If I had to describe myself or the life that I have lived up until this point I would say that I have known the pleasure of the flesh to be the greatest part of my life. Some might say that I have been damaged by my up bring, but how can having the complete love and devotion of two loving parents be wrong?

Yes the title of my story is correct, I am an i****t whore; having fucked nearly forty members of my f****y, watch includes my mother and father, my two b*****rs and four s****rs. Grandfathers, nearly all my uncles and a few aunts, and a host of cousins thrown in, yes I can proudly say that I am the Johnston f****y whore.

It all started with my mother Sadie, who is not only the most beautiful woman that God ever made, and I do mean both inter beauty as well as outer, but she is also my role model of what a good wife and mother should be. She brought all the love and true f****y values that she had grown up with to her own f****y. I remember hearing the story of the first time that her father took her to his bed and how wonderful it felt to be loved.

Sex was never a dirty word in our f****y, nor was the act of sex. My mother learned that the first time my grandfather put his cock inside her pussy. I can still recall the look of joy on mom’s face as she told how she was taken to her parent’s bed and presented to her father. It was her mother that had groomed her from a young age that she would one day take her rightful place in her father’s bed. My grandmother told her daughter that it was her duty as a loving daughter to give herself to her father, and that as a father it was his right to take her when it was time.

She was no more then s*******n years old the night Grandma brought her to Grandpa the first time. Grandpa always made it a rule just before he took a young girl for the first time that he not have sex for at least a month. Mom said Grandpa stuck to his game plan, telling her that he had not had sex in over a month so he would be able to give her all the pleasure she could handle.

Mom said that Grandpa proved to be a man of his word that night as he took her young body. According to mom and as I can attests to when I started fucking Grandpa myself he is a man that knows how to keep a woman coming back for more. Grandpa was a fine looking man in his day, and even now is his golden years he is still as sexy as hell. He knew how to woo a woman into his bed, but more importantly he knew how to use the nearly nine inch pleasure tool that God gave him.

In my mind’s eye I could almost see my mom as she lay with her first lover. My Grandpa was always very gentle first time lover; as a girl hearing my mother’s story I could almost feel his big soft hands as they caressed her young tender body. I can imagine Grandpa removing mom’s robe and the sight of her lovely fresh young body for the first time. I know she took his breath away as he laid her down in his bed.

As he lay beside her Grandpa found my mother’s ample 36C cup breast a delight as he explored her soft brown skin. My mother describe the pure enjoyment of exploring her father’s strong manly body by slowly undressing him; starting by removing his undershirt and then the white cotton briefs thereby reveling the strong well build man she knew him to be.

They were both in awe of each other as father and daughter stood naked face to face. Pulling her into his arms for their first real adult kiss mom and Grandpa took their yearning for each other to the next level.

Filled with all the fire and passion of a new love Grandpa took my mother to his bed. Sliding between her open legs he starts by wooing her with soft kisses and tender touching. Mom said that she and Grandpa were in no rush, he insist that they had all the time in the world to play and explore.

Her soft skin felt like silk as his big hands explored every inch of her young body. Her body shook with the excitement of knowing that he would soon be inside her. His fingers soon found the outer petals of her pussy so smooth to his touch, as he open her and taste her sweet nectar.

Her body was ready for lovemaking. Grandpa never gave a second thought to what he was about to do, he was so aroused that nothing outside of an act of God could have stopped him. He lowered himself on top of her, with her legs spread, he took his thick fully aroused cock, and buried it deep inside my mother.

Mom said that once he was in her pussy there was no holding him back, Grandpa pounded her pussy to an erotic bliss; the kind of bliss that she had never known before or since, not even with my father.

My mother became her father’s lover that night, thereby insuring the fate of our f****y’s history. As I have stated before my mother brought the values that she had grown up with into her own marriage and f****y. As the oldest c***d of my parents it was I who received the first lessons in Johnston f****y values.

