Chrissie Learns A Harsh Lesson Part 3

Chrissie Learns A Harsh Lesson Part 3

On Sunday morning, the day after I'd received the surprise gift of a classic copy of the De Sade book I awoke
around 8:30 in the morning with the best of intentions to pack my clothes and be ready to board the dreaded plane
that would take me back across the country.
When I picked up the book in preparation to packing it away with the rest of my belongs i was overcome with the
desire to phone the bookstore. Perhaps they were open on Sunday, after all what isn't open on Sundays these days.
Since he'd never even told me his name and chose not to include even a short note with his gift I wondered that perhaps
he wished to remain anonymous to me? While pondering what to do I sat on the side of the bed and began to carefully
thumb through the book. I was just about to fore go attempting to contact him when a narrow piece of heavy paper fell from
the book. I thought that just maybe this their had in fact been a note placed with the book and I'd just neglected to find
until now. I turned the paper over and it was merely a bookmark, the type booksellers often place in their books as a means
of advertizing their business. Upon reading the information on the bookmark I failed to detect anything resembling a proprietor's
name. However the phone number, fax number and an email address were printed at the bottom of the card. While at least if
I decided not to phone him I could send him an email when I got home.
I had just about convinced myself not to try phoning when I found myself staring at the phone on the nightstand. It was nearly
11:00 AM by now and I realized I'd been agonizing over this for over two hours. I picked up the receiver and began to dial the
number printed on the bookmark. I'd only dialed four digits when I stopped and returned the receiver to it's cradle.
"Shit Chrissie, what the fuck is wrong with you? I thought to myself "Either do it or forget it for fuck sakes."
I got up from the bed and nervously walked around the room until I decided I'd try to put it out of my mind by taking a shower.
I went into the bathroom and began to undress, removing my silk robe and carefully hanging it on the back of the door. I slipped the
thin spaghetti straps of the red mid thigh length nightgown and let it drop to floor winding up in a little puddle of silk at my feet. I bent
and retrieved the delicate garment and laid it carefully on the vanity next to the wash basin. Naked now I bent down to start the water
running in the tub. As I waited for the water to reach an comfortable temperature I turned my back to the large mirror on the wall over the
vanity. It had been nearly 4 days since my spanking at the hands of the bookseller and the welts and marks on my bottom were
growing fainter with every passing day. The several welts were for all practical purposes no longer apparent by Thursday morning, however
some of the markings left by the leather strap were still visible and if you looked close enough you could detect a slight bruise or two.
By Thursday evening these lash marks were beginning to fade, and by Friday you had to look closely to notice them. The stinging sensation
in my fanny had long since dissipated but over the past three days I found myself frequently running my fingers over the lash marks on my
butt cheeks and using the palms of my hands to caress the still tender flesh of my backside. Every time I examined my ass which had
recently been so vigorously beaten I felt a stirring in my "clitty". Just a glimpse of my marked and recently reddened backside brought back
thoughts of that night. Why had allowed it? But more importantly why did I wind up enjoying it? My 'clitty" was responding to the wild erotic
thoughts that were now running through my head. I pulled up the shower knob on the faucet and stepped under the hot piercing spray of the
Taking up the bottle of body wash I began soaping up my body, starting with my breasts, then moving down to rub the lotion across my
firm flat stomach. I raised one leg and up and used both hands to caress it with the body wash. While running my hands up and down the
soft smooth flesh of my legs I was pleased to notice that my legs had no stubble and wouldn't require a shaving touch up. I poured a bit
more of the body wash into the palm of my hand and reached behind me and began to gently apply it to my my hands caressed
my ass my "clitty" began to tingle. I took hold of my "clitty" with my right hand and began to stroke it slowly. The body wash still coating
my palm and fingers allowed my hand to slide effortless up and down my little shaft of my "clitty". I allowed a finger on my left hand to slip
between the twin mounds of my ass and slowly slip into my "pussy" hole. Soon I inserted a second finger into my sex and began to let the
two digits slowly massage my "pussy" hole while I stroked my little "clitty". I closed my eyes and leaned back against the shower wall and
continued to jack my "clitty" while the hot shower spray cascaded down upon me. it wasn't to long before I was erupting with small spurts
of cum. I continued to stroke my "clitty" until the eruptions ceased. I let the shower rain down on me for several more minutes allowing the
soothing water to rinse the body wash from my body before shutting off the shower and stepping out from the tub. I Took a towel and began to
vigorously rub my hair with it. I tossed that towel aside and taking a second one i wrapped around my hair, twisted into a knot allowing the
overlapping material to hang down my back. I patted my self dry with yet another towel and then wrapped around me covering me from
the top of my breasts to middle of my thighs.
Wearing just the towels I once again sat down upon the bed and stared at the telephone.
