Mother Son

How well I do remember the first time I came home and caught my older b*****r Lee on top of our mother. The sight of him going the town on that pussy will stay with me well into my old age. I must have been around sixteen the day I walked in on mom and Lee fucking. I had just started having sex with both of my parents a month or two prior to that late fall afternoon.

I came home from school to fine the door to mom’s special room was half open, I noticed Lee’s school books sitting on the table, at that moment I heard my mother moans of pleasure coming from her room. I quietly walked to the open door and peeked in, and there was my mom on her back with legs spread and her twenty-one year old sucking the sweet juicy hole that he had came from.

I stood there watching my mother and b*****r pleasure each other. I knew that it did not take much for mom to get Lee into bed. The men in our f****y are all sexual b**st. My older b*****r had been raised in the lifestyle, our father began teaching his only son from an early age that sex was not dirty, and that love making was the most natural thing in the world to do.

As with all their k**s my parents lived a very open lifestyle before us. As the oldest Lee often would be in the room while our dad fucked our mom. The things my b*****r saw and learned from my parents open lifestyle helped too make him the kind of b*****r and son that you could depend on.

f****y always came first, as far as my big b*****r was concern there was nothing on earth that mend more to him then his f****y. My b*****r’s love for our mother is glorious to see. From the time that he was laid in her arms mom has always had a special love for her first born. How well I do remember all the times I heard my mother say just how proud she was of her big strong handsome son, and that how she was looking forward to making sure that he turns out to be the kind of man that any mother would be proud of.

Just as my father felt like it was his duty to teach his daughters how to be good wives and lovers, my mother thought it was only right that she should be her son’s first teacher and lover. The lessons started early for Lee. The fine art of wooing a woman, knowing how and when to give her pleasure was the focus of her teaching. She always knew that she would one day take her son into her bed, and there they would fine the sexual bliss that only a mother and son could share. However, before that special time of mating there must be a time for teaching.

As I have said before my b*****r’s training started early with him watching my parents make love. Seeing our parents naked was no big deal to us, it was normal. My mother has always had a beautiful body. Her five feet seven inch frame comes from both sides of her f****y. Her long dark brown hair and soulful black eyes is a perfect fit with her full kissable lips. She sported 36 double D tits that always turned the heads of most women, and nearly ever man she met. Her juicy round ass is a thing of beauty, at least that what my dad said. Her long shapely legs and thick thighs cradles’ the best pussy god ever made.

There were no rules as fur as touching ourselves or each other was concern. My parents open lifestyle made it very easy for us to play and explore our sexual nature. Lee started exploring my mother’s offerings at age fifteen that is when they started taking baths together. It was their own special time together after Lee came home from school.

Everyday she would be waiting for him, her sweet young man, as she called him. When she heard the back door slam telling her he was home. She sits waiting in her room that was designed for seduction. He knew right where to fine her, where she always sat waiting for him. She could hear him down stairs, she knew his routine. Throwing his coat and backpack on the dinning room table, he heads to the kitchen for a soda. Popping the can open he take a long swallow and heads up the back stairs to mother’s room. He knows she is there waiting, and ready to teach him.

He sees her standing there in her long silk red rope that is slightly open. He can see she has nothing on underneath. He greets her with a kiss on the cheek, but the look in her eyes tells him she expects more. He sits his soda on the nightstand and turn and takes mom in his arms as they share a long slow kiss.

Mother has taught him well; she has shown him just how to provoke pleasure in a woman. The combinations of his deep long slow kiss along with knowing just how and where to touch a woman’s body made resisting him impossible.

Her silk robe fines its place on the floor while Lee helps himself to his mother’s wanting body. They are both in heat; my mother’s need of a good strong cock is an on going craving for which she has no control over. My mother’s appetite for good cock was almost as strong as my dad’s appetite for good pussy.

Once mom and Lee had striped down to nothing, mom took her only son by the hand and lead him into her private bath. The bathroom was lit with candles and the smell of incenses fills the small room. A nice hot bath for two had already been drawn. Lee was the first to entire the tub, and then mom.

She sat between his open legs, with his hard cock pressed up against her back. She could feel his hardness as his cock caresses her back. He fines the sponge and soap and he begins to bathe her. For Lee this was the high point of his day, being with her. He loved her so, and there wasn’t anything that he would not do for her. As they sat enjoying the warm water Lee’s hands began to explore her sensual body. ‘He must have been the luckiest guy in the world.’ he thought to himself as his big hands glides down her arms. Kissing the back of her neck he moved down to her shoulders, his soft lips and tongue tasted the sweet scent of Japanese Cherry Blossom, it was mom’s favorite scent, and for some reason it seemed to drive all the men in the f****y wild with an untamed lust.

Slowly moving down her eager body Lee finds pleasure in his mother’s full breaths. Playing with her nipples as he had done in his younger years, only this time his growing hard on was adding new meaning to their play time. He loved the way they felt in his hands, caressing them, while his fingers pulled and played with her nipples as he slowly guided her to the edge bliss.