I must have been no more then sixteen years old the first time I caught my mother in bed with her older b*****r Steve. I have always thought of my Uncle Steve as a very kind and caring man, who would do anything for his f****y. He is two years older then my mother, and shortly after Grandpa took mom her first time, it was then Uncle Steve’s turn.

Mom has always had a great sexual connection with Uncle Steve, and has always regarded him as one of her best lovers. It was at our f****y cabin on a hot summer night the first time I saw mom and Uncle Steve fuck. We had gathered for some holiday, the fourth of July, or maybe Labor Day. We had at been down by the lake all afternoon. It was during this time that I realize that there was nothing typical about my f****y.

It really all started when I saw my father flirting with my Aunt Dana. Aunt Dana is mom’s younger s****r, and is someone that my dad has always had a thing for. In fact Aunt Dana was my dad’s wedding present from my mom. You see the night before my parents got married my mom brought Aunt Dana to my dad’s apartment and said that he could fuck her but only if she could watch. My dad is no fool, he was not about to turn down a piece of free eighteen year old pussy. According to mom Aunt Dana was a well seasoned whore, thanks to Grandpa, and their b*****rs.

Earlier that day at the lake I had seen daddy and Aunt Dana slip away from the rest of the f****y, being a rather noise c***d at the time I followed them. I hid behind some bushes and watched as daddy penned Aunt Dana up against a tree. Kissing her and running his hands up the short blue jean skirt she was wearing, I saw him rip away the black thong she was wearing.
I heard her cry out several times as his fingers invaded her soft hairy pussy. Daddy was like a wild man who hadn’t seen a piece of pussy in years as he whipped out his cock and shoved it hard into Aunt Dana. Fucking her hard and long I started to see my father in a whole new light.

As I watched Aunt Dana take nearly all nine inches of my dad’s cock I realized that my father was a man who had great sexual energy; I think my mom knew from the very beginning that she would have to share dad with other women, that was just fine with her, as long as she got her chance to play around too. The fact that they had an open marriage seems to suit them just fine.

A few hours after watching dad and Aunt Dana take great joy and confront in each other I soon discovered that my mom was finding her own slice of happiness in the bed of her b*****r Steve.

It was just about dusk and our f****y partying was in full swing. Several of my cousins made no bones about the fact that they were sexually attractive to each other and wanted to be together. I had lost track of my mother, after seeing dad bang Aunt Dana I was not so sure what I should think or feel. As far as I knew my parents were very happy together, at least they never said anything to make me believe anything different.

I really wanted some time alone to think about what I has seen go down between dad and Aunt Dana, not that I was going to tell mom, but I really wanted to understand what this meant to our f****y.

I decided to go back to the cabin that I was sharing with mom and dad. As I left the lake I saw dad and grandpa sitting together laughing and talking, and enjoying their favorite beer. Over the years when I think back to the day I often wonder what they were talking about; was it some boring ass sports talk, or were they comparing the women that they have had. After all they have shared at least two women, mom and Aunt Dana.

When I got to our cabin I noticed that the lights were out, it had just gotten dark and I had to feel my way though the front door. Once inside I found the end table and switched on the lamp by my dad’s easy chair. I sat down in the old chair that my dad loved so much. As I sat there trying to gather my thoughts on what had happed between dad and Aunt Dana I heard my mom scream out my Uncle Steve’s name. “Oh god Steve your cock feels so good inside me.”

The sound of my mother’s screams scared the holy shit out of me as I ran down the hall to help mother. As I got closer to the sound of my mother’s cries I realized that her cries were not one of stress or fright, but it was an erotica cry of joy.

As I approached the half open door to the bedroom that my parents shared I peeped into the dimly lit room where I saw my mother riding her b*****r’s cock for all it was worth. I could not believe I was seeing, first dad and Aunt Dana, and now mom and Uncle Steve, what hell was going on?

While I might have been a bit confused, still looking back I can remember being excited and turned on at the sight of my mother fucking her own b*****r. I considered turning away, but the sight of my mother and her b*****r fucking was just to compelling.

