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Update: 01/09/2015
Sharing fantasies online is less hot to me now that I experience them more. So I will probably only respond to messages of men who are local to me or have the time, means, and freedom to travel as I do.

So this means I am not into being your online Mistress- humiliating you, giving instructions and all that other pointless shit some of you nuts are into. Begging me for orders and shit like I am a short-order cock cook. The only orders I will give you will pertain to stuffing you in real life. I am not in the 8th grade having to make do with heavy breathing and clothes burning. I am a grown-ass woman with a pretty serious sex and porn addiction so when I'm on the prowl, I'm really not fucking around. So when I say I'm going to strangle the hell out of you if you send me one more "Mother May I, Mistress Make Me" message, its not to turn you on. You are clogging up my messages with bullshit preventing me from responding to a prime piece of ass, and that should be illegal.

I am online only looking for strange (see below). Kinky shit is hard to find- well, its easy if you don't mind insane, dirty, illiterate men who talk too much.

So I am not looking for a vanilla fuck- and should you encounter a woman online who is, you should pause as we don't have to prowl for that. Even an ugly, stinky woman has some poor bastard at the grocery store trying to fuck her. So if your new online boo seems clean and normal, and only wants/needs dick, my free advice to you is to be extremely cautious as the bitch is likely lying about something major. See, I just saved you money on slashed tires, dead bunnies, the time it takes to make your fb super private, number changes and medication for some shit that may clear up while others may not. You're welcome.

I am here to scour this earth for another discrete, clean, sane, educated professional who just so happens to like being stuffed by a woman, and has some bi-curiosities or tendencies on the DL..a delicacy, yes which is why I am online.

I do not care where you live- the world is small and planes fly everyday. I'd catch one quickly and often for the right situation, but again, you must also have the time, means, and freedom to travel.
For those of you who are too preoccupied jerking off to get what this means, let me be clear; you should not be:

-broke, poor, living check to check

-married (I do not care if you swing- nothing about married ppl are my thing)

-a dad, as in father. leather daddies, however to the front of the line and don't forget your chaps

-a man-child (of legal age, but still small minded as to how to have your shit together enough to make things happen)

-diseased (I am clean, as in free of all STDs and STIs and I do not fuck around when it comes to remaining that way. I have been tested via DNA which is the real deal as tests for antibodies or virus particles can lead to false negatives/positives and gray areas of exposure verses contraction. I will want proof you are clean, and I still may do a swab or two myself without giving a shit how you feel about the possible over-kill of it. My ideal kinky fwb will beat me to the punch and care enough about himself to grill me about this shit, too.)

-a delusional liar. Do not send me a pic from 5 years ago when you were hot, then hop your ass on cam as if I do not have 20/20 and cannot see all hell has broken loose with your hair, weight, and teeth. Keep it real from word one, or keep it moving.

Violation of any of the above goes against the code of conduct for sex and porn addicts. Listen, there is something out there for everyone- married ppl can party with swingers, poor ppl can keep it local and fuck in the woods and cars, single dads can hook up with single moms, and people who have had the unfortunate bad luck of contracting an STD can meet with one of many others who have the same fate. I am not looking down on anyone- all I ask is that you stay in your lane and respect my time and preferences.

Now that is out of the way- sexy, where are you?

Strap-on sex is a fetish of mine. I am also very turned on by gay, bi-sexual and bi-curious men. The kinkiest guy I ever met was a white guy, so I have been an equal opportunist since then lol.

I am an attractive, educated professional. I would love to find the same in a guy who is bi/bi-curious and into strap-on sex for a fwb-type of situation. I like a man who is open to getting stuffed, and I find it sexy if he doesn't care if it is a strap on cock or a real one.

Update 11/2/14:
Whenever I update my status to "on the prowl", all of you guys better watch out. I need a better way to keep up with my pieces of ass. I am no longer remembering the vague codes I put on my google calendar at work. Lies never work for me. So I will use this as my calendar for ass-in-process.

If there is nothing here, that means I am too busy doing it to write about it ;p.

Enjoy my collection.

Update: Question of The Day!
I have been called a unicorn, of sorts. Online, I am often accused of being a man posing as a woman(which is quite flattering).

I am neither a unicorn nor a man, but I understand the doubt and intrigue. So I decided to post my detailed responses to questions asked of me.

"..How'd you get into all that kinky shit, anyway?"

