Confessions part 3

It had only been a few weeks, but it had been the best weeks of my life. I had become my parent’s recent conquest, their sex slave; it was a role that I happily played night after night.

One early Sunday morning right before day break I heard my bedroom door open. My room was nearly dark, except for the dawn of a new day that shone through the cracks of my blinds. I felt the covers as they were lifted and my father climbed into bed with me. I felt his fingers brush back my hair from my shoulder to fine the spot that he loved so much. Softly kissing the back of my neck and shoulder, I could Feel his hand sliding down my warm body, and slip between my open legs to find
my pussy wet, wanting and waiting.

Daddy slid his naked body between my open legs, as I felt his hard cock brush the opening of my pussy. Right after daddy and I first started fucking we noticed our morning sessions seemed to be harder then any other times of day. For some reason my pussy was always tighter this early in the morning, than at other times of the day.

As daddy began pry my pussy open using that big hard tool that God blessed him with, I noticed my mother standing at the foot of my bed watching. She gave me a smile and a wink as my pussy gave way and daddy entered me. My pussy was still tight, but daddy was still able to fuck me.

Daddy never seemed to mind the hard work he had to do, trying to get that big dick into my tiny fuck hole. I think he rather enjoyed it, pounding my pussy into submission.

I saw my mother now sitting at foot of my bed playing with her kitty as daddy’s cock hit the back wall of my pussy. Taking short hard stabs, once inside my pussy daddy never let up, my moans and screams of pleasure could be heard through out the house.

“You got that magic pussy baby.” I heard my dad breathlessly whisper in my ear, as he pulled out his seed dripping from my pussy.

I opened my eyes to see my dad crawl to the end of my bed and give mom a long slow kiss. I have always known that my parents had a passion for each other. As parents they never tried to hide that they were having sex from my b*****rs, s****rs, and I. We have all have caught them in the act from time to time. But now I was actually going to watch them fuck

I sat up in bed so I could get a better view as my dad slid between mom’s open legs. The fact that he had just had his way with me didn’t seemed to matter much to daddy, my pussy was still throbbing from the pounding he had giving it, and still he wanted more. Watching my mother give herself to my father awakened so many thoughts and feelings in me that I was transfixed to what was being played out before me. My parents love making had to have been the most erotic thing I had ever seen. That morning my father showed me how a real man is suppose to love his woman.

Later that day my Uncle Steve showed up at the house. As I have said before my Uncle Steve is all about f****y. Being the oldest male on my mom’s side brought not only great responsibility, but it also came with some really nice perks. Such as taking which ever young girl that he fancied. When ever a young girl is taking by her father, and he has taken her cherry, bragging rights is always giving to the father, and now it was my father’s turn to brag.

Knowing my dad I’m sure he could not wait to inform mom’s f****y that he had taken my cherry. I think the fact that my dad was my first lover would have come as a surprise to my mom’s f****y. For some reason my grandfather nor my uncles had really accepted the fact that my mom and dad were really together. They never saw him as someone who would fit into their f****y.

Over time my dad had proven that his wife’s f****y lifestyle would not be an issue as far as he was concerned. I think it is due to the fact that mom was very open and honest with my father when she told him about the f****y lifestyle. The fact that he had little or no reaction when mom told him that she was her father’s lover, and that she had been sexually involved with two of her b*****rs. While mom wasn't really sure about my dad’s reaction to her bombshell, she decided to test him the night before their wedding when she showed up at my dad’s apartment with his soon to be s****r in-law. The night that mom and Aunt Dana showed up at dad’s place and what took place was not really planed but just happened when you get three highly sexual charged adults together.

From the very start of my parent’s relationship they understood that they both loved sex too much to be in an exclusive relationship. For mom and dad sex was joyful, and should be shared with as many like minded people as you could find. It’s just so happens that my Aunt Dana fits that bill perfectly. The night daddy spend fucking Aunt Dana with mom looking on sealed my parents relationship, and it told mom that she had found the right man to Share her life with.

The look in Uncle Steve’s eyes when I walked into the living room and I saw him just sitting there, legs crossed with that killer smile of his. Word had got around that daddy had me and now it was time for me to share my love with the rest of the men in the f****y. And Uncle Steve was there to collect.

He didn't take his eyes off me as I walked by and took a seat on the couch. Uncle Steve was sitting in one of the two black leather lazy boys chairs that adorned our living room. It was hot that day and because we were in the middle of a late July heat wave it was one of those less cloths the better days. Once daddy and I started messing around he always liked seeing me in shorts and a tank top, sure enough it was one of those days.

I knew that mom and Uncle Steve had been making out I heard them while I was in my room getting dressed. And it was as I thought because when I walked in mom was putting herself back together after he banged her brains out. And by the look in his eyes he hadn't had nearly enough.

I also knew that it would be mom that would get things started when she came over and sat beside me. As she lightly caressed my arm and sweetly laid a gentle kiss on my lips, I knew I was in for one hell of an afternoon.

With dad out of the house looking for work, mom thought it would be an ideal time to play. I think I knew the minute I saw Uncle Steve’s car pull up that shit was about to go down.\
“Isn't she beautiful?” mom asked Uncle Steve as she lifted my tank top, exposing my tits.

The hungry look on Uncle Steve’s face as he flashed that sinful sexy smile told me all I needed to know. Uncle Steve remain in his seat while mom continued to seduce me by removing my top as she licked and sucked on my ripen nipples. Before I could blink I was naked and laying on my back with my legs spread and mom using her fingers to pleasure my body.

