you better daddy

It was something i never expected to happen in my wildest dreams. me and my best friend of 18 years had sex. it was a night ill never forget. ill skip our whole friendship history and get right to the night it happened.
jase picked me up from my house at around seven to go to smoke a little then watch a movie. everything seemed totally normal. we rolled a blunt, and half way through it, i could tell he was starting to get a bit handsy, but i thought nothing of it. i rmeber i had quoted some comedian and he gave a good laugh, and then landed his hand on my bicep. i felt a slight chill and almost arousal as he gave a tantilizing look, one I've never seen from a man before, but i couldn't make anything of it. once we headed towards the theater, i couldn't stop thinking about the look he gave me after he touched my arm. i didn't know what it meant, so i just dropped it.
we're 20 minutes into the movie now, and we had our ecigs so we sat in the very back of the theater. he starts to make subtle moves i didn't catch onto at all, but in retrospect were clear signs. his leg bumping into mine a few to many times. his hand on my thigh whenever he would lean into my ear to tell me something. his soft lips brushed on my ear as he whispered some commentary to me, and thats when i knew things weren't right. i didn't call him out, but i noticeably scooted away. thats when the thoughts started rushing. what the hell is he doing? is he trying to like make a move? before i could answer any of them, out of the corner of my eye, i could see his cock rising in his pants. he really was trying to make a move, what the hell do i do now. i am a very straight man, and so was he i thought, but now i have nothing but questions. he caught me glance at his hard cock, "i see you scopin" he said with a wink. "woah woah woah" i jumped back at him "no ones looking at anything". "its okay" he whispered, "u know my little secret now". with a quick jolt, he came at me for a kiss but i dodged it. "what the hell was that b*o?" i almost yelled, "are you trynna get at me or some shit?". "don't be so defensive man, how do u know won't like it if you haven't tried it" jase muttered back to me. at that moment i flashed back to the feeling i had when he touched my arm, and to my astonishment i actually thought about it for a second. "see right there, ur thinking bout it" he said, "no no dude I'm not like that, u know that". he asked me for just one kiss, saying if i didn't like it, we would forget all of this ever happened. i was so torn, I've never doubted my sexuality once, but seeing his massive cock rise in his jeans and imagining his soft touch up and down my arm made me feel almost weak inside, and i needed to get my decision before i have an anxiety attack.
before i could make a decision, i hear his zipper, and before i know it I'm staring at his throbbing white cock. i was overcome with hormones and was rendered speechless. he looks up at me and says "whats a matter, cats got your tongue? just touch it once, it'll make you feel better". I'm completely frozen, I've never been put more on the spot in my life. his cock is about 3/4 hard and it seems almost twice the size of mine. he wiggled it around, then took my hand and slowly dragged it along his inner thigh all the way to the tip of his cock. at that moment, as if it was instinctual, i grasped his pulsating dick. he looked in my eyes and said in a raspy voice "ooo thats right, now stroke that dick till I'm hard", so i did. i couldn't believe it, i was looking into my best friends eyes as i beat him off in a movie theater. it was amazing, i didn't understand anything, but it felt so right. as i got less tense wit the situation, i started to go faster and faster, until his cock is fully erect. i could feel the veins that run up the side of his dick in the palm of my hand as i stroked him off, and the idea of pleasing another man became increasingly arousing, and before i could realize it i was rock hard. he noticed my dick getting hard, so he reached over and started feeling it up the outside of my pants. "suck my dick baby" he commanded. without hesitation i started to lean in to suck my first cock. it was almost touching my face now and i knew once i did this id never be the same again. at that moment he hooked his finger in one of my belt slots, lifted my back in the air and slapped my ass and said "cmon now, it won't suck itself". i looked around the theater and saw practically no one there, and i couldn't resist the urge to deep throat his cock. he spanked me again, and it was over. i was weak in the knees, and then i started sucking. each gulp taking more and more of his dick in my mouth, until i eventually had so much of his cock in my mouth i could feel his balls on my chin. he started to moan, and i felt better than i have in my whole life. he couldn't help but to squirm and moan and it was all because of me. i was in control, but at the same time i desired his command. i was completely changing from only 15 minutes ago, and i couldn't be happier.
i started to feel confidence, so i got more dirty with it. i spit on his tip and licked up from his balls like i was trying to make him cum in my mouth. "holy shit, theres no way this is your first time. yea yea just like that, oo don't stop. ur startin to be a good little dick suck" he moaned over the sound of me slopping on his dick. it wasn't enough, i wanted more. i wanted him to spank me harder, to cum in my mouth, i wanted him inside of me. his cock in my ass was all i could think about now. i was so horny that i decided now was my chance. i came up from his lap and gave him a soft kiss on the neck then lips. "you feel good baby" i said in his ear, "i feel alright, but a few more minutes might change that". i spit one last time on his cock, then i got on my hands and knees in the theater, spread my cheeks apart, and looked back at him whispering, "just put ur cock inside me then daddy, it'll make you feel better". he grew a little smirk on his face, then shifted his attention to my round hazel ass cheeks. i saw him lick his finger then start twisting it on my tight hole, lubing me up for his gorgeous cock. he dragged his tip along my ass crack, teasing me, making me want his dick more than ever. i couldn't take it. the next time i felt his tip on my asshole, i jolted my ass back, and f***ed his cock to pierce me. i only had a third of him inside of me, but i immediately became weak dropped to my elbows. "ohh god u got a tight pussy man, i wish we done this years ago. you ready?" he asked. turning back biting my lip, i gave him a head nod, and i was over from there. he pulled out, and then began thrusting into me, picking up the speed slowly. with each thrust i could feel his massive dick spread my hole apart, over and over again, i was on the brink of passing out it was so good. i was able to get off my elbows to peak over a seat to see a couple looking back at us laughing, but it didn't effect me.
then i herd footsteps came up behind us and i was sure we were caught by security or something, but it was the people laughing. the two guys slid past us and sat in the chairs right in front of my face. they’re voices started to creep in as i herd them whisper in my ears, “you like that dick don’t you” “you want some more cock slut?”. i was able to glance up and saw two ripped black guys smiling and rubbing my head and back as jase pumped his cock in my ass when i saw them both begin to take out their dicks. they were massive, this was more than i could have ever imagined this would escalate to. “you wanna get in on this ass?” jase asked the men. “hell yea” they whispered, “you want some of this cock boy?”. yes daddy i told him, then he drove his massive cock all the way down my throat. i gagged and he laughed a little, “yaa you like that, its just the tip baby”. he started pumping and pumping his cock down my throat while jase pumped his in my ass and the third man slapped his on my face while he spanks me. i was absolutely worthless and i loved every second of it.

they swapped me around for the remainder of the movie. driving their cocks balls deep down my boy pussy until i felt their cum drip down my sweaty gaping crack. i made them each dumpy their load in me, using the previous load as lube to fuck me deeper with. the movie finally ended and i was exhausted. i laid on the group motionless as three loads of warm cum drips out of my bubble ass covered in red handprints. the two men zipped up their pants, smacked my ass and as they walked out whispered “thanks for the ass slut” and one of them drove 2 fingers up my ass and i let out a faint moan and twitched. he laughed and walked out with his friend. jase helped me up and and took me home. before i left he took my hand, gave me a kiss and groped my cock and said, “next time ill fuck you twice as hard bitch”. i slowly looked him in the eyes and took his dick out of his pants and blew him till i felt his warm cum slid down my throat. i looked him in the eyes and the last thing i whispered to him was, “you better daddy”.
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