f****y from the south

There I was texting my cousin from SC. He was telling me to open my front door. I knew he was in the area because thats the only time he text me. He walked in an said he we had a little reunion but I knew what was coming. Wewere in my room an he was textin me as I listened to my ipod. Both of us being 18 and bi was kinda kool because we could tlk about girls and guys we had fucked. ME and him had past sexual expirences. Since we were 13 we were having it. So he ws telling me about this guy bck in SC that just sucked his dick and wouldnt stop and just kept sucking. I was laugning as he explained. Then I mumbled " I bet I can do better that him". I guesse he heard me and pulle dout his dick. I was happy it was largen then the last time I fucked him. I quickly got hard. I asked him could i blow him off and he said knock yourself out. I then began sucking his dick and spitting on it . I was rubbing on his nuts as I did this. After about 15mins I felt his nutsack tighten and he began to start moaning. I quickly stoped and said it wouldnt be any fun if u cummed just yet so he held it in> I than pulleddown my pants and out my ass in the air with a bottle of lube in my hand. He knew what to do he lubed my ass good and corresed it a little then I felt his head pressing against my tight but not virgin hole. I let out a little moan an he quickly and hardly rammed his cock into my ass I screamed and he said " shh" I took the pain and then he fucked me hard I was ready to cum but he wanted to switch positions so he had me doggie style. I never fucked him but I was hurting. He then slowed down and I felt a hot slippery sensation in my ass he cummed. He always picked at me because his dick was bigger than mine but that day I had him embarrased. After he cummed inme he was ready to leave and I said hold on and I jerked off until I let out the biggest load ever I was like a fountain and it was so big it was on me, my bed, and my floor. I was inpressed with my self as I cleaned up he left he came back the next day and we repeated this. But this time he fucked me hard as possibel because I had out did him in the cuming area!!!
59% (8/6)
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4 years ago
great story, thank you!
4 years ago
WHy cant i ever get sucked off by my cousin.
4 years ago
nice cum shot man
4 years ago
Cool story I used to get fucked by my cousin too
4 years ago
Good stpry needs more thanks