Encounter In The Park

It was near the end of my junior year in high school and my parents ere in the midst of their big divorce drama so I was spending most of my time at my best friend Kelly's. It was just Kelly and her Mother because her dad left the picture several years earlier. Kelly’s mom was a great surrogate mother because she knew what I was all about and accepted me with no reservations. Kelly was well on her way to becoming a hardcore lesbian so her mom really enjoyed doing girlie things with me. We used shop for clothes together and she taught me the proper way to apply my make-up and style my hair. Kelly was working in a pharmacy part-time and was supplying me with estrogen pills. I could dress openly at Kelly’s house and didn’t have to disguise my newly emerging breasts. They were small at this time by necessity but I cherished them all the same. It was mildly uncomfortable when Kelly’s mom’s BF, Ricky, was around. He was always eying me and making suggestive comments. Usually when Kelly or her mom were not near by. I didn’t know if her mom was aware of his interest in me but she used to jokingly tell me “When you’re older maybe I’ll let Ricky have a shot at you.” I would just laugh and say “Yeah Right.”
More about Ricky another time however.
There was a nice little park within walking distance of Kelly’s house and it usually wasn’t very crowded. I would often dress up early on Sunday morning and walk to the park. I’d sit under a tree or at a picnic table and read one of my books. One particular morning I awoke before Kelly or her mom and decided to walk to the park. I slipped on a pair of pink lacy bikini style panties, a matching pink push-up bra, nude shade pantyhose, a white blouse and blue mini skirt. I topped the outfit off with a pair of three inch black pumps.
I was fully made-up and my hair in a short ponytail tied with a black ribbon. Before stepping out I checked my look in the full length mirror and smiled to myself, “Oh Chrissie, how do you make yourself look so good?”
I grabbed the current trashy romance novel I was reading and headed for the park. It was lovely day not too hot and not too cool without a cloud in the sky. I walked the 4 blocks to the park and thrilled as I listened to the click, click, click of my heels on the concrete. About a block and half along on my journey I noticed an elderly couple coming out of their house and the pace I was walked I’d no doubt wind up passing them at a fairly close distance. I briefly wondered should I turn back or should I cross the street?
But no, I was eager to see if I was as passable as I hoped I was. I continued along my chosen path at the same pace and when I passed them we were a mere 4-5 feet apart! The both smiled and said “Good Morning!” I smiled back and replied in kind, “Good Morning!” I was ecstatic. I had passed the test and for intents and purposes I was a woman!
Once at the park I settled down at vacant picnic table that was nestled among a cluster of trees and not readily visible to the passing traffic on the street. The park was quite empty and serenely peaceful. I began to read my book and was enjoying the ambience of the park when out the corner of my eye I noticed someone walking in my direction. I became slightly nervous as he drew nearer but then remembering my experience with the elderly couple I relaxed a bit and pretended to continue reading.
He continued walking toward me and slowed a bit as he passed within 10 feet of my picnic table. I noticed him break out in a sly smile and a muffled laugh as he passed. He appeared to be slightly older than my s*******n years, but not by much.
I let out little sigh of relief and told myself that I’d passed test number two.
It was quite uneventful for the nest 10-15 minutes but then I saw the same guy approaching again, this time from the opposite direction and followed by what appeared to be two females.
By the time had had noticed them they had gotten too close for me just get up and attempt to depart without arousing some degree of suspicion. I had no choice but to remain seated at the table and hope they just passed by. It soon became apparent that they had no intention of just continuing along their way. The guy stopped and stood about three feet from me on my left side and the one female stood behind me while the other hovered over me on the right side. I recognized the two girls from the neighborhood and apparently the guy was their b*****r. The girls were both the athletic type and the guy was well proportioned also.
“See, I told you. It’s that sissy-boy they were talking about at school.” he snapped. “It’s not just a rumor.”
“You a little sissy-boy eh? You like dressing like a little girlie?”
I became very nervous now and said “I’m not bothering anyone. Just leave me alone.” I said.
“He sure makes a cute little girlie.” one of his s****rs said.
“He sure does s*s. He sure does.” he replied.
Then he smiled a nasty little grin and said “ Didn’t anyone tell you that this our park and we want no sissy-boys here?”
I attempted to stand up and said “OK, I’ll just leave.”
Then one of the s****rs said “ Should we just let the little girlie leave then?”
“Sure, she can leave but not before I get a piece of her “ass-pussy”.” he snarled.
“NO” I mouthed at him. Please no!”