I stood just at the door and watched as my Uncle Steve laid my mother on her back, as she spreads her legs for him. Uncle Steve wasted no time in going for what he was after as he crawled between her open legs and pushed his way inside her. Mom let out a piercing scream as her b*****r pumped her pussy over and over again. The fact that all the men on mom’s side of the f****y are very well hug has always been a plus for us girls. Uncle Steve’s nearly nine inch cock was giving my mother great pleasure.

Some weeks had gone by and I hadn’t said a word to mom or dad about what I saw go down between my parents and my aunt; and my uncle, I thought it was best to just keep my mouth shut. However, the sight of my parent’s activities stayed with me, as my own sexually began to awaken.

I was no more then sixteen years old when my dad first touched me, in that special way. It was a hot summer night and mom had been working a lot of overtime hours at her job. I remember money being very tight that summer, dad had been laid off about five months and it had been real hard for him to fine work. Up until this time my dad had always been the bread winner for his f****y. The fact that my mom had to go out and get a job for the first time in their eighteen year old marriage had put a strain on their marriage.

It was during this time that I begin to spend more of my time with my dad, mom and I agreed that he needed me, and that it was my duty to make sure that he felt like the same loving father that he has always been.

I knew what was expected of me, however the point was driven home the day mom took me to the doctor and she put me on the pill. The night that my father begin to pursue my innocence was a night that I will surly never forget. Mom had been working nights for about two months, and as I recall and was later told my parents, they hadn’t had sex for close to two months, a shocking revelation for sure.

On nights when mom had to work the over night shift dad and I would spend time watching our favorite T.V. shows, we would cuddle in my dad’s big brown leather easy chair. I remember sitting on daddy’s lap, I was wearing my little pink baby doll pajamas. It was after our favorite detective show went off that daddy made his move. Daddy had been lightly caressing my legs, my back, and other parts of my body all evening. I didn’t think much of it until he put his hand found the inside of my pajamas bottom.

At first I froze, not knowing what to do or say, the fact that my father wanted me was kind of a shock, but once he did not remove his hand, instead he moved in kissing the back of my neck, as his hand found comfort in my hairless pussy.

“I know your mother has talked to you about coming to my bed when the time came. I know she has told you about our f****y lifestyle, and about how daddies love their little girls, I need you tonight baby, I need my little girl.”

Nothing else had to be said, I knew what I had to do. I looked into my dad’s big puppy dog brown eyes; the thought of me not giving my dad what he needed was no longer a question. My dad had been the best father in the world to me, I owed him more then I could ever repay. And mom was right, he needed to feel like the same loving father that he had always been.

I stood up and smiled, while pulling down the t straps to my baby doll pajamas. Still sitting in his chair daddy reached out and took me in his arms. Drawing me in while I wrapped my arms around his neck daddy buried his face between my breast. I weaved my fingers though his salt and pepper hair as I felt him take one of my hard erect nipples in his mouth, while he tenderly played with the other.

The rest of my pajamas soon hit the floor as daddy picked up my naked body and laid me of the floor. I watched as he removed his t shirt and his boxers. With my legs spread wide for him, daddy crawled between my legs. Daddy lay on top of me as we shared our first erotica kiss.

His hands were all over me, my tits, my ass; I had never seen this side of my father before. I could feel his hard erect cock as it slid down my tummy. I felt daddy push my legs apart as he drove into me as my pussy lips unfolded.

I let out a loud scream as daddy busted my cherry. He was relentless as he took my body over and over again. He pounded, squeezed, and sucked ever hole. My first organism was about to hit, and all I could do was to hang on for dear life.

“Oh daddy, daddy, please, please.” Is all I could say.

“Oh baby girl this is so fucking good, my baby girl got some good pussy for her daddy.” he said as he continued to pump and pump my pussy, over and over again.

We fucked for nearly an hour there on the living room floor, before we both came. Huffing and puffing, daddy said I wore him out that first round, but we still had many more rounds to go before we called it a night.

