"Call Me" (a Chrissie Conway story)

"Call Me" (a Chrissie Conway story)

Shortly after I'd finished college I had a job with an import-export business whose main office was located
near the cultural center. This area of the city was home to a small arts college, a large public library, several bookstores
a small upscale hotel and a couple museums. I often spent my lunch hour in the tea room of the art museum. The tea room
was actually an open air courtyard located in the center of the museum building. Besides providing a peaceful setting
where you could enjoy a light lunch, the place always seemed to be a good place for people watching. On any given day
one was apt to find it populated by academic types, budding artists and would be authors of both foreign and domestic
One afternoon while enjoying a salad, iced tea and newspaper I happened to notice a foreign looking gentlemen who seemed
to devoting a fair amount of his time staring in my direction. He would seem to stare at me for several minutes followed by
several minutes of writing or drawing. At first I was kind of flattered that a good looking middle age gentleman was obviously so
interested in me. But after several minutes I was beginning to become a bit unnerved by his insistent staring.
As it drew closer to the time that I would have to be returning to work I began to fold up my newspaper and commence
digging into my purse in search of my wallet. I withdrew several dollars from my wallet and placed it on the table as a tip for the server and
when I looked up the stranger was standing by the table next to me.
"OH! Hello." I said
"I didn't mean to startle you." he said with a definite accent in his voice.
"No, I'm alright" I said "I was just leaving."
"I am sorry to hear that" he said "Please accept this and consider it my apology" he said as he handed me a table napkin.
At first his gift struck me as strange until I realized what he had handed me was actually a napkin with a pen and ink sketch he
he drawn.
"This is how you appeared to me this afternoon." he said. "When I saw you I just had to draw you."
"Thank you" I said " It's quite good, I'm flattered."
"It doesn't really do you justice" he said "You are much more beautiful in the flesh."
I gave a little laugh and asked him if this approach generally worked with the other women he'd tried it on? He smiled and asked me
what made me think he'd used this approach before.
"If it's true that I'm the first, then I am even more flattered." I said.
"Well if it should happen to work then perhaps I stumbled onto something, No?" He said with a grin.
"Thank you for the drawing and now I have to get back before I lose my job." I said.
Once I was back at my desk I couldn't help but continue to stare at the picture of me he'd drawn. Studying his technique and the judging
the quality of his work it was obvious that he'd been professionally trained or else he was an extremely gifted amateur. I rarely take my lunch at
the museum two days in a row but my curiosity would alter my routine. I had become infatuated with this handsome stranger and just maybe there
was a chance that he would be at the museum tea room again. I figured what did have to lose, nothing ventured nothing gained. I found myself
constantly checking the time all morning. When normally lunch time just seemed to sneak up on me and oftentimes I would find a co-worker
inquiring if I intended to take a lunch. Today the time seems to be dragging and lunch time couldn't come soon enough. I contemplated
taking an earlier lunch but thought better of it. If he was going to be there he would likely be there at the same time as yesterday. Good thinking,
I waited until my normal lunch time and walked the several blocks to the museum. I walked into the open courtyard of the museum and
carefully scanned the room. My eyes traveled from table to table in search of the stranger. I was crestfallen when I failed to spot the stranger.
I found an empty table and took a seat. I didn't have much of an appetite, which I began to blame on my failure to locate my mysterious
stranger. I ordered a Welsh Rarebit and a cup of tea. I was staring at my half eaten lunch when I heard his distinct accent.
"So we meet again." he said "Perhaps my technique is not so bad after all, No?"
I smiled up at him and invited him to join me. We spent the next twenty minutes swapping details about each others lives. Today he had a
traditional artist's sketch book and he proceeded to tear out several pages. He handed me the pages which contained several more drawings
of me. He said that he drawn them the night before but sadly he had to rely on his memory when he produced them.
All the while we chatted he busily sketched away on his pad. It turned out his name was Carlos and he was from Brazil. He claimed he was a
struggling artist. While then he admitted he wasn't really struggling that much since his wife was a high level executive with a multinational communications company. He had accompanied
her to the United States on a business trip that involved visits to a half dozen cities. He claimed he hadn't seen much of her lately as she spent