He responded “If I don’t get a taste of your sweet little girlie ass then everybody at your school, everybody town learns about you.”
Again I tried to get up but he said “Grab her girls! Grab and hold her down!”
The two girls grabbed me and pulled from the picnic table. I struggled against them but my 134 pound frame was no match for the athletically muscled girls. They pushed me to the ground and then yanked me to my knees. One of them was behind me and knelt on my legs while she held my arms behind my back. The other girl stood next to me and held my head by my hair. Meanwhile the guy was opening his jeans and fumbling to get his cock free.
“First, you are going to suck my cock bitch! I want it nice a hard when I shove it in you ass.” he said.
He tried to put his cock in my mouth but I resisted. I turned my head, kept my lips closed and struggled against them. The s****r’s grip on my hair became tighter and she held my head steady. He slapped his quickly hardening cock against my cheek and said “You best just open up and suck it you girlie cunt!”
I continued to struggle and he slapped my face three or four times. By now tears were welling up in my eyes and there was a terrible pain in my arms. I realized I had no choice if I ever wanted to get out of this. I opened my lips and let the head of his cock slide into my mouth. He began to push it deeper into my mouth and it became hard not to gag on the long rigid cock.
I heard one of the s****rs say “That’s it you little bitch cunt sissy, suck his cock!!”
After several minutes of him ramming his cock in and out of my mouth he said “ Alright ladies, get on the ground.”
They responded by roughly pushing me to the grass and now one knelt at my head holding my arms down while the other was planted at my feet firmly pining my legs to the ground. He straddled my outstretched body and roughly ripped open my blouse, then he f***efully tugged my bra up off my breasts. He paused to bend down and lick, suck and bite the nipples on my schoolgirl size breasts. I was crying by now but was helpless to do anything but submit. He slid his 200 pound frame down my body and began to shove my skirt up around my waist. Soon the fabric of my mini skirt was bunched up around my waist like a rope.
I heard one of the girls laughing and she said “The sissy boy wants to feel what it’s like to be fucked like a real woman.”
“Oh, don’t worry the little bitch is going to get her wish, s*s.” he responded.
Using both hands he started to tug away at my pantyhose. After several seconds I felt the crotch of the pantyhose begin to give way and then I heard a the distinct sound of the fabric ripping away.
“Look the sweet little pink panties she’s wearing. Cute girlie pink. Perfect for a little sissy-cunt!” one of the s****rs remarked.
At the moment he climbed off of me and said “ Turn over girls, I want to see that sweet little girlie ass-pussy.”
At the s****rs roughly rolled me over onto my stomach and continued to pin me to the ground. I felt his hands on my ass cheeks as he squeezed and fondled my bottom. Then his hand grasped the elastic waistband of my pink bikini panty and he tugged down off my ass. The partially torn pantyhose prevented the panty from going further down my thighs so again he began to rip and shred the fabric of the stockings. Once the pantyhose were completely torn he was able to yank my panty farther down my legs. I felt him crawl between my legs and heard him tell the girls to “Spread her legs out wider for me.”
I heard him spit and felt three globs of saliva land at the entrance to my “pussy”.
“AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH” I let out a yell as he roughly entered me from behind. He began to slam his stiff cock deeper into my ass and I let out a muffled cry with every thrust. The only consolation I had was that as excited as he was I knew he wouldn’t last long. Sure enough after maybe 15 rough piston like thrusts he let out a loud sigh as I felt his hot creamy cum begin to fill my “pussy”.
“OH YES! You little girlie slut. OH YES! “ he growled in my ear. “You like being fucked like woman?”
He climbed up off of me and while he was adjusting his jeans the two girls helped me to my feet. She took off the blue work shirt she was wearing and handed to me.
“Here honey” she said “Put this on. You can’t go home in that torn blouse.”
Then she put an arm around me and said “Don’t worry your secret is safe with us. A promise is a promise.”
I didn’t return to that park for several months and eventually I’d heard that their f****y had moved out of state.
I’ve been fucked many times since that day but I still relive what happened to me in the park that day in my dreams.

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1 year ago
this was rough and brutal it was a fantastic story what a bad way tobe treated but some people have no feelings
thanks for a great story
1 year ago
Thanks for sharing
2 years ago
2 years ago
Makes me want to dress up sexy and go to an isolated park all alone.....
2 years ago
very hot and scary at the same time
2 years ago
thats a very hot story.
2 years ago
mmm yes, love them writen so well.....
2 years ago
This is a another great story...thanks so much hon!