mother and son

Helo this is my first storie plz comment.
My friends name is Charly almost like your everyday person. He would go to the gym sometimes, 17, 5ft10, slim, black hair and blue eyes. His mum name is Ammandda on th other hand was not like your everyday women but better she was 37, brown eyed and slim the look 10/10.

"helo love how was school"
"shit as always"

charly was the only man in the house and his mom was to soft on him so he did
what he wanted.

"oh right ok. why dont you and get changed im making dinner"
"ye fine"

30 min later Ammandda shouts down her son for dinner there is no answer so she trys again and same thing happend. So she take his plate to his room as she heared him crying.

So she knocks on the door and lets him know his food by the door.
as she was walking down the stairs she heared a slight littel noise that sounded like 'oh yea' nowing what he is doing she gose to eats her dinner.
Half way through her dinner she desides to go and check on him as she never heared the door open. She see's the plate and pick it up and knocks on the door.
she dose this three time and on the last knock she say:

"hun if you dont answer im coming in"
no answer.

as she opens the door slowly just incase hes angry she see him masturbing at the same time watching porn on his bed. In shoock she drops the plate and he covers up at the same time swearing.

"hay hun its ok its just natural"
"easy for you to say"
"well not really hun because after you dad left when you were to i never had a mand to have sex with so I do it"
"thats sick"
"why its just natrual"

she could she he was upset and and embrassed of being caught she she tried to make him feel better.

"to be onist mum its not natural to get caught by your mum is it"
"ye true but you no I masturbate and as well if it makes you feel better you bigger than your dad."
"thats sick and thank"
"and anyway like i dont hear your bed go when mine is"

as she gose to walk out the room the porn video starts but with the sound up. she turns and sees her son going going for it... again. she walks over and watches the video with him for a second and all of a sudden she feels wet. not being able to controll her self she grabs her sons cock and blows him away.

he looks down a say "mum". at the same time giving him a blow job she moves the laptop away and start rubbing her pussy. After 5 mins she stops and strip show her 26C dark nippeled boobs.

"come on hun ive seen u spy on me"

and then she start jumping down on him. After 15mins with out no warning hes lets out his warm seed in her.

"im sorry it felt so good"
"it ok sorry about that son"
"its alright ive been waiting for you to be my first"

and then he turn his mum over and went for it again.
52% (11/10)
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1 year ago
It's nice, go read my stories!!
1 year ago
The makings of a great story,,,,but take your time,,add more detail,,,and check your spelling and grammar,,,,it'll be worth it as you'll get loads more readers and positive comments.
1 year ago
nice but should have more details & longer
2 years ago
Very nice
2 years ago
i love family time :)