Chrissie Learns A Harsh Lesson The Conclusion

Chrissie Learns A Harsh Lesson (The Conclusion)

My arms were stretched straight up over my head, metal handcuffs circled my wrists and were tied to a metal ring that
had been embedded in the ceiling. The rope which was hoisting me up left me suspended from the ceiling in such a manner
that only the toes of my black 4 inch heels touched the floor. The hard metal of the handcuffs cut into the skin of my wrists and
a burning ache traveled through the muscles in my arms and shoulders. I felt totally helpless, totally vulnerable and yet
strangely aroused.
Standing ten feet away from me was the man who was about to take great pleasure in introducing me to the whip. I heard the
whistle of the lash as he deftly snapped it in the air as if he were warming up or practicing. Knowing that this wouldn't be his first time
subjecting a woman to the whip I could only surmise that his flailing of the air was merely a means to spur my anticipation of what
was to come. If that was purpose it most certainly was achieving the anticipated result. The sound of the whip as it cut through the air
caused a shiver to coarse through my body........and yes it produced a tingling in my "clitty".
"Oh my." He said "I'd almost forgotten something." as he rolled a silk cloth into a two and half inch strip, wrapped securely around
my head plunging me into darkness. "Ah yes!" much better he whispered in my ear.
I listened to his footsteps on the wooden floor as he stepped away from me. I estimated that he'd stepped perhaps ten feet away.
Then once again I heard the whistling of the Buggy whip as it sailed through the air. I heard a distinct CRACK! and then a sharp pain on
my left buttock as the end of the lash struck my fanny. "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!" I howled in both surprise and
pain. There was an interval of about 10 to 15 seconds before the second strike landed on my right butt was as if he'd paused
briefly to assess or perhaps admire his first strike.
"OWWWWWWWW!!!!" I screamed again as the second strike landed. Then the blows came one after another with no long pauses
between them. SWISH!.......SMACK!!!,...SWISH!....SMACK!!!.....SWISH!.......SMACK!!!.....SWISH!....SMACK!!! It became a familiar
pattern, first the swishing of the whip as it whistled through the air and then the sharp stinging pain as it made contact with my backside.
The whip seemed to sing out as it would sail through the air until it ultimately landed on my ass.
I would cry out each time the whip came down to land on it's intended target.
By now I had taken nearly two dozen lashes from his whip and my ass was on fire. I must confess that the burning sensation coupled
with the stinging pain was strangely arousing though were to cease at this point I surely wouldn't mind. I knew that once my session with
the whip were concluded I might be rewarded with his cock buried deep in my "pussy" or perhaps he might elect to spill his seed down
my throat.
"Chrissie," he said "What good little girl you are. You are taking the whip so well. I must tell you how much I appreciate the way you cry
out each time the lash comes down. Your cries and moans are like an erotic symphony to my ears. They tell such an elegant tale of your
torment and yet are overly dramatic."
I have to admit I was surprised by the nonchalant way in which he described my whipping, as if he were merely critiquing some
Broadway play or the performance of a symphony orchestra.
"You must understand Chrissie that the beauty of the whip is that it requires far fewer lashings in order to achieve the same result that
one gets from the paddle or the strap." He said.
"Chrissie.....I shall now demonstrate for you my high degree of proficiency with the whip."
As he then removed the blindfold from eyes he said, "I want you to be able to witness my handiwork."
I was now able to observe the way he drew the whip back over his shoulder and how he stepped forward slightly as he directed it's
downward flight. However being able to witness his actions I was now aware of when the whip would make contact with my flesh and
this made instinctively want to twist out of the way. This was something I wasn't able to do while blindfolded.
He drew the whip up and back over his shoulder and stepping forward with a flick of his wrist he sent it in my direction. It whistled through
the air and just as it was about to strike my ass I twisted my torso and jerked my hips away. The lash that was intended to land on my left
buttock instead landed on my outer left thigh leaving a two and half inch red mark.
"OUCHHHHHHH!!" I hollered.
"NO, NO, NO.........Chrissie!!!" he shouted "You are not to move!"
"I'm sorry" I said "I couldn't help it."
"Do not move, twist, jerk or jump." he said "STAY STILL!!"
I watched as he again drew the whip back over his shoulder. Then in an attempt to prevent me from anticipated the when the blow
would come he gave several tiny flicks of his wrist be for launching the whip toward me. Despite my best efforts to remain stationary I
found myself jerking away. Again the whip landed on my left thigh, only this time it barely made contact, striking the front of my left thigh and
leaving just a small red circular mark.
Again I said I was sorry. He walked to me and placed his hand under my chin, pushing up.
"I told you not to move! NOW STAND PERFECTLY STILL BITCH!!!" he shouted.
Once again he drew back the whip, but this time there ws no pause, no delay, no attempt to mask his intent. The whip quickly came sailing
through the air and unable to stop myself I again attempted to twist away from the blow.
"YOU FUCKING CUNT!!!" he screamed "Why can't you do what your told?"
He walked up to me again. SLAAAAAAAPP!!! he smacked me across the right cheek.
"I shall give you one more chance." he said as he once again stepped away.
I told myself I wouldn't move this time and I made sure to avert my eyes this time. This time he paused even longer before commencing to
administer the next strike. I closed my eyes and waiting for the impending blow I knew was soon to come.
SSSSWWWWWWWWIIIIIIIIIISSSSHHHHHH!!!!!! the lash came flying toward me.........when it finally landed on my right cheek something felt
different. The sting of the whip seemed sharper, and more pinpointed. It was a sharper shorter sting as it bit into my ass. He had now directed
the whip in such a way that only the thongs on the tip made contact. The pain was sharper but didn't seem to sink in and linger.
"Congratulations" he said "You manged to remain still this time my little whore."
He unleashed the whip again SSSSWWWWWWWWIIIISSSHHH!! and again it was the thongs alone that found my ass.
"OOOOOUUCCHHH!!!" I cried through the stinging pain. The next lash of the whip landed on my right cheek, harder this time as the thongs
cut through the thin mesh fabric of my panties. The whip sailed through the air three more times and each time it shredded away another
piece of my panties leaving a small red mark where the thong had cut through the mesh material. Instead of being directed toward the soft flesh
of my ass cheeks he directed the lash that followed toward the thin ribbon of satin that stretched across my left hip. This little strip of pink fabric,tied
in a neat little bow along with the matching one on my right hip was all that held my panties up. When the thongs of the whip split the thin ribbon
what remained of my panties began to fall away from my ass cheeks.
With a wisp of fabric barely covering a portion of my right cheek I awaited the nest crack of the whip. It came quickly, but once again it was
the thicker part of the whip that landed on my ass.
"Such a delightful ass deserves to be marked a bit more, don't you think Chrissie?" he asked. And I found myself agreeing with him.
SWISH!!!!........TWACK!!!...............SWISH!!!......TWACK!!! I felt the sting of the whip once again as he deftly placed well directed blows upon
my ass.
"Chrissie, I am now going to show what else the whip is capable of." he whispered as he unhooked the clasp of my bra and pulled up my arms
so this rested somewhere just above my head. Oh My God !! I thought, he intends to whip my breasts!!
He once again returned to the spot where he initiated his flogging and the whistling sound of the whip once again filled the air producing the now
quite familar SWISH!! and TWACK!!! the proceeded the stinging pain.
"OWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!" I yelped each time the whip came down on my naked breasts. The thongs of the whip landed first on the upper
fleshy rounded portion of my tits leaving small red marks. The blows now striking my breasts seemed to possess a greater stinging power and
produced a sharper pain then those that had landed on my ass. Thankfully he limited the whipping of my breasts to a dozen lashes.
Following the lashing of my breasts he unceremoniously dropped the Buggy Whip on the floor and approached me. the tears were streaming
down my cheeks as bent down to kiss me. Reaching up he untied my hands and slowly lowered my now numb arms. Even though he wasn't a
particularly big man he was still able to easily lift my petite five foot four frame up into his arms. He once again kissed my lips as he carried me
over to a leather sofa located across the room. He lay me down on the sofa and began to slowly and lightly run his tongue across the small red
welts that marked my breasts.
He kissed me on the lips one more time. Then standing he walked over to a small table and extracted a bottle of lotion from the drawer.
Sensing what he intended to do I rolled over on to my stomach. When he returned he knelt down on the floor beside the sofa and lightly
ran his fingertips over the eight inch red markings on my ass.
"Chrissie, your ass is so fucking beautiful when it's marked like this." he whispered.
He poured lotion from the bottle in to the palm of his right hand saying....
"Chrissie, this will help to relieve the pain. The marks should only last for a few days"
He spread the cool soothing lotion over the cheeks of my ass and the relief was almost immediate.
"So Chrissie, did you enjoy your introduction to the whip?" he asked. I lay there with my eyes closed and all I could manage was a nod of my
"I'm glad you enjoyed it." he said in soothing voice barely louder than a whisper. "Lay here a rest for a while and if you're a good girl I may just
let you suck my cock."
I'd already missed my flight home so I was in no hurry to leave. Over the next two days I had the pleasure of sucking his cock four times. The next day
the stinging in my ass had abated he fucked me long and hard and then again the following day before I left for the airport.
While unpacking when I arrived home I discovered in my suitcase a hard cover version of the original "Story of O". Unlike the previous book
he given me this one did have a note enclosed. It simply read "Spanks and Kisses".