I soon felt my pussy unfold as mom’s tongue invaded my fuck hole. Like her and Uncle Steve, my mom and I had a sexual connection that was as powerful as life itself. I love playing with mom; she always had a way of making sex so much fun. As I lay with legs spread and my mother giving me all the pleasure I could stand, it was then that Uncle Steve decided to join in on the fun.

Putting my head in his lap Uncle Steve began playing with my naked body. Kissing my forehead and letting his hand roam down my neck I felt his strong hands caressed my tits. His fingers pulled and pinched my nipples, causing them to stand up hard and strong.

Before I knew it Uncle Steve was all over me. Mom had done her part, priming the pump as they say, preparing me for her favorite lover. Mom started to help Uncle Steve get undress, unbuttoning his shirt I could see his chest covered in reddish blond hair. My uncle is tall and is build like a brick house. He is solid; there is not an ounce of fat on his six foot five inch frame. He had strong arms and women felt safe in them. His sparkling blue eyes reveal the lust in him. But the best part his seven and a half inch cock that is a true thing of beauty.

I saw the complete reverence in mom’s eyes when she saw his hard strong cock. While she has had him many times over their lives, it always surprised her the sight of her b*****r’s cock could still send sparks of pleasure though her that could make her cum on the spot.

He laid on top of me and we begin to kiss, he used his legs to spread my legs apart. I felt his hardness as it lies on my stomach. My pussy is so wet that I can barley stand it. I saw mom settle into one of the easy chairs as Uncle Steve took one of my ripe nipples in his mouth. “MMMM, you’re so sweet.” I heard him say.

I was beginning to see why mom counted him as one of her favorite lovers; he really knows how to make a woman feel like a woman. If his lips, fingers and hands were any indication of what was to come, then I would just have to hang on for dear life.

He had begun to finger me as he continued to enjoy licking and sucking my nipples. I felt his cock glide down my stomach and across the surface of my pussy. I felt him open my tiny lips, and I felt the head of his cock push in ever so slightly. My body trembled with excitement as I looked over at mom who was sitting in her easy chair. She gives me a wink and smile as she watched her b*****r breaks though my tight wall and began to pleasure me.

His big dick slammed into my tight fuck hole, nearly lifting me off the sofa, but he held me in place. I knew I couldn’t take all of him at once; he was just too big and thick. I wrap my legs around his waist as he began to pound my pussy hard and fast. Bracing his hands on either side he slammed into my pussy over and over again.

I had never felt anything like it before, while sex was a new thing in my life back then, I felt my time with Uncle Steve was the start of something rare and beautiful. I felt my pussy began to open up to his constant pounding. Everything in me started to react; I remember my eyes rolling back in my head, and my heart racing with a mad rush of desire.

“Oh Uncle Steve this feels so good.”

“You like it baby girl?” he asked as he started to pound harder.

“Oh god yes.” was all I was managed to get out.

While my pussy was being hammered by my uncle I saw mom with her open legs d****d over the arms of the easy chair, she was fingering her pussy, and I could tell by the glee in her eyes that she loved what she was seeing.

“Oh that’s it big b*****r you fuck my little girl real good, fuck her the way you and dad used to fuck me when I was her age.” I heard mom say.
“Oh don’t you worry s*s, I’m about to break this bitch in real good.” I heard him say.

Being a man of his word Uncle Steve fucked me in the middle of our living room for close to two hours. Once our first round was over and after a quick shower, knowing that there was a lot more to come I went back down stairs to find mom riding Uncle Steve cock for all it was worth.

It was a good thing that I didn't bother to get dressed again, that I just throw on my bath robe, because I knew that play time was not over. And I was right because as soon as mom saw me standing beside them watching her bounce up and down on her b*****r’s nice hard joy stick she reached under my robe and between my legs, and up my thighs to fine my nice fresh kitty all ready to play again.

Mom wasted no time in going after what she wanted, and at that moment what she wanted was me. Once Uncle Steve came it was time for mother/daughter time. She removed my robe and laid me back down on the couch. Spreading my legs our naked bodies became one again as mom engaged me in another slow kiss. With my lips slightly parted I felt mom’s tongue invade my mouth and the sweetness of her kiss sent me on a high that was like no other. Her hands never left my skin as I felt them cascade up and down my body as she took my body over and over again.

Her fingers and tongue invaded my pussy at the same time. I was so turned on in ways that I can never explain as mom and Uncle Steve took turns using me as their sex slave. Once mom was done with me, it would be Uncle Steve’s turn to use me. That afternoon of being loved so completely would be a day that I will never ever forget.

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11 months ago
Magnifique histoire familiale !!
1 year ago
A Family Affair!! Nothing could be finer than a family that (incestually) loves together will generally stay together--emotionally, physically, spiritually, honorably and as lovers! Total and unadulterated respect for each blood relative is the key to the familial longevity! The love and appreciation of sex with father, mother, daughter and uncle (mother's brother) is the tie that binds!
1 year ago
Brilliant,,,I soo love family sex sessions.
1 year ago
OMG honey this was awesome
1 year ago
1 year ago
Damn baby I Love You, stories are awesome
1 year ago
Awesome, I love ALL OF YOU STORIES!!
1 year ago
super job!!!!