The feelings of pleasure that Lee brought out in mom was nearly indescribable. He had lit a fire of lust that burn deep within. She loved the feeling of his hands on her bare skin. Her body never felt more alive then when he slipped two fingers inside her.

Her slit was wet, and not just from the bath. The sexual heat that his fingers caused as they sled in and out of mom’s tight fuck hole drove her crazy. As he pushed deeper inside she could feel his dick grow even harder.

Up until this day Lee had never been inside mom, they had yet to fuck. My parents made an agreement that there would be no sexual intercourse with any of their k**s until we were in our teens. Mom had plan for a birthday fuck for Lee, his birthday was a week away. But as it happens in our f****y when it comes to sex, waiting is something that we cannot do.

Mom was so turned on by her soon to be sixteen year old son until the very thought of waiting for one whole week nearly drove her crazy. She wanted him. To be close to him and to feel him inside her again is all she wanted that day. She removed herself from the tub and grabbed a towel to dry herself off. She wrapped the towel around her and then she sat at the Victorian dressing table that my dad had brought her. Mom needed to calm down and gather her thoughts. She needed to control things, to set the pace to how things would play out.

As he sat in the tub Lee watched our mother as she applied baby oil to her brown tone skin. He loves to watch her as she prepares herself to be taking by him. She lowers the towel to add oil to her still yet perky breast. Licking his lips in pure youthful lust he watches as mom cascade down her well trim tummy, while he strokes his stiff manhood.

He removed himself from the tub never taking his eyes off the beautiful woman that sat before him. He was so young, but still he shows a level of maturity that amazed the mother who had raised him. Standing over her and gazing into her lovely brown eyes, he removed the pins and combs that held her hair in place. He loved to watch it fall around her shoulders, and his hands got lost is the dark locks.

He bent to kiss her soft full lips as he felt her hand capture his manhood. They share a long deep kiss as mom strokes my b*****r’s cock to full enjoyment. Knowing Lee was on the edge of popping mom take him fully in her mouth. She gives him endless pleasure as she sucks and strokes him. Mom was right, it didn’t take long for my big b*****r to pop, and soon her mouth was full with his sweet seed of life.

However, Lee wanted more. It was time, time for him to become a man and he wanted mom to be his first. He pulled her to her feet; she saw the look of hunger in his eyes. His need for her was close to unbearable. She took his hand and led him back to her bed. Caught up in another deep kiss mom pulled Lee down on top of her, and with their naked bodies coming together the sounds of raw passion felled the room.

With her legs spread and her body on fire, mom eagerly waited for Lee to enter her. His cock was so hard he could barely stand it. Started from her brow he lavished kisses on her, moving and working his way down his hands found pleasure in every curve and bump of her body.

The overwhelming love of parent and c***d soon took root as Lee’s cock slipped inside of our mother’s pussy. Lee could not believe just how wonderful it felt to be inside his mother again, as he began to pump her slowly at first as he searched for the core of her lust.

Moving in time to her son’s rhythm mom whipped herself around my b*****r letting him take her hard and fast as he pumped her pussy to pure pleasure. It was mom’s overwhelming sex drive that fed their passion and lust. At some point my b*****r lost it and blindly started pounded mom’s pussy harder and harder, there was no holding back or stopping him from enjoying our mother.

The screams of passion echoed through out the room as Lee’s fifteen year cock give his mother’s pussy the pleasuring of a lifetime.

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1 year ago
Great story, extremely hot and horny
1 year ago
very good story may be next chapter the 3 of you could get involved with each other
1 year ago
great story - love the sex-play in the bath, I was hoping your brother might take her there
1 year ago
awesome but tell about the rest of the family
1 year ago
very hot. thanks
1 year ago
What a fabulous age for a young, thriving and horny young man to find the one true love of his life in the return to the womb that bore him almost sixteen years prior!!! The mother. The son. The passion. The love. The soul and spirit connection. Mix, stir and the outcome is one mother-fucking sensual and passionate joining of bodies, and souls and mother/son love as lovers all consuming in the lust for each other! Nothing on God's Green Earth, or universe, any more humble or more suited to couple and combine their souls!!!
2 years ago
A great story and one which is so natural and good for all. Who is better placed than a parent to teach their children the ways of sex and love.
2 years ago
With this seemingly, totally committed incestual family, why is that we have one short, overview of one aspect of their familial goings-on?

The subject of this story is a top-rated attraction for mother's and son's early-on sexual training and explorations. Very, VERY HOT action--for the limited time devoted to this session. This short story should extend to other incestual activites of this family, especially since every one in the family is involved and "doing it". After all we readers of incestual sex activity would be interested in continuing sagas and/or stories!
2 years ago
good story here
2 years ago
Very good story. Had to really pace myself to get all the way through it. More please.