s****r NIKKI

MY s****r NIKKI

My s****r Nikki and I have a wonderful relationship, growing up I could not have asked for a better big s****r. Nikki is the eldest of my parents four c***dren, and I am the youngest, with my two b*****rs in the middle, I guess you could say that Nikki and I are the too book ends of our f****y.

As the eldest Nikki always felt that it was her duty to keep us k**s in line when our parents were not around. She was very bossy with a hair trigger temper when things did not go her way watch out. Nikki and I are nine years apart in age and as a big s****r she felt it was her place to teach me some of the facts of life.

My life lessons began one afternoon when Nikki and I were home alone, my parents were at work and I have not a clue as to where my b*****rs were, a fact that was not all that unusual. I had just turned eighteen and Nikki had moved back home after being away at school for a couple of years.

Nikki and I were sharing a room now and I had seen my s****r in various stages of undress. She is very beautiful with as some would say a smoking hot body. Nikki stands around five foot six inches and at one hundred seven pound, thirty-six inch tits. Her long shoulder length red hair and green eyes made her a knock out to all the boys that came around.

As I said we were alone in the house and had just finished doing our chores
when Nikki suddenly was no where to be found. I had made lunch for the two of us, and was looking forward to some s****rly conversation.

We lived in a fairly big house at the time, and some of the rooms were used when my parents took in foster k**s. After waiting for Nikki to come join me for lunch I went in search of my big s*s, and oh did I find her.

I searched the house for nearly ten minutes when I found her in one of the empty rooms laid out on the bed naked with her long beautiful legs spread, with a golden dildo being shoved in and out of her red hairy pussy.

To say I was shocked would be an understatement for sure. I think I just stood there in the door not knowing what to say or do. The sight of my beautiful s****r pleasuring herself is one that I will never forget. Her lovely body seemed to be all aglow as she pushed her toy deep inside her.

I had to catch my breath when I saw her body that was covered in sweat nearly come up off the bed as her hips bucked in a wild jester. My own body was having a reaction to the sight of my sweet s****r. I couldn’t resist touching myself, my heart raced with excitement at seeing my s****r’ beautiful naked body cum in sweet pleasure. I could not tear my eyes away as my hand found its way between my legs and into my panties.

As hard as I tried not touching myself, the sight of my s****r made it impossible. With my eyes closed I never noticed Nikki standing in from of me until I opened my eyes and saw her sweet sexy smile.

“Oh God Nikki I didn’t know where you were you were, I waited for you to come back to eat lunch, when you didn’t I came looking for you. I’m so sorry I…” Nikki quickly pressed two fingers to my lips, the look in her eyes and the sweet sexy smile she flashed said that she had something else in mind.

“What did you make for lunch?” she asked.

“Soup and sandwiches.” I said.

“Well I think I have something much better in mind for lunch.” she said as she slid her hand inside my panties.

Shocked, yes but I did nothing to stop her. I felt a finger trying to enter me as she pushed me against the well. Deep down I have always known that my s****r preferred a wet pussy over a hard dick. There were a few girls that I knew she had been with, but it was still a surprise that my s****r was really putting the moves on me. I tried to resist, saying no. it was wrong, and I knew it. But it felt too dam good to stop her.

Moving in close Nikki’s mouth covered mine in a long sweet kiss. Giving in to the newly passion that we had discovered our tongues found comfort and excitement. My body felt the hot fire of lust for the first time as Nikki pulled me into the room, pawing and ripping my cloths off. Pushing me down on the bed I saw the sparkle of lust in her eyes as she slowly cat crawled onto the bed.

Nikki took her place beside me, enjoying the sight of our naked bodies as we start to explore each other. I knew it was wrong what we were doing, but at the time it felt so good. Nikki and I shared another kiss as our hands played and discovered the sweetness of womanhood.

Kneeling at the end of the bed Nikki pulled my legs apart to find the fine dark hair of my thick bush was nearly standing up, as my body seems to scream out for her touch. I felt Nikki’s soft hands as they started to explore my awakening womanhood

Her hands felt so dam good, as my s****r took full control of me. Pulling my legs apart, Nikki used her fingers and tongue to open up my womanhood. My head told me to stop her, that it was wrong, but I could never get the words to come out of my mouth. In truth I didn’t want her to stop, and so I just laid there and relaxed and let Nikki have her way with me.