the days in business meetings and the evenings at boring dinners and cocktail parties. He hated the social aspects of her job and often refused to
attend most of the functions and when he was f***ed to attend usually left long before they ended.
Periodically he would show me the drawing of me that he was sketching. This particular drawing of me appeared to be a representation of
a naked me. As he worked on the different facets of the drawing he would occasionally show the picture to me and ask if I approved. I approved of
virtually everything he drawn except when he was sketching his impression of my breasts. When he showed them to me I shook my head and said
"No, no, no."
"Chrissie? You don't approve?" he asked.
"They are very nice." I said "but sorry to inform you made them too big!"
He laughed and said "That is called artistic license my dear."
As my lunch hour was winding down his drawn was almost complete, all except for a purposefully undefined area between my legs. I pointed to that
area of the drawing and asked him "Why?"
He looked at me, smiled and proceeded to sketch a small penis where most people would expect to find a vagina. As soon as he'd added the
appendage to my figure he looked at me as if he was once again seeking approval.
I smiled at him and just whispered "Yes."
He smiled back at me and I reached across the table and took his pen. I laid the pen down on the table in front of me and then I reached down
under the table and hiked up my skirt a bit. I raised myself every so carefully up off the chair seat and carefully tugged my panties down off my
ass and hips. I pulled the silky fabric down my legs and raising my feet one at a time and completely removed the panties. I spread the panties
on the table in front of me and taking up his pen I proceeded to write my telephone number across the front of the panties, just below the elastic
waistband and above the lacy applique near the gusset. As I stood up to leave I laid the panties down in front of him and said "Call me".
I returned to work but found it nearly impossible to concentrate on business. That evening I sat sipping wine and waited, no hoped,for the phone to
ring. I had nearly finished the entire bottle of white wine when the phone began to ring. I started grab the receiver when i stopped myself. If it was
Carlos I didn't want to appear desperate so I let it ring 4 times before I answered.
"Hello, Chrissie? this is Carlos." I heard him say and a smile came across my face. He told me he was currently at one of his wife's cocktail
parties but was seriously in need of a reason to leave. I told him how glad I was that he'd decided to call and gave him directions to my
I quickly attended to my hair and makeup and eagerly awaited his arrival. He was ringing the bell of my apartment within 40 minute. I buzzed
him in and he was standing outside my door in less than a minute. When I opened the door I noticed he was wearing black tie attire which was in
no way complimented my very casual attire. Before allowed him to step through my door I reached up and began to undo his black bow tie. I
quickly yanked out from under his collar and tossed it aside. He tossed the tuxedo jacket that was slung over shoulder in the same direction I'd just
tossed the tie. He stepped across the threshold and I pushed the door closed behind him.
He immediately took me into his arms and began to kiss my neck and then my cheek from my chin to my earlobe. His hands slid slowly down my
back as they found their way to my fanny. He cupped his cheek of my ass in his palms, squeezing and kneading my plush peach shaped bottom.
His lips were now locked upon my own as his tongue f***ed it's way into my mouth and search of mine. He kissed me deeply and passionately
occasionally nibbling at my lips. his kisses were alternately both deep and f***eful and then soft and fleeting.
When he's finally satisfied himself that he explored every inch of denim covered ass his right hand slipped up under the lower hem of my
my sweatshirt and deftly cupped my left breast, squeezing the fleshy mound lightly before moving on to the right one. I placed my palms against
his chest and pushed him away from me. Then, grabbing the bottom of my sweatshirt I quickly pulled it up over my head and stripped it away.
He buried his face in my cleavage and began to nuzzle my tits through the fabric of my bra. He kissed and licked the flesh that was exposed above
the cups of the bra until my fingers had managed to unhook the clasp. Once the lacy black bra had fallen away his mouth, his tongue and his lips
began to ravage my naked tits.
I moaned "Oh My God Carlos, Yes....just like that." and my nipples became as hard as little pebbles as he greedily licked, bit and sucked them.
my fingers worked to undo his pants and soon I had his stiff member in my hand. I stroked it up and down, feeling it grown even harder under my
"I want your cock in my mouth" I said dropping to my knees. "Oh Carlos! I want to suck your cock."
I wrapped my lips around the bulbous head of his cock and began to slowly take it into my mouth. I slide my lips up and down the long hard length