The End

99% (60/1)
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2 years ago
The whole story was sooo hot and so well-written.
You make me long for the lash again! Bravo madam!
2 years ago
Thanks for sharing this wonderful story.
Very well written.
Hard and hot the whole time.
Spanks and kisses
2 years ago
So well written. It's got quite an erotic sensation delivered with it. Have you ever returned to NY? Thanx oh so much for sharing this piece of erotica with us. I'll just give you hugs and kisses.
2 years ago
well said Master Padraig! Chrissey great tight writing...excellent story!xoxoxoxox
2 years ago
Dear chrissie,

Part 4 was very erotic. You maintained the high standards you set in the other three parts. You certainly know how to write erotic fiction. You write well, there is attention to detail, and you know your subject matter.

You description of the Master’s motivation in Part 2 is so true to life. He doesn’t care about the slave; it is his own pleasure that drives his interest in you. Your screams, struggles, the reddening of your ass, and marking of your body give him pleasure. What happens to you is secondary. You captured all of that in your writing.

I will read this 4 part story many times. It is raunchy, raw, romantic, salacious, seductive, and sensual. There are many more words to describe it; but I don’t want you thinking I copied from a thesaurus.

Thank you for this wonderful work of art. You certainly took time and effort to produce a superior piece of work.

I eagerly await you next literary effort. I am so greedy; all I want is more, more, more.

Again, thank you.

Spanks and kisses,
Master Padraig

PS-I hope your friend doesn’t think I’m plagiarizing his phrase. Been using it for years. LOL!!!