"Fuck It !" I said to myself and picking up the receiver i once again began to dial the number of the book shoppe. The phone rang once, twice,
three times and I about to hang up the receiver but I thought if he works alone it may take a while to get to the phone. I let it ring three more
times and was about to give up when someone picked up the receiver. I thought please don't let this be an answering wasn't.
I heard his voice...."Soho Book shop".
"Hello, this is that you?" I asked nervously.
"Are you sure that you've dialed the right number?" He asked.
"Yes of course. It's Chrissie the woman you sent the book to." I said.
"We mail out many books." He said "I don't recall any "Chrissies" though."
"No, this is had a book delivered to my hotel." I said.
"I'm sorry I don't recall that." he answered "Perhaps if you stopped by the store." and he hung up.
"Damn it!" I shouted 'What the fuck?" At first I was pissed, why was he doing this to me? He obviously knew it was me. Then it hit me, this
was his way of luring me back to the shoppe. How fucking arrogant! What the hell was he thinking? Does he think he has some kind of
hold on me? I'm just supposed to run back to him whenever he requests. Hey! I'm not some desperate waif or lonely housewife....I'm
Chrissie and I don't need to be treated like this.
I steamed about it for another half hour and then began to dress for the flight home. I slipped on a pair of dusky grey stocking attaching
them to a lacy black Lily of France garter belt. Next I stepped into a pair of jet black very, very sheer Victoria's Secret panties which I eased
up my legs. I often prefer to wear my panties on top of my garter belt. I think it's a whore thing, makes them easier to get them off quickly.
I selected a sheer black "barely there" bra with thin little shoulder straps and equally thin straps that hooked in the back. I decided to wear
my red mid-length dress. The dress has a slightly plunging neckline and three-quarter length sleeves.......oh it may be a bit tighter then it should
be and really hugs my body....especially my ass. I slipped into the same black 4 inch heels I'd worn at the previous days wedding. I probably
should have dressed more casually for a long plane flight and I wasn't entirely sure why I'd decided to dress so formally.
I had the bellhop carry my bag down to the lobby and asked him to call me a cab while I checked out of the hotel. When walked out of the
front door of the building my taxi was waiting at the curb. I climbed into the back seat of the cab and as I closed the door the driver asked
"Where we going lady?" When I'm dressed and fully made up I'm never taken for anything but a woman.
"To La Guardia" I answered and we pulled out into traffic. We'd only traveled about four blocks when I leaned forward and told the driver..
"I've changed my mind. Take me to Soho.
"Whatever you say lady' he barked at me "But make up your mind."
"I have." I replied "Take me to Soho." As the driver turned to adjust to our new destination I gave him the address of the book store.
When we pulled up in front of the store he removed my suitcase from the trunk of the cab and offered to carry it inside.
"That's all right I can manage it myself." I said as I extracted the cab fare money from my purse and handed it to him. I handed him two
twenty dollars bills for a $24.00 dollar fare and told him to keep it. My eagerness to enter the book store obviously got in the way of my
good judgement.....a $16.00 tip?........really.
I picked up my suitcase and pushed open the door to the shoppe. I was immediately aware of the old book aroma I had noticed on Wednesday.
I suddenly was overcome with a strange feeling of familiarity, as if I belonged here, as if it was right. There he stood leaning against the
antique writing desk near the far wall. I set my suitcase down and gazed across the room toward him.
"Will?" I asked.
"Will what?" he replied.
" Will I'm here. Now what?" I said.
"I believe you are the woman with the interest in erotic literature?" he asked do his best to appear uninterested.
"Do you currently have any older volumes that I might examine?" I asked.
"You might try the room at the top of the stairs." he responded. "You can leave your suitcase here. I assure you it will be quite safe."
I walked to the rear of the store, allowing my hips and ass to sway a bit more than normal, knowing his eyes would be fixed upon my every
move. When I reached the stairway to the second level I noticed that the rope that sealed off the access to it was missing. It was almost
as if he was expecting me. I climbed the stairway and listened to the sounds of my heels as they clicked on the wooden stairs.....I'm certain
that he also was listening to the erotica clicking as I ascended the stairway.
I began to peruse the shelves of books. I would pretend to be here in search of books if that what he wanted. I would play along with the
charade even though we both knew why I had come back. I soon heard his footsteps on the stairs and assumed he once again closed
the store assuring that we would have all the privacy we needed. He entered the upper room and moved directly to the dark closet-sized
room which I'd discovered on that fateful Wednesday afternoon. He felt for the light switch and instantly the dark room was illuminated by
the single bulb suspended from the ceiling.
"Please join me Chrissie." he said "I'm sure we can find something to interest you in this collection."
I stepped into the closet and my eyes instantly landed on the leather strap that he had used so harshly on my backside on my previous
visit. Memories of that night came flooding back as I examined all the implements of pain that lined the walls of the room.
"Allow me to make a recommendation." he said as he reached for a whip that hung horizontally on the wall.
