Chris Visits Friends In London

I had been friends with Catherine for some time, we had in the past been a little intimate and I always found her pretty hot. A year or so after we met she moved away to live with her boyfriend in London. I always regretted not taking our sexual relationship further.
About a year later I went down to London on a business trip 5 days & nights in England’s capital city, I took this opportunity to re-connect with an old friend and gave Catherine a call, we arranged to meet on Tuesday night I didn’t expect anything to happen but that doesn’t mean that I was going to slouch and not look as good as possible.
Tuesday - I woke up in my hotel and thought about work got dressed showered and went to work, all day I was thinking about those lovely boobs and cute ass and even cuter smile. I managed to control myself and despite being a man still didn’t expect a lot apart from a night of good company. Turns out it was a lovely night we flirted a little as 2 people who find each other attractive do and at the end of the night I got a lovely big hug kiss on the cheek and an invite to her and her boyfriend (James) flat for dinner the next night. I gladly accepted as I didn’t really have plans and dinner always sounded good to me.
Wednesday – Again went to work and then came back to my hotel for a shower before headed to Catherine and James’s flat in Holborn, North London. I got there about 7 and rang the bell, I was treated by her looking nice wearing simple clothes jeans and a tight t-shirt that showed off her lovely slim waist and boobs, I greeted her in the normal way and she told me that James was in the kitchen. I’d never met James and being a man kind of felt a little rivalry with him that was totally stupid and irrational I knew that he most likely knew I wanted to fuck his girlfriend.
I headed into the kitchen to see what was for dinner and saw him cutting up some veg. Catherine came in and handed me a glass of wine which I sipped gladly, the night passed and we all got along well, it was getting pretty late and we were all getting a little tipsy the subject turned to sex and relationships. The subject was things that we’ve done sex positions and kinky acts, she revealed that she had once let James pee on her but didn’t really like it. I told them I loved taking sexy pics & videos of my girlfriend being dirty for me this raised an eyebrow from both of them and Catherine popped off to get some more wine. When she came back she planted a large kiss on James while simultaneously placing a camera on the table. I was a little confused but soon caught on when she did not stop kissing him and began to kiss lower and lower quickly at first edging her eager lips toward his crotch unzipping & unbuttoning his jeans. At this point I picked up the camera turned it on while nursing a fastly expanding hard on restrained by my pants. She got his cock out and engulfed its length with her mouth and lips clearly expertly teasing him. She took it out of her mouth raised it and began to lick his big balls. I got a lovely shot of her with James balls in her mouth smiling like a whore who’d won the cock lottery. I moved closer and she reached out her arm and gestured to me I almost ran toward the hand that then eagerly began to unzip me as I stood there I needed no further encouragement and undid my pants letting my cock go free she looked at it eagerly and without taking her hands off James cock took mine deeply into her warm mouth. My eyes almost rolled into the back of my head as I felt the tongue teasing my cock.
James stood up and stood next to me slapping her with his cock and saying hey bitch don’t forget about this one. She seemed to relish this slap in the face I knew she liked to be a little submissive.
James looked at me and said “she loves to be a little whore”. I continued snapping a few more times realising she was still fully dressed I pulled her up on her feet and began unceremoniously undressing her. I looked at James and said “whores like to be naked”.
I leaned forward and kissed her I was so horny I didn’t care she’d sucked both of our cocks I let her taste mingle with my tongue. I could tell she was getting really horny as I kissed her I reached forward and slipped my finger into her pussy. She looked at me and said I was a naughty boy as she said this she went down onto her knees again sucking my cock and between thrusts of my cock she gestured for James to come behind her. He did so eagerly as he did she stopped sucking my cock and got on all fours gesturing for us both to join her on the floor. James came in behind her and began to lick her from behind she arched her back and sent her little pert ass as far into the air as she could plumping out her pussy which he gladly started licking.
I said “You love that don’t you, little whore, your boy licking you while you got my cock in your mouth were both gonna fuck you so hard.” With that James slipped his cock inside her and she made a satisfied grunting noise. I grabbed her chin and forcablely took my cock out of her mouth and pulled her head toward my balls. She egarly started licking them got a few snapshots of this, we continued to double team Catherine for a while then we stopped and moved into the bedroom, I had not been in here yet. As we came in I lay on the bed and Catherine got straight on top, I had never fucked her before and as my cock slipped into her wet pussy I new this was going to be a lot of fun. Not to be left out James got behind Catherine and began to lick her ass hole while I pounded her tight wet pink pussy I was so tuned on I wanted to cum right then but I held back. As James went to work on Catherine’s ass hole. He fingered her first one then two then he began to slip his cock inside I stopped fucking her so I could see if she was loving this I knew she’d never done a double penetration before and was curious to see how she handled it. Catherine took it like the true whore she was and as James entered her deeper and deeper I could feel him pushing against my cock as I was buried deep within his girlfriend. James said “do you like that you fucking whore” there was no answer from her I was face to face with her and said commandingly, “he asked you a question you little bitch, answer when your asked a question” she let out a groan and said “yes sir I fucking love it please fuck me hard, I need you to explode your loads into my pussy and ass hole”
We both needed no further encouragement and began to frantically pound her I could feel us working her and she looked like she was about to explode she let out a cry of pleasure and shuddered and spazmed, I could feel her pussy contracting around my cock and new if it was contracting around my cock that James was having a very similar treatment, if I thought I was close to exploding before that was nothing to now with a few final thrusts into her spazaming pussy I finally came, I knew this would be a big load as I let out a cry of pleasure so does James it’s clear that he’s just filled her ass with equivalent load.
We call kind of collapse for a few mins, my cock stays hard in her pussy keeping my spunk inside this bitches tight pussy. Catherine is the first to say something. “haven’t you got some work to do boy”
I’m now really confused is she talking to me or not and what is she expecting me to do, she looks at me and kisses me passionately and says, “he’s in training” at this James gets up and begins to lick her asshole. “Get in there really deep James I want you to taste it”. I say to Catherine “That’s fucking kinky as fuck”. A few seconds later “Don’t forget about my pussy James, it’ll be filled with Chris’s spunk” at this point I’m still inside her so a move around a bit and bring my cock out I can feel him eagerly obeying Catherine. “ do you like the taste James, say you like the taste James, say you love eating spunk from my pussy” “ I love eating spunk from your pussy Cath” he replies......

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