friend prepared for the Saturday wedding. New York being so large and crowded I figured it
wouldn't be hard to remain discreet and anonymous.
Upon arriving in the city I checked into my hotel, took a long hot soak in the tub and took a 2 hour mid-afternoon nap. I
am a collector of interesting books and I possess several first editions and I knew New York City had some very good book
sellers. I did a bit of research and found uncovered some addresses in the Soho neighborhood so I hired a cab and headed
off in search of some literary treasures.
The first book store I visited was a largely disappointing endeavor but the second shoppe I stopped in was much more
interesting. This store was more quaint looking and even possessed the distinct aroma that often accompanies a collection of
older literature. Looking around as I entered the store I failed to notice anyone present. I began to casually stroll through the
aisles of books in search of something that peaked my interest. While I was perusing the books for several minutes a gentleman
appeared from the rear of the building. He nodded toward me and said hello. He appeared to be soft-spoken and I guessed he was
in his mid to late fifties. After a short while he approached me and inquired if I was in search of anything in particular.
"I'm sorry to say that the store is not terribly organized but I'm very familiar with everything that's here." he said "On a good day I can
even remember where it's located."
"I'm really just browsing right now but I'll certainly find you if I have any questions." I said.
"Be sure to do that." he said as he moved away. I couldn't help but notice the way he seemed to be taking a visual inventory of my
physical assets as he slowly walked away. I continued my meandering through the store for another twenty minutes, lost in my
thoughts when he once again approached me.
"I generally like to close the shop around 7 PM but I would never throw you out." he said.
"Oh I'm from out of town and I guess I lost track of the time." I said. "Jet lag i guess."
He laughed and I noticed he was looking at the book that I was inspecting a the moment he'd approached me. It happened to be a older leather
bound copy of Victorian erotica opened to a story about a Lord of the Manor and his shemale lover.
"Are you a devotee of erotica?" he asked with an inquisitive look.
"I can appreciate some of the better writing but I wouldn't say I was a huge fan." I answered. "I do like the age and condition of this volume however."
"I have more of this type of literature if you're interested?" he asked. "I keep it upstairs with the rarer and more esoteric material. It's really
only open to my regular clientele, but I'd be glad to let you have a look."
"I didn't realize there was a second floor." I responded "Maybe I'll have to come back another time."
"Nonsense!" he said "I'll show you how to get up there."
"But it's already after seven." I said.
"That's all right, I'll just lock the door. As long as no one else comes in I'm all right." he said as he walked toward the door. I heard the lock click
and watched him flip the open/closed sign over to the closed side. He walked me toward the back room and pointed at narrow stairway that
led to the second floor.
"The stairway is too narrow so the fire marshal won't let me open it up to the general public." he said as he removed the rope that was used to
close off the stairway.
"Go on up and make yourself at home. I'll be down here attending to my boring end of the day activities." he said.
I apprehensively began to climb the stairs to the upper level not entirely sure what to expect. When I reached the doorway at the top of the stairs
I was pleasantly surprised to find a room of floor to ceiling bookcases filled with thousands of leather bond books. A doorway on one wall led to
another smaller room. There was no light in the room and I couldn't tell if it contained more books or perhaps it was just a storage room. I decided
to concentrate on the vast volume of books in the larger room. I was briefly scanning the volumes from shelf to shelf and I eventually discovered
the collection of leather bound erotica of which he spoken. I would occasionally hear a noise from the first floor but he appeared to be comfortable
allowing me to peruse the collection of books alone.
While moving about the room gazing at the shelves I again found myself standing in front of the darkened room that adjoined the rear wall. I guess
my curiosity just got the best of me and after listened to be sure no one climbing the stairs I felt around on the wall just inside the pitch black room.
I found a light switch and flipped it on. To say I was surprised would be an understatement. Displayed on the walls of the room were a collection
of bondage devices along with a myriad of spanking implements. I thought I should extinguish the light and leave the room as quickly as possible
but I was mesmerized. Now i didn't know what to think about my my friendly neighborhood bookseller. As my eyes traveled from each shocking
implement to the next I became transfixed. I wondered was this just some bizarre collection or did the guy currently one floor below me
actually use these things?
Upon further examination it became obvious that this array of bondage and discipline devices had at least at some time been used for
the the purpose for which they were intended. Amongst the collection one wall held handcuffs and shackles, leather collars, leases, ropes and chains of various lengths and thicknesses,
a ball gag and blindfolds all neatly hanging from metal hooks. The opposite wall was adorned with a large collection of leather belts, various types
of whips, a collection of canes and crops, both wooden and leather paddles and some items I couldn't identify.