of his glorious prick. His fingers became entwined in my hair as he slowly jabbed his cock deeper down my throat. I took his cock as deep as I could
down my throat and felt his balls slamming against my chin. I was moaning and sucking simultaneously as Carlos continued his f***eful fucking
of my face. The way he was pumping his stiff prick in and out of my mouth i was afraid he'd be unable to delay his orgasm much longer when
suddenly he pulled his prick from my mouth and scooped me up into his arms. he carried me over to the sofa and lay me down flat on my back.
I lay there looking up at him as he quickly removed his heavily starched dress shirt. Once he was completely naked he knelt down on the floor
next the sofa and began to unzip my denim jeans. The jeans were so tight fitting that i had to raise up and help him tug them off my ass. Once they
were down to my thighs it became easier for him to strip them off me.
With the my jeans removed I was now lying there in just a pair of black bikini panties. Carlos bent down and began to rub his face against the
silky fabric of the panties. he rubbed his cheeks across the front of my panties and then his chin and his nose. My little "clitty" was now barely
contained by the scanty bikini, it felt as if it might soon be peeking up from under the elastic waistband. I felt Carlos' fingers as they grasped
the waistband and begin to pull my panties down. I raised my ass up off the sofa cushion and watched the panties being quickly dispatched
down my legs. Carlos gently wrapped his fingers around my "clitty" and slowly stroked it. Even stiff and engorged my penis wasn't very big.
Carlos was able to take the entire length of my 'clitty" into his mouth with no trouble. I permitted him to suck my "clitty" for less than two minutes
when I pushed his head away from my crotch.
"Stop Carlos!" I said "I want you to fuck me!"
Carlos stood up and taking a firm hold on my ankles he spun me halfway around so that my ass now rested on the front edge of the sofa and
my legs hung over to the floor.Carlos stepped between my legs and once again grasping hold of my ankles he pulled my legs up until they rested
on his shoulders. I was now splayed wide open with my ass high in the air. I was looking directly into Carlos's face when i felt the tip of his stiff
prick begin to penetrate my "pussy". He slowly f***ed the first third of his cock into my opening, stretching it wider as he pushed his cock inside me.
He partially withdrew his cock and then rammed it back into my "pussy", deeper this time. He repeated the process over and over, going deeper
with each thrust until all ten inches of his cock was buried in my "cunt".
"AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" I let out a yell as I felt the total length of his manhood plunging into my sex.
"OH FUCK YES CARLOS!!!" I screamed. "Fuck me baby, fuck me hard and don't stop!!"
By now he was fucking me with long, hard, deep strokes....and was exalting in every one.
"Fuck yes...oh fuck yes " I screamed as his big cock pummeled my poor tight little "cunt".
In the position that I was in there was little I could do but meekly accept every violent thrust as Carlos pounded my "pussy".
How long can he sustain this pace? I wondered. He was savagely attacking my "pussy", hammering me, pounding me, slamming his cock into
like a weapon. But I loved every minute of it.
I was stroking my own "clitty" while Carlos continued his assault on my "cunt".
"Oh Chrissie!!!" he grunted "You are one fucking amazing bitch! I want to fuck you forever!!!
"Chrissie, you may not be able to walk for days" Carlos said as he plunged that magnificent cock deep into my "pussy".
"That's a chance I'll have to take." I said continuing to stroke my "clitty".
"Chrissie baby, I'm going to come!" he said as I felt his muscles begin to tighten.
"Come inside me Carlos....Fill me with your cum..........FUCK ME!!" I screamed.
"AAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" Carlos growled as I felt his warm sweet cum spurting
inside my "pussy".
His cum seemed to spurt forever and it soon overflowed the opening of my sex. I stroked my "clitty" faster now and soon it erupted, spurting
gobs of cum onto my belly.
Carlos lay down next to me on the leather sofa and held me in his arms. I don't know how long we stayed that way because I eventually dozed
off and when I awoke Carlos was gone. While retrieving my clothes I noticed that there was something lying on the cocktail table. It was the
nude drawing that Carlos had sketched of me and on the bottom he had written down his Brazilian phone number with the words "Call Me".

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2 years ago
Simply wonderful!
2 years ago
Superb. Would have like to seen the sketches. You nailed this one too Chrissie.
2 years ago
another great story!
2 years ago
Dearest chrissie,

Fantastic story. Thank you.

Spanks and kisses,
Master Padraig
2 years ago
Dear chrissie,

Another great story. Thank you.

Spanks and kisses,
Master Padraig
2 years ago
Great writing and SUPER HOT...as always!