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I have known from an early age that I am a pussy lover. My sexually has never been in question, I love men. I love being around them, and most of all I love fucking them. However when I say that I love pussy it means that when ever I see another woman’s pussy I get so turned on that the thought of fucking a woman is all I think about.

I was in my mid to late teens when I got into adult entertainment, I loved sneaking into my older b*****r’s room and finding his well hidden stash of Playboy and Penthouse and flipping though the pages of beautiful women with thei... Continue»
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Hi my name is Stacy and I just turned sixteen years old two weeks ago. But it was last week when I was send by my mom to go spent a week with my grandfather that I received the greatest gift that any woman could received from a man, you see my grandfather popped my cherry last week. This was not the first time that my grandfather had taken a young cherry. Both my mother and my older s****r had their cherries popped by our dear sweet father and grandfather.

You see the women in our families have been giving up our pussies to our fathers and grand... Continue»
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My darling granddaughter, I have just received your letter this morning, and as I sat on the porch swing reading the beautiful words that you have put to paper, I can still see your beautiful face that first morning when you arrived. You looked so much like your mother, and for a moment or so I was back in time, seeing my beautiful Sadie when she was your age. The minute you walked though my front door I knew that we were in for an incredible week of passion. Yes your mother sent you here knowing full well that I would never be able to keep my hands off you. I lov... Continue»
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I got some awesome news yesterday that someone is going to help me get my ebook published, so I'm going to be taking a time out to write my book. I want too thank all the readers who have left comments on my stories, both good and bad, you guys have made my a much better writer. Here's wishing you great love and great sex.

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Some of you tried to chat with me last night and I didn't get back to because I was on my kindle and it was the first time that I logged on here using my kindle fire. Need time to work with, so hit me back the next time you see me.
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Confessions 4
The Great Mother Daughter Swap

My Aunt Dana and my mother have always been very close. My mother’s younger s****r has always been a free spirit. My mom and her s****r shared a sexual energy that was established at an early age. Growing up my mother and my aunt Dana were my grandfather’s special girls.

Grandpa had started with his girls when they were young. At first it was more or less innocent fun. A touch would soon turn into a cuddle; a cuddle would soon turn into a kiss on the cheek. A kiss on the cheek would lead to an open mouth kiss, or a squeeze of the ass. It... Continue»
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Dear Grandpa, it’s been a week since I have last seen you, and I can’t tell you how much I miss you. Our long walks in the woods, and talking about our wonderful loving f****y.
But more then missing see your handsome face each day, I miss waking up in your arms every morning after a night of wonderful love making.

I now know why mom send me to you, she wanted me to have the same kind of love that you give her, when she was my age. A man that would show me how to love. I will always hold the time that we spent together close to my heart. The first time that we came together will always be ... Continue»
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A tie, I can't remember the last time I gave my father a tie on his special day. My dad and I have never had the normal father/daughter relationship. I think from the very beginning it was his intent to get in my pussy as soon as I was old enough. That I would be his to own and posses and to be used however way he saw fit.

From the time that I was f******n years old I have been my father's favorite sex toy. I was taught from a young age that what I possessed between my legs would carry much favor among the men in my f****y. Both sides of my f****y are heavily into i... Continue»
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It had been well over a year since Dave had seen his s****r and his niece. He had been working really hard at his job and had not made much time for his f****y.

Dave had decided to go spend a few days in Miami where his s****r and her daughter Anita lived. It had been close to two years since his first encounter with his lovely niece. He had spent the last few days thinking about the sexy nineteen year old, and all the things he had planned to do to her sweet sexy body. Dave never bothered to call to say that he was coming for a visit; he thought that it would be best... Continue»
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Confessions part 3

It had only been a few weeks, but it had been the best weeks of my life. I had become my parent’s recent conquest, their sex slave; it was a role that I happily played night after night.

One early Sunday morning right before day break I heard my bedroom door open. My room was nearly dark, except for the dawn of a new day that shone through the cracks of my blinds. I felt the covers as they were lifted and my father climbed into bed with me. I felt his fingers brush back my hair from my shoulder to fine the spot that he loved so much. Softly kissing t... Continue»
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[Story] s****r NIKKI

MY s****r NIKKI

My s****r Nikki and I have a wonderful relationship, growing up I could not have asked for a better big s****r. Nikki is the eldest of my parents four c***dren, and I am the youngest, with my two b*****rs in the middle, I guess you could say that Nikki and I are the too book ends of our f****y.

As the eldest Nikki always felt that it was her duty to keep us k**s in line when our parents were not around. She was very bossy with a hair trigger temper when things did not go her way watch out. Nikki and I are nine years apart in age and as a big s****r she felt it was her ... Continue»
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The holiday season has always been an important time for my f****y; it’s the time when we all gather together at our f****y cabin for some much needed bounding time. I come from a rather large f****y, and nearly every branch has all taking up the f****y traditions of i****t.

The tradition of i****t go as far back to my great grandfather who had six daughters all of watch he happily bedded. My grandfather along with his four c***dren will carry our f****y banner well into the next generation.

Our f****y gathering is where most of the ... Continue»
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Mother Son

How well I do remember the first time I came home and caught my older b*****r Lee on top of our mother. The sight of him going the town on that pussy will stay with me well into my old age. I must have been around sixteen the day I walked in on mom and Lee fucking. I had just started having sex with both of my parents a month or two prior to that late fall afternoon.

I came home from school to fine the door to mom’s special room was half open, I noticed Lee’s school books sitting on the table, at that moment I heard my mother moans of pleasure coming from her roo... Continue»
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It had been six months since my f****y was brought back together. Mom had moved back in with daddy and I, and we are happy again. The tight bound of love that I share with both my parents has grown even stranger due to the nature of our unconventional life style. The fact that loving my f****y has no bouncers’ and that sex is the only true expression of love.

We were very excited about having mom back home again. I am very grateful that I am able to maintain such a close and loving relationship with my mother, the fact that we are not j... Continue»
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Uncle Dave’s Homecoming

Eleven fifteen she thought as she looked at the clock on the V.C.R. Dam I’m not going to get the beach today. Anita had been looking forward to a day at the beach with friends from school for weeks. It was a hot summer’s day in Miami and instead of going to the beach party that she had planed, she was on her way to the airport to pick up her Uncle Dave, a man she hadn't seen in five years.

As Anita took the 405 freeway out to Sky Harbor Airport she wonders if she would even remember what he looked like, after all she was only eleven years old when he took a j... Continue»
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She could suck a dick better then her mom ever could when she was her age. Dave had discovered his niece’s talents on his first trip home in the summer of 86. Anita had just turned eighteen and she had not seen her uncle in over five years. It was a shock for both of them to realize the attraction that was between them, it was nothing short of pure lust when ever they were even in the same room together.

Christine, Anita’ mom and Dave’s s****r was more then aware of the pleasure that her b*****r could give a woman, he had giving her many hours of such pleasure a... Continue»
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If I had to describe myself or the life that I have lived up until this point I would say that I have known the pleasure of the flesh to be the greatest part of my life. Some might say that I have been damaged by my up bring, but how can having the complete love and devotion of two loving parents be wrong?

Yes the title of my story is correct, I am an i****t whore; having fucked nearly forty members of my f****y, watch includes my mother and father, my two b*****rs and four s****rs. Grandfathers, nearly all my uncles and a few aunts, and a host of cousins thro... Continue»
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