Chrissie goes to Camp Pt 1

Since all of my clients are referals many of them know each other and in fact some are very close friends. There is a particular
group of them, four guys to be exact, who arrange a hunting trip each fall. The one guy, Brady, owns some wooded property near the mountains.
The property has a semi rustic three bedroom cabin situated on it. I say semi rustic because it does have
running water, electricity, and propane heat. The hunting trip is usually a one week affair but a few years ago they could only
manage a long weekend trip.
While Brady was in my office one day for his usual "conference" the topic of the hunting excursion happened to come up.
By the way his "conference" was generally a 2 hour session which involved one of Chrissies' famous professional blowjobs and
followed a short time later by a long slow pounding of Chrissies' "pussy". Anyway, while we relaxed a bit between the cocksucking
and the ass fucking we start talking about the impending expedition. Brady suggested that I should join them on their little
excursion. I didn't really think he was serious and I laughed and said "Ya Right!"
He said "Chrissie, I was half k**ding but now that I think about it, why not?"
"You 4 guys and me in the wilds for 4 days? That would cost you some serious money." I said with a devilish grin.
"AH HA!" he said "So you might consider it?"
I smiled and acting like I was mulling it over.
"How much, Chrissie? How much would you want?" he asked.
I figured it was never going to happen so I figured I'd call his bluff. Since I was setting the price I thought I might as well
go big.
"Let's see four guys for a weekend? How does $10,000 sound." I said figuring he'd just laugh and that would be the end of it.
Now all my clients are pretty well off so the price was well within their ability to pay.
"Let me use your phone Chrissie?" he asked. I nodded OK and he quickly left my sitting room and stepped into my office.
By the way what I loosely refer to as my "sitting room" is a room adjacent to my office which consits of basically two
overstuffed leather chairs and king size bed. The "sitting room" is where the majority of the work gets done.
I smoked another cigarette and drank another glass of wine while I awaited his return.
When he returned I smiled at him and said "So how'd it go?'
He said "We leave next Friday afternoon and wear something sexy."
I laughed and said "of course, that's practically anything I own."

Since I had no intention of traipsing through the brush after God's creatures to slaughter I packed garments that I felt
would be more appropriate for the occasion. I selected two nightgowns, an off-white silk one, fairly long and sheer
with tiny floral appliques amid a lacy trim and a light blue shortie pajama set with a low cut camisole type spagheti
strap top and a matching pair of skimpy bikini panties. I also selected three garter belts, one black, one virginal white
and one a very naughty purple color. I threw in an assortment of bras of various colors and styles, a half dozen pairs of stockings and
a dozen or so pairs of panties. Again a carefully chosen assortment featuring bikini, hipster, boy shorts and thongs.
My outer garments consisted of very tight jeans, skimpy shorts, a couple short tight skirts and a chinese style silk dress
with a long slit up the left leg. The slit when properly arrayed would give a clear view of my leg well up my smooth shapely
thigh. I included 4 pair of heels and a pair of sexy leather sandals. Not exactly your typical outdoors man attire I know
but I planned to spend my weekend indoors. I must confess I did purchase a camo print bra and panty set. I figured the guys
would might like it or more importantly like to see me in it.

The trip to the hunting camp was pretty uneventful and having seen two clients earlier that day I found myself sl**ping
most of the drive. Once at the cabin the guys immediately commenced doing "guy stuff". They turned the water pump on
and built a nice fire in the fireplace. I mostly sat around and watched. There is an advantage to being the only "girl"amongst
four big strong guys. Within minutes of arriving everyone had drink in their hand and a couple of the guys were passing a
joint back and forth.
Since there were only three bedrooms Brady assigned two guys to two of the rooms and gave me the other one.
Immediately the guys started in with the usual guy talk. They were saying things like "Chrissie doesn't need a room because
she's sl**ping with me." and "Give Phil Chrissie's room and put her mine."
Everyone was laughing like it was all a big joke but I began to wonder just what lay ahead for Chrissie. What had I gotten
myself into?

It wasn't that long before it got dark and it appeared that everyone was now on their third drink. The guys had broken out
a deck of cards and had begun to play poker. I sat and watched them play for a while but my mind kept returning to
the earlier sl**ping arrangement conversation. These guys had each tossed in $2500 and you know they all expected to get their turn with Chrissie.
As soon as the next hand ended I stood up, walked over to the table and announced "New Game!"
I pulled my chair up to the table between Brady and Phil and picked up the deck of cards and began to shuffle it.
"These are the rules" I said "It's a variation on strip poker".
They all started laughing and carrying on like high school boys.
"Go ahead Chrissie deal yourself in." Phil said.
"No, I not playing." I said
"AWWWWW HEY NOT FAIR!!" They started shouting.
"Wait, here are the rules. Whoever wins the hand gets to take off one piece of my clothing. When I'm down to just my
panties the guy who wins the next hand gets to fuck me." I said with a grin.
"YES!!" I heard them yell in unison.
"Let the game begin." I said and began to deal the cards.

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fantastic opening lookingb forward to won won the panties and so forth
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Wow that is going tobe soe night hope you write the next chapter soon
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As always, great stuff from chrissie!
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nice start!