He grasped my hand and we walked briskly from his car to the door of his condo with my 5 inch black heels clicking madly against the concrete. We moved in such haste that I was afraid I'd come tumbling down from the height of my heels. Once inside the condo he roughly grabbed me and pulled me tightly against his taut gorgeous hunk body. He leaned down and locked his lips to mine. He used his tongue to easily part my lips and f***ed his tongue down my throat. Our tongues quickly met and began a dance of passion. I was in heaven and ready to give myself to him totally, wantonly, eagerly and sure I would allow him to do with me as he pleased.
gradually his hands worked there way from my back, to my waist, and came to rest on my firm, perfectly rounded bottom. With one hand on each cheek of of my ass he alternately caressed and squeezed. I shivered in anticipation as his hands began to slowly tug the hem of my tight gray skirt upward. The fabric struggled against his tugging but was no match for his muscular arms and firm strong hands. I moaned a bit as I felt the skirt rise higher and higher until the cloth of the skirt was bunched up around my waist and his hands began to slowly caress the twin globes of my ass. The feel of his strong hands gliding across the satiny fabric of my panties was driving me wild.
Eventually one finger of his right hand started to slip under the elastic hem of my string bikini. The first finger was soon joined by a second and the I felt the entire palm of his hand on my bare left ass cheek. The tight fitting string bikini acted as an impede his access to my bottom and to facilitate his progress he reached toward the tiny bow that graced my left hip. He deftly untied the little bow and the string bikini sprung open on one side while the bow on the other hip still managed to hold the fabric against my ass cheeks. However he was now able slide his hand all the way to the crevice that divided my bottom. He slowly ran the tips of his fingers up and down my butt crack. Gradually he let one finger rest on the opening of my tight "pussy". Slowly his finger began to massage the opening to my sex hole and my moaning grew louder.
He paused momentarily to wet his finger and then returned to massaging my "pussy". Ultimately the slow circular massaging was replaced by the insertion of his finger into the hole of my willing "pussy". One finger was soon replaced by two and I could feel the muscles of my "pussy" easing and my fuck hole growing wider. I shivered and moaned as he skillfully manipulated my "pussy".....then whispered "Warren, I want to suck your cock!"
His hands went from my ass to my shoulders and guided me down to my knees. I greedily tore at his belt and zipper in an frenzied effort to free his rock hard cock. I wasted no time wrapping my lips around the head of his cock and quickly began to suck it. He began moaning and and his hands f***ed my head into his crotch. I took his cock deep down my throat nearly gagging as he f***ed himself deeper and deeper. Then just quickly as I had begun to orally pleasure him he stepped back and pulled his cock from my mouth. I looked up at him as if to ask "What?" He gazed down at me and said "Chrissie, I want to fuck you!, I want to fuck your gorgeous ass! Baby I need to fuck that ass-pussy of yours!"
He reached down and helped me to my feet. He guided me toward the sofa and bent me down over the back of it. He reached for the half untied string bikini and swiftly tugged down my right leg. I kicked off my heels and the tiny wisp of panty fabric fell away. Warren knelt behind me and applied three quick spits of saliva to the opening of my "pussy". Seconds latter I felt his long hard cock as he probed the entrance to my honeypot. He teased my "pussy" with his stiff cock briefly and then roughly began to penetrate me with the rock hard member. I pushed back against him to allow the cock to slide deeper into my hole. He began a slow fucking motion as I strove to match his pace. Quickly his slower pace became a steady piston-like pounding. I couldn't hope to duplicate this rapid fucking pace and was f***ed to just surrender my ass to Warren. My tight little "pussy" was taking a pounding and I was reveling with every thrust. The intense fucking seemed to continue unabated and wondered how long he would fuck me and how could my "pussy" take such punishment. Then I felt him begin tense up, every muscle tightening......."FUCK ME WARREN" I screamed......"FUCK MY ASS!".........."OHHH MY GOD!!!! FUCK ME BABY!!!!" Then with one final burst of intensity he let out a low moan and I could feel his warm, sweet cum exploding inside my "cunt" seemed to spurt forever and soon I felt it trickle from my "pussy" and begin to run down my thighs. I collapsed unto the sofa...., feeling like woman should feel, ravaged, worn out, used but satisfied and well-fucked.

92% (10/1)
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2 years ago
wow, very nice and so hot mmmm
2 years ago
I sad you were great
2 years ago
Very nice Chrissie. I hope this continues. Thanx for sharing a page of your book.