My experience with my sister - first story

This is a bit of taboo fiction and my first attempt at a story leave comments please

My s****r and I
Summer was just starting to arrive and the holidays were here! Me and my s****r had nothing to do but go out with our friends and enjoy our life! It was about June time when our encounter happened and it was a warm day and jade had been sunbathing all day in her bikini and I was busy with my dad erecting the swimming pool. I kept glancing over at her in her bikini and she wasn’t ever the best looking neither the fittest but for some reason starting at her breasts covered in that little bit it of cloth exited me. I kept looking to see if I could see a nipple but nothing it just ended up with me having an awkward boner. After we had finished building the pool my dad started to fill it up and I went to go get changed so I could jump in it! Around the same time jade got a text and when she was reading it she got all excited and giggled to herself and she jumped up and used the excuse that she was getting too hot so she was going for a shower and she ran off up the stairs. When I walked past her bedroom door on the way to get changed I could hear her phone making the camera shutter noise so I was intrigued. After I got changed jade had jumped in the shower so I ran in to her room and looked for her phone. Right there on the bed I grabbed it and looked through her pictures and I found multiple pictures of her naked and playing with herself.

After looking at them and studying every inch of her naked body I could feel my cock getting rock hard, not caring about time I just sat there going from one to the other looking at how many fingers she had inside herself and how wet she was! During this time I didnt notice her finishing up in the shower unlocking the door and walking down the hall way! She rushed in in just her towel and saw me staring at her phone! “What are you doing” she screamed at me I looked up shocked and dropped the phone back on the bed. I…I…. I’m sorry! I was just looking I’m sorry, yea well you should have been! She then went to grab her phone and forgot she was holding up a towel she grabbed the phone and the towel shot to the floor embarrassed she bent over and picked it up. When she went to stand up she looked at my groin! Wow someone is excited! Oh yea sorry I said shocked and squirming to hide it. No don’t worry let the flag fly! And she pulled my hands away!
Wow it’s like a tent under there! Did those pictures get you excited?
Yes I’m sorry I’ve not seen a woman's body like that before!
What was your favourite one then?
The one where you opened your pussy lips and I could see it all wet
Well it’s wet now… if you’d like a real look?
I then got very shy and didn’t really say anything I just looked at the floor and round the room trying to avoid saying yes and being tricked into being a creepy b*****r
‘Don’t worry’ she said as she jumped onto the bed ‘look’ she pulled apart the towel at the bottom and opened up her legs. I looked up and saw it, it looked dripping wet I had never seen one before I was so excited but I didn’t want to show it. She then went on to use her fingers to play about with the flaps pulling them open spreading all the juice over it all
Go on then touch it she said
Shocked I said really?
Yes! She snapped I reached out and she grabbed my hand and said stick out a finger she then began to rub it around her lips I could feel the soft wetness and it was amazing I was just staring at it then she put the finger at her hole right push it now all the way in! I pushed and explored inside her hole touching anything and everything I could it was great! She only allowed it for a few seconds until she pulled it out!
Right now I need you to put the chair in front of the door
Ok I said and walked over like her slave
She then threw the towel on the floor and said come sit next to me but without them shorts on!
I pulled them down and hid my dribbling hard cock with my hand until she pulled it away
Wow that’s nice now come up here and lay down!
I scooted up and sat back right now all of this no one will hear ok?!
Ok I won’t tell a soul
Good she said while grabbing the bottom of my cock her mouth moved over the tip of my penis and licked the precum off she seemed to taste it and savour it right before going all the way down on my shaft! Taking it all the feeling was mind blowing! I wasn’t really big back then so it must have been easy for her but I was in heaven! She continued only for a few seconds as I think she knew I was a virgin so I wouldn’t last long, play with my nipples then! I reached down got told how to do it I flicked twisted and pulled at them she really began to enjoy it started to pant. This went on for a few minutes. I loved it I could feel my heart in my penis it was so hard and wet now thanks to jade! After she had had enough and her nipples began to hurt she stopped me! Rolling over to straddle my legs she said now you’re a virgin aren’t you? Yes I replied good now this will be fun! She moved up and sat on my penis not going inside just sitting on my cock and she started to grind her clit on my head it was brilliant! She was panting so much now and after a while she sat up and put me on the tip of her hole here we go tell me when you’re going to cum
When I went to say how will I know when I’m about too she interrupted me by sliding down my cock all the way down my eyes lit up! She said this is the first position we will do! It’s the cowgirl. With not a care in the world as to what she just said I grunted and she began to bounce lubing up my cock with her juices I was moaning and enjoying it. She went on for about one min when I felt this big feeling in my balls! She was looking at me and when it happened she saw my facial expression and sped up! My balls just drained all inside and when I stopped she rolled off and said there you go! And licked my cock taking all my and her juices. I’m going to have to have another shower now! That was fun we should do it again sometime! Still panting and in a state of ecstasy I said yes please! And began to pick my swimming sorts up off the floor. After that day we did it a few times more the last time came when she got a boyfriend now it never happens and I’ve started to see girls in my social circles but I will never get over my first time it was very special

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10 months ago
very good you always remember the 1st
11 months ago
That was great
11 months ago
really liked it. maybe flesh it out a bit but really hot.