If there is one thing I learned about my s*s that day is that Nikki knows her way around the pussy. She repeatedly shoved two fingers in my wet pussy while her thumb played with my clit. I was so wet and turned on; I just laid back and enjoyed the moment.

The moments of fingering was soon followed by Nikki’s tongue invading my pussy. My God I nearly lost it when I felt her breaking thought my tight little slit. I loved the way her hands felt on my naked body as she explored every inch of me. Locking my fingers over my head and I let go of all my cares as I felt Nikki’s tongue swept over my inter walls. Licking my walls made me come alive, as I groaned in pleasure at the thought of Nikki taking me to a place that I had never been before.

The thought of being with a woman had never really entered my mind until that day with Nikki. It was as if Nikki had come along and had flipped a light switch, it was suddenly so clear that I would always have an attraction to women. Don’t get me wrong I love men, and a good hard cock is always preferred. But my time with Nikki showed me that my attraction and love for a woman’s body was not just some phase that I was going though, but it would be a lifelong journey with unseen happiness yet to come.

Nikki had giving something rare and beautiful, she had awaken apart of my sexually that might have lain dormant for years. As I lay in my s****r’s arms I wonder if I would be able to make a woman feel what Nikki had made me feel. My s****r was the perfect first time same sex lover for me. The thought that I could invoke feeling like that in another human being was mind blowing. The smile on my s****r’s face told me that she must have read my mind as she lightly caressed my face. “Its ok sweetheart, do with me as you will.”

As I have said before Nikki is a rare beauty, both inside and out. I wanted to give back to her a piece of what she had given me. A sense of calm and wholeness, and that it was alright to be who she is, who we are.

Her smile was as bright as sunlight itself. I rolled over on to my elbows and looked into her beautiful whiskey brown eyes that was filled with so much love, no words needed to be spoken between us, I saw it in her eyes, the need to give and receive love.

I gently caressed her soft sweet lips, lips that I was just dying to kiss again. I leaned in and our lips came together again. Our second round of love making with me taking the lead was exciting and scary all at the same time. Her naked body lay before me; stroking her soft skin she closed her eyes enjoying the feel of a human touch.

‘My God this was my s****r that I was about to make love to.’ the moment of clarity shot though my mind; could I really do it; and if I could how would this single act change us.

My answer came when I found it impossible to keep my hands off her beautiful body. Caressing her tits, taking her nipples between my fingers and giving them a light squeezes. Her hard rip nipples made my mouth water as I slowly began to lick and suck them. My pussy was so wet, and I needed to fuck. I caressed my fingers to her lips; I saw a slight smile as Nikki took my hand and moved them down her body. She opened her legs as my hand continued downward, and placed my hand between her legs.

I smiled knowing what she wanted me to do. I lubed two of my fingers by sticking them in my mouth and then jamming them in her wet pussy. Nikki let out a scream that nearly scared the shit out of me, however, I kept going. By now I was not only finger fucking her tight sweet fuck hole but my mouth was enjoying her nice rip hard nipples. I crawled between her open legs our wet hot pussies came together, kissing and fucking my big s****r was such an exciting experience, I had never felt that way with anyone else.

Once round two was over and we took a moment to recover, Nikki said that she had more to teach me, and that’s when she pulled out a box from under the bed. To my surprise Nikki had a box full of sex toys. She chose a double dildo for us to play with. I had never seen anything like it before, and by now I was willing to anything Nikki wanted to do.

Sitting on the floor naked and facing each other we inserted the double dildo into our pussies. As we rode our big red fake dick we both became very excited. The look on my sweet s****r’s face was very telling; she loved sex, no two ways about it. Over the years my relationship with Nikki has had its ups and downs, but there is one thing I am sure of is that my s****r will always be there whenever I am in need.
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7 months ago
Love it but you left no idea of you and her being black and doing this things..thats what I got from it!!!
2 years ago
THis was wonderful honey
2 years ago
2 years ago
2 years ago
Oh yes.......very Nice!
2 years ago
Mmmmm very sensual.