On the second round daddy gave me my first lesson in cock sucking, and daddy reciprocated and ate my pussy until his hart was content.

Mom had the next few days off, and after hearing about the wonderful time that daddy and I had had, she surly did not want to be left out. The next night mom made a special diner for dad and me. Dad and I had made love all afternoon, when it was time to take a break, mom made sure that she would have her time with me when we started back up.

After diner daddy decided to go cheek in on my grandpa, Mom and I hadn’t had any alone time since she had started working. My mom and I have always been very close; we have always been able to talk about anything, including sex.

I have never been the kind of daughter who thinks that her parents never had sex. My parents lived a very open sex life in front of me, and so it was no surprise to mom to know that dad and I had become lovers. However, she still wanted her turn, and tonight would be our time.

Once dad was headed off to see grandpa, mom and I finished cleaning the kitchen, then we headed to mom’s bedroom. When I was growing up we lived in a three bedroom house. There was my parent’s room, my room, and a spire room for guess; however, it was mainly used by my mom that is where she would bring her lovers.

I loved being in that room, it had an early eighteenth century feel to it, with its levanter walls, antique furniture and a big brass bed. There were always fresh cut flowers from mom’s garden. There was always a romantic setting to the room.

That night was not the first time that I had been in that room, however, it was the first time that I had been in there as mom’s lover. I could still see the look n my mother’s beautiful brown eyes. As I have said before my mother is a beautiful woman, at five foot-eight inches, her one hundred-twenty pound frame mixed well with thirty-six d tits, and her well rounded hips. She almost always wore her shoulder length black hair up in a French roll, her make-up always flawless, and as I would discover latter that night her thick hairy pussy would leave me breathless and wanting more.

Our first kiss was soft and gentle. Mom wanted to make sure that my first time with a woman be a beautiful and memorable moment. We took our time and undressed each other. My mother’s curviest body was a work of art and beauty that went beyond description. She allowed me to explore every inch of her beauty.

Her soft brown skin felt like silk to my fingertips, her full and large breast was round and still very firm. I kissed her tender lips once more before I laid her down. Mother opened her legs and I crawled between them, our bodies came together as captured one of her tits in my mouth. Sucking and stroking my way down the body that gave me life, I was about to enter her once more.

Kissing her sweet pussy lips I then parted then. Her beautiful pink pussy was a sight to behold as I took my first taste. I heard mom began to moan as my tongue begins to find pleasure in what mom had to offer. My fingers join in as I gave her a real good finger fuck. My mother’s screams of pleasure filled the room as I was somehow able to hit her G spot just right.

“Oh baby you have made mama feel so good.”

We laid in each other arms loving and caressing each other. I can still feel her lips on my shoulder, back, and neck, as we began another round of love making.

As I had done the night before for my dad I opened my legs wide for mom, as she lovingly kissed her way down my body. Once again I had stepped over that line, from a loving daughter to lover. Mom covered my body with hers. Pussy to pussy, our bodies begin to fine the comfort and joy that we were seeking.

Licking and sucking my pussy until I could not think pass my own lust; my mother would soon give me another surprise that would leave me begging for mercy. Over in the corner of my mother’s room sat her toy box. My mom loves her sex toys. She has often pleasured herself for hours with her dildos and vibrators. Leaving our bed of lust I saw mother go to her toy box and retrieve her golden strap-on.

At the time I had no idea how many women mother had pleasured big Willie with, but now it was my turn. Pulling my legs apart mom crawled between my legs, she laid on top of me while she sucked on one of my hard nipples as she rammed Big Willie into me with full f***e.

“OH MOM, MOM.” I cried out as she pushed Willie deeper inside me. I could feel my ever growing organism build and build as mom invaded my pussy. I don’t know if it was the fact that I was with my mother, or if I was just with another woman for the first time that made me feel so dam good, but what ever it was I surly never wanted it to stop.

The first wave of pleasure hit and hit again and again. I nearly lost my mind from the wonderful feels of love and lust. After mom pulled out of me, she made perfectly clear that it was now my turn up at bat.