The whip was similar to what you would refer to as a bullwhip but much shorter. The handle appeared to be of a wooden nature but wrapped
in with a shiny black leather. The entire length of the whip appeared to be about 5 or 6 feet long and I guessed that it was made of nylon with a
leather wrap. I noticed that the last 12-15 inches hung downward when the whip was held upright. the far end of the lash was comprised of 4 or 5
smaller pieces of leather. To "silly little" me it looked like the petals of a little flower on the end of the lash.
"Hmmmmmm???" I uttered "Can you tell me a little about this particular piece."
"It would be my pleasure." he said with a smile. "This is what you call a Carriage or Buggy whip. Unlike the larger Bull Whip it consists of a
longer stiffer handle which can function as both a handle and a stiffer lash should one be required.This particular model has a fifty inch length
with a 12 inch drop on the far end. You may have noticed the 5 smaller lashes attached to the very end. These are known as thongs.
The Bull Whip on the other hand has a thicker braided lash and a thicker shorter handle. "
"And the advantage of one over the other would be?" I inquired.
"That would depend on what one hoped to accomplish." he said with a arching of his eyebrows. "The Bull Whip would allow one to administer
lashes to the subject's body from a further distance. However unless one is extremely proficient with whip the accuracy doesn't match that of
the smaller Buggy Whip."
"Really?" I said "and just what might I expect should I chose the Bull Whip?"
"If it's to used on you I would not recommend the Bull Whip. The Bull Whip because of it's length and thickness tends leave much more
pronounced and deeper markings." he continued as if he were selling me an automobile. "Also the Bull Whip has a tendency to want to
wrap around the torso or hips upon impact perhaps leaving markings to areas of the flesh where their were not intended. "
"So you don't think the Bull Whip right for me?" I asked.
"I would be afraid that should I use the Bull Whip on you I might accidentally mark your breasts, thighs or belly when I really intended to merely
mark your ass." He said placing himself into the conversation for the first time."Hmmmmmm?? Now I'm more confused. Tell me about the Buggy Whip." I asked.
"I would much prefer to use the Buggy Whip on you." he said matter of fact like. "I am quite adept with that device. I am certain you'd be
satisfied with quality of my work. The beauty of my markings on your lush naked ass would make you the envy of all lucky enough to see
Just listening to his description of what he would do to me with the Buggy Whip was creating that stirring in my "clitty."
"I must confess I'm leaning toward the Buggy Whip." I said.
"An excellent selection I must say." he replied "When you experience what I am capable of doing with thongs I quite sure you can't help
but be pleased."
"So the Buggy Whip it shall be." he declared "Now if you be kind enough to follow me we can get started."
As I walked out of the closet room with the Buggy Whip in my hand I noticed him grab a length of coiled rope from a hook on the wall
and he also appeared to slip something into his pocket.
I stood in the middle of the room and waited for his instructions.
"Enough of that silly game Chrissie it's time for the real fun to begin." he said.
He pulled a chair to center of the room and standing on he reached up to insert one end of the rope through a metal ring that was
inserted in the ceiling. Funny, I never noticed that ring before.
"Although your red whore colored dress is lovely Chrissie, I want you to remove it." he instructed.
I unzipped the dress and due it tight fitting style had a bit of difficulty tugging it off my shoulders, over my hips and ass and off.
Reaching into his pocket he produced a pair of shiny metal handcuffs and taking my hands he slipped the cuffs onto my wrists and
snapped them shut. He then tied one end of the rope to the metal links connecting the round cuffs. He took a hold of the other end of
the rope and walked toward the far wall. Screwed into the floor at the base of the wall was another metal ring that I also never noticed.
He feed the far end of the rope through the circular hole and began to tug on the rope. As he pulled on the rope my arms could do
nothing but raise up over my head as they were pulled toward the ceiling. He continued to tug on the rope until my heels were lifted
up off the floor and I essentially just standing on my toes. my arms began to ache a bit as I hung suspended from the metal ring in
the ceiling. I quite certain that soon I'd forget about the pain in my shoulders, arms and wrists. After makes certain that the knot tied
in the rope was secure he walked over and stood inches from me. He took a few minutes to reacquaint himself with breasts and then
his hand settled on the right cheek of my ass. He caressed it with a slow circular motion.
"Last time I saw this cute little ass my cum was dripping from it." he whispered in my ear. Then he kissed me on the lips with a long
passionate kiss.
"Now Chrissie I intend to introduce you to the whip." he said, as I hung suspended, vulnerable and helpless. I feared what was to
come next but I wanted it!........Oh how I wanted it!! End of Part 3 (to be concluded)

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2 years ago
You're hooked! And so am I!!!
2 years ago
Thanks for sharing this wonderful story.
Very well written.
Hard and hot the whole time.
Spanks and kisses
2 years ago
AHHHH The Buggy Whip
Love it
2 years ago
2 years ago
Sounds like you missed your flight. I can't believe I have to wait 2 days for the final chapter. Look forward to it when I get back. You're incredible.
2 years ago
Dearest chrissie,

Oh my goodness; my heart is pounding.

So erotic, sensual, seductive and sexy.

Spanks and kisses,
Master Padraig