Rainy Days

It’s a cold Snowy February Friday in Michigan. Cold by anybody’s standards with snow forecasted for the
weekend. I had to work this particular day so you just decide to hangout until I got home. Its noontime and
you’ve just got out of the shower wearing a frumpy terry robe when I call. “Hello” you answer. “Hey Janis,
I just wanted to call you and let you know how happy I am that you’re here,” I say to you. We chat briefly
and you go to sit in front of the TV. You thumb through my DVD's when the phone rings again. It’s me,

“I’m coming home.” “Why”, you question me. I respond, “I want to be where you are.”

I pull up into the drive and you hear the key in the door. I enter to see you standing at the top of the stairs in
the same robe. Surprised, I stop right there briefly… our eyes lock… and you drop the robe over your
shoulders to reveal to me a long white gown with a split up to your hip… the spaghetti strings strain to hold
your breast in. Your nipples, enlarged point directly at me… then you turn and I see that the back of the
gown stops a half-inch above your ass as you walk towards the bedroom… I follow in hot pursuit… when I
reach the bedroom my pants and my shirt is completely unbuttoned… no sock, no shoes. Your sitting on
the bench at the foot of the bed… legs wide open… gown hiked above your waist… you pat you pussy and
motions for me to come closer… I do. You inch closer to the edge of the bench… moving to undo my pants
and I stop you… I pull you up to me and against me and I kiss you… our kiss is so full of passion that we
both moan with pleasure… I pull the spaghetti strings down off your shoulders and drop the gown to the
floor…exposing that goddess like body… “On you belly I tell you… you climb into the bed and lay
completely flat on your belly… I remove the remainder of my clothes… from the foot of the bed I enter
dragging my body across yours… my chest on the back of your legs… across your ass… chest to back…
when I stop my dick rest comfortably between your ass cheeks. Backwards I entwine our fingers and
hands… I begin to nibble on your neck… and that spot right there between your neck and shoulder. You
begin to squirm with pleasure… our hands still locked together… we begin to flail them slowly up and
down the bed to a private rhythm. I let go and begin to slide down your back slowly never removing my
chest from your body. Kissing and caressing you all the way down to your ass…kissing, nibbling, and
caressing your ass like a true lover. Further down I go nibbling and caressing the backs of your thighs…
you part your legs slightly as an invitation… but I’m not ready yet. I continue sliding down to the backs of
your knees with nibbles and caresses… all the way down to the backs of your ankles I nibble and massage.
I take your leg and bend it at the knee… then take your big toe and stick it in my mouth… very conscious
to give all ten toes attention. Then I start my slide back up. Your legs are still parted… I reach your ass and
return to my nibbling and caressing… and with one hand take my middle finger and insert it into your
pussy. I take my thumb and index finger I massage your clit… you gyrate and moving your body
aggressively until you climax on my hand… I return back up your body. When I reach your shoulders I
place my cock at the walls of your pussy… and again entwine our fingers… then I enter you…with slow
deliberate strokes I penetrate you going deeper with each stroke until you’ve taken all I have to offer. You
raise your hips from the bed to give me all of you. My strokes become more frequent as the sensation of a
perfectly sized penis is finally matched to its equaled vagina. Still chained together by our fingers you pull
our arms underneath you’re chin… and say, “harder baby”. To that directive I fully comply and begin to
thrust my manhood deep inside you love with aggressive passion… soon after you softly moan and your
body begins its ritual and starts to shudder as you cum…

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