I went over to the toy box in search for the perfect tool. I found just what I was looking for, a little pink finger vibrator that if used right, it would drive mom crazy. Placing it on my index finger I walked back to the bed, with my hand behind my back, so not to spoil my surprise, I ask mother to lie back, close her eye, and open her legs. Mom just smiles, and complies with my request.

Taking my place in bed I kissed mom’s sweet lips as I caressed her skin with my index finger. From the look on her face I could tell that she was place with my chose. Mom simply laid back and relaxed, knowing that she was in good hands.

Running my fingers up her inter thigh I saw the sweet anticipation on mom’s face as my finger approached her sweet hole. The very moment that I made contact with her clit; I could tell that mother was in for a wonderful ride. Her clit was very sensitive and it nearly drove her mad when I played with her clit, with my index finger clad vibrator.

I decided to give mother a real treat as I rest the vibrator on her clit I opened her pussy lips and started licking and finger fucking her sweet, sweet pussy. That did it, I send my mother into a sexual frenzy, and over the edge she went bucking and screaming for mercy.

Oh baby don’t, please don’t, don’t do mama this way.” I heard her say.

“Who are you k**ding, I know you love it.” I said as I shoved two fingers into her dripping wet cunt.

I saw my mother in her true light that night; she was a whore, a sex addict and my role mole, I couldn’t be prouder.

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5 months ago
Sir, i deeply enjoyed reading Your comment. I ABSOLUTELY agree with You: The classification of consensual, respectful, family-oriented LOVE as annormal is irrational, inhuman and repressive and nearly as grotesque and blasphemous as the ideology of the IS in the middle east....On they slay, playing god,those enemies of life,but I still have a dream, of a world of wisdom, tolerance, love and spirituality, a world that LIVES......
1 year ago
1 year ago
I haven't had time to finish reading this one yet, but I like it so far.
1 year ago
Beautiful story about a loving open famiily. Well written. You look lovely btw.
1 year ago
Very hot, well written story. It took me on a journey of lust lol yum yum xx
1 year ago
very special family. loved it
1 year ago
great story, wonderful visualization
1 year ago
There's a whole lotta love in this family. Sex is not taboo; it's out in the open, as much of their lives as their daily meals, chores and other ordinary obligations. And they have Love, LOVE and L-O-V-E!!! All family-oriented, respected, respectful and honored! And, it's called I-N-C-E-S-T, incest, and they honor it, they love it, they practice it and they respect it.

And the nearly forty fucks the young lady has enjoyed? Nothing in the world wrong with forty fucks! Her endeavors just happen to be within the close confines of her family circle. The only thing unnatural and not normal?? Society has determined that having any sexual experience with the same blood line of any family members is wrong! Why??? I'm a devout Baptist christian all my live, there are a few things in the faith I don't agree with, and I have no problem in my heart and soul with incest. My ONLY condition? As long as each person is not harmed physically nor emotionally, and willing to participate, go for it!
2 years ago
wow... good good stuff
2 years ago
That's so great!
Could you write another story about the other encounters with your other aunts and cousins?
2 years ago
Awesome story sweetie.Love it :)
2 years ago
Lovely story, your upbringing is very similar to mine and it isn't wrong. Love it. Thank you
2 years ago
Very well written, got me a bit wet, to say the least. Let's see some more please
2 years ago
Comment left on P/M.

Everyone experience sex in different ways, but when it's done by two people who are lost, it's not going to be the best experience.

If you ever do it first with someone mature & know what there doing, it leaves with a different look on sex & lust. One key thing is the absence, before the deflowering leaves the male more in tune to leave pleasure & lust too.

Lovely story, it sucks that X-ham censors the stories.

¡ Thanks !
2 years ago
porns should be made on this stories.
2 years ago
Continue writing, you have a gift for it. very hot
2 years ago
2 years ago
2 years ago
Very hott! Well done!
2 years ago
Damn I love your stories !!
2 years ago
realy good