As I stood staring at these implements of torture I failed to notice that he had ascended the stairs and was now standing about 10 feet
away from me just outside the smaller room. I was startled when I turned to leave the room holding the S and M collection to find him standing there.
"OOOHHH!! " I said with a start as I reached to flip the light off.
"Ahhh snooping around I see." he said with smile.
"I've seen your toy collection, if that's what you mean?" I asked.
"Toys!!" he responded "Hardly toys my dear. More appropriately they are implements of enormous pleasure."
"Hmmmmm?" I said with a huff. "So you think these toys of yours would bring me enormous pleasure?"
He laughed and said "Who ever said anything about you? whether or not they bring you pleasure would not concern me. They are merely intended to
bring me pleasure!"
"Ah, I see and you actually know women who willingly allow you to use these things on them." I asked.
"You silly little thing. They wind up begging me to, as you so aptly put it, "use these things" on them." he snapped.
"So, let me get this straight. Right now your thinking that I should allow you beat me for your enjoyment?" I asked as started to giggle.
He stared at me with a cold hard gaze, saying nothing for roughly 30 seconds as I stood silently staring back at him........and then.
"Remove that God awful dress!!" He barked at me.
I just stood frozen......staring back at him.
"Take it off NOW or I shall tear it off you myself!!" he spit the words at me.
It was as if I could no longer think for myself. I reached behind my back and fumbled for the zipper of my dress. I tugged the zipper down from
my neck to the base of my spine. I pushed the fabric from off my shoulders and allowed the dress fall downward to gather at my waist. Taking
hold of the waistband of the dress I pulled it the rest of the way off my hips, down my thighs and to my ankles and off. I stood before him now
in heels, suntan colored stockings, a white garter belt, very lacy white pushup bra and matching bikini panties.
He ran his hands over my body from my shoulders to my ass, squeezing, stroking, groping and exploring as his hands traveled downward. When
he stroked the front of my panties and his hand detected my little "clitty" he smiled wickedly.
"Not bad, not bad at all." he said. "It's better I have you now before you turn into an overweight, disgusting cow with tits hanging down to your waist."
" I don't intend to ever look like that." I answered.
"You say that now." he said "but one day you will be fat and ugly and no self respecting man will want to fuck you."
I don't know why but I answered him "Yes Sir, You should have me now."
"I must admit that tiny penis of yours was a bit of a surprise. But no matter because I intend to fuck you in the ass anyway.
He placed his hands upon my shoulders and f***ed me to my knees. I looked up at him as he began to open his slacks and free his cock. It was
not an exceptionally large prick but was thick and rigid.
"Now we will see if you are worth my wasting any semen on you." he said.
He grabbed me by my hair and pulled my head toward his cock.
"Now, you will suck my cock and you will lick my balls. You will continue to look up at me while you do it. I want you to pay particular attention to
the head of my penis. I want you to run your tongue around the tip of my dick. I want to feel your tongue as it caresses my pee hole." he commanded.
I nodded my head in an affirmative manner as he shoved his cock into my waiting mouth.
"I want you to take my cock as far down your throat as possible. I want you take the whole length of my cock down your fucking throat." he said.
I did as he instructed, taking his stiff thick cock all the way down my throat while he placed his hands on the back of my head and f***ed my
face against his crotch. With his cock deeply imbedded in my mouth he held my face against his crotch and counted to ten. When he finally
released me I gagged a bit and gasped for breath.
"Now I am going to fuck your pretty little God damned face" he said "I am going to fuck your face until I see tears in your eyes."
With that he began to violently plunge his cock in and out of my mouth. He thrust the stiff member in and out like a piston run wild. With a tight
grasp on my hair he twisted my head around as he f***ed his cock deep down my throat. I felt the tears beginning to well up in my eyes until
they began to stream down my cheeks.
"Yes! Yes! oh Yes!.....cry for me you fucking little slut." he hissed at me.
Just when I expected him to come in my mouth he yanked his cock away. Still holding my hair he lifted my head up and tilting it back a bit he spit
in my face.
"Did you enjoy that Bitch?" he asked me. "Do you want to thank me?"
Never imagining I'd ever hear myself utter these words I found myself saying "Thank you Sir."
He pulled me to my feet by my hair and kissed me on the lips. Hardly a kiss of passion it was more a kiss to demonstrate that now I was his to
command. His to do with as he pleased. I was his Bitch, his Slut, his Whore, his Fuck Toy and he intended to use me in whatever manner he
cared to.
"Now you fucking little tranny whore, I want you to go into the other room and select the three items you want me to punish you with before I
fuck that tight little tranny ass of yours." he instructed.
I turned and slowly made my way toward the other room. I couldn't believe I was actually allowing myself to be used in this manner but there was
no way I wanted to stop. (end of Part One)

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2 years ago
Dearest chrissie,

I see you reorganized the posts. Your greatest series of stories yet.

Thank you.

Spanks and kisses,
Master Padraig