My response:

"Ha..I curse the day because this 'kinky shit' is far too addicting. Always had a high sex drive. Always liked porn, but had to skip through so much because women in porn kill my mood, and hetero porn focuses on women and their fake orgasms. Stumbled across a strap on flick and loved it- focused more on the guy who will always be going authentically crazy because men can't fake it. I convinced the guy I was with at the time to let me finger him; he came instantly and it was longer and stronger than ever before. I was hooked- I love the role reversal of it, I love when a man is unsure about it and reluctantly relents to find himself later bucking and gyrating with his cock and balls involuntarily pulsing and jolting. I have turned into a pleaser of sorts but it is symbiotically driven because ever since I got into this, my already easily wet pussy started creaming, too. I progressed to gay porn because two cocks together are exponentially more arousing than the sum of two separately. And that, sir, is how I got into all this kinky shit.
I'm posting this on my page because I am never answering this again lol."

12/29/13 Question of the Day, asked by felix19

"how do you fuck a virgin ass, are you more gentle or do you fuck him also very deep and hard"

My response:

" I warm him up with a prostate massage. I take my time. The end goal is to eventually have him still saying 'deeper' when I am already as deep as can be. I know we are getting there once he starts moving his hips to meet my thrusts. I stall a bit at this point because I like to see my asses get hungry. I will not go hard until he begs for more. And he will..."

01/19/14 QOD asked by a local guy who I only know by his real name, so will not post:

how big is your strap on?

My response:
chocolategirlsos: i dont have one
chocolategirlsos: so its however big yours will be
chocolategirlsos: your choice
chocolategirlsos: i can work with all
him: oh ok, i didn't know
chocolategirlsos: yeah the guys i strapped had their own
chocolategirlsos: who wants to be fucked with one that has been up some other guy's ass anyway
chocolategirlsos: plus
chocolategirlsos: i dont want to be caught with one. if you are caught with one, you are just kinky and yummy. if I am caught with one, i am either a lesbian or a very demented woman who hates men lol. the world does not understand our sector of interests lol
him: LOL true

chocolategirlsos: so yeah, u get ur own
chocolategirlsos: plus everyone wants a different size. id have to have a library of dildos to cater to all tastes
him: i need a small one
chocolategirlsos: yeah get whatever u are comfortable with. get small in diameter, but have some length bc u will ask for more...
chocolategirlsos: deeper....
chocolategirlsos: when it starts feeling really good
him:mmmmmmm ok baby

5/24/15 QOTD Asked by johneddy000
What's your favorite position to strapon fuck a guy in??

It definitely used to be on his back, legs spread eagle, this way I can see his hard cock and balls twitch when I fuck him just right.

But as of late, I am really fond of the guy being on his stomach, slightly sideways with one leg straight and the other bent. Great angle for reallly tight guys who insist on being stuffed with a big boi.

Ha I just realized I am like a recruiter, of sorts. I should work for the army. The above is what I call laying the ground work for some ass. He is a newbie and a possible, so we shall see. Super straight guy so I have to be in the mood to break down all his walls, but I was horny enough to want to break down his ass walls today, so I took some time with him lol.

And for those of you who have accused me of being a man, if I were, I would have met the guy above, fucked him silly, returned home, rubbed one out then had another guy blow me while blogging about this, by now. So hush it with that silliness. If I had a real cock, I'd be dangerous.

Universities, researchers, whoever else, do with this as you please. I am anonymous online, anyway so I really don't give a shit. Just please provide me with a bit of feedback so I can better manage my proclivities. They can be a bit problematic when I am on the prowl ;p.
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Thanks for adding great profile !
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I'm intelligent, well educated, and fun as hell. I know I'm probably not your type but I had to tell you, I loved reading your profile. I don't think you'll ever slide your strap on into me and pound my virgin white ass, but I do hope you'll send me a friend invitation. I'd send you one but I think it would get brushed aside. Anyway, you rock and I'm favoriting your profile so I can return to read your blog entries. Peace, my love. Will.
(I changed my mind and I am sending you a request to show my intent)
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Correction...extremely sexy gal...
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Extremely sexy guy...love your profile...thanks for the add
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Wow...Read through your profile, and I can truly say that you have fully turned me on with your intelligence and self assuredness...I would submit to you anytime you are in Boston. I am real as well, love my asshole played with, experienced but not a whore...Perhaps I'm a discerning whore:)

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