I fucked my neighbor....

I was lying in bed relaxing watching tv, when my doorbell rang. I hated unexpected company so I reluctantly went to the door. when I looked out the peep hole it was my neighbor Kim from upstairs. I opened the door and said "whats up Kim"? "I'm sorry to bother you, may I come inside and talk to you for a minute" says Kim. "Sure" I say as I step aside and let her in. Like myself Kim was dressed for bed, as she had on a tshirt that reached her mid thigh and bedroom slippers.
I take her into the living room and we sit on the sofa. Kim is 24 and lives with her mother. She was a pre-school teacher and worked in a school in Manhattan. She was not the prettiest girl, but she had the body to die for. Big dd's that sat up nice and pert. A small waist, attached to a nice round fat ass, and hips you could hold like handles.
"Mommy and I had an argument I had to get out of the house for a minute, Im so sorry I woke you up" she says. "It's okay" I say, and she begins to tell me that she wants to move out and get her own apartment, but her Mom wants her to continue living with her. She says she is trying to make me feel guilty about leaving her alone since it has always been just the two of us .
"Kim it is not my place to tell you what to do. Whatever decision you make, it has to be yours, but tonight you both are upset wait til a later date and bring up the discussion again.
I can't help but look at her big tits as they were sitting up in her t-shirt. She didn't have on a bra and I could see the print of her dark nipples thru her shirt. "Damn, I think to myself, I would love to suck those big tits, I knew they were beautiful just looking at them thru the shirt. She eventually relaxed and calmed down after i reasoned with her, and told her to apologize to her mom.
"Thanks Anna" she says and hugs me. I was wearing a pink sheer night shirt and a pair of black thongs. My dd's were clearly visible in my shirt and were hard as I was turned on by Kim's body. "MMMM you smell good, what are you wearing " she asks. "Vivid, by Liz Claiborne " I say. "Wow you smell good enough to eat" she says. Funny choice of words she used considering we are both girls, I think to myself.
I was a 37 year old military wife, and my husband was stationed in Budapest. Overseeing the training of American soldiers , for a 15 month tour and he had been away almost 8 months. I was horny as hell. "Girl as horny as I am, I would love to be eaten" I say. "Oh really" she says and she pushes me back on the sofa and pulls my thong to the side and starts eating my pussy.
I am shocked but glad she made that move because I was lusting for her and wanted to fuck her badly. She was licking and sucking my pussy and had me all over the sofa. She held my thighs firmly and ate my pussy until I was soaking wet and my pussy was throbbing and wanting to cum.
I took her hand and led her to my bed. I pulled her tshirt off and finally got to see those big beautiful tits. I put that nipple in my mouth and she moaned out. I made my mouth good and wet and let my wet tongue flicker across her big nipples. She arched her back and I laid her on the bed and started to kiss her on the mouth. I could taste my juices on her lips and loved the taste. as she wasn't wearing panties I parted her legs and looked at her beautiful body as she laid on my bed.
I could see the moistness in her pussy, as her lips glistened and I could see the head of her clit as it poked out. I kissed the big clit and sucked on it and was surprised to find that she had one of those clits that were big like a small dick. It had be to be at least 3' and protruded from her pussy. I sucked it like a dick and used my two fingers to jerk the head as I licked and sucked on it.
"Oh Anna it feels so good. I love it Mommy, please dont stop " she cries, as I eat that pussy up and suck on that clit like Im sucking a dick. "I'm gonna cum mommy" she says. As she squirts all over my face. I try to catch as much of her juices as I can as I continue to lick the pussy, not touching that throbbing clit, just sucking n licking that pussy because she tasted so sweet and good.
I get up and go in my drawer and pull out my strapon dildo. Which was a chocolate realistic 10'with balls, that I loved to use on guys and girls. As she was wet I slid right in and began to fuck her slow and deep. I put her on her knees and began to fuck her doggy style. "Hold that ass open" I say as I slide in her all the way in ,to the balls, and pull it all the way out and push it back in again.
I could see her creaming up on the dildo as it went in and out of her pussy. I take it out of her pussy and turn her around . "Suck Mommy's dick , taste your juices on my dick " I say as I put my dildo in her mouth. I grab her head and slow fuck her face til she gags and then I push her back onto the bed and I fuck her missionary style and suck on her tits as I fuck her same time.
She grabs my face and kisses me on the mouth. We are kissing and I have a nice rhythm going as I wind into her pussy . "Anna, I have never been fucked like this. You are driving me crazy. Im loving this. Please dont stop " she moans. I raise up off her, pull her to the end of the bed and put her legs on my shoulder and I put my 10' back in her pussy. While Im fucking her Im rubbing that big clit and its getting bigger. The bigger it gets the harder I fuck her. Im so wet that the balls on the dildo are hitting against my clit as I pound her pussy.
The wetness of her pussy and the sound it made as the dildo went in and out was driving me crazy. I was fucking her like she was my bitch. I loved using my strapon it gave me a sense of power when i put it in some pussy. Especially some wet pussy. "Oh Anna Im gonna cum " she screams as she squirts everywhere. I could feel her body shaking as she came.
"Oh God, I needed that" she says. I take off my strap and straddle her face. "Eat My pussy baby, taste my juices" I say. I rode her face, covered her nose and mouth and just reveled in her oral skills. She lapped and sucked, and licked and I came all over her face.
We fucked all night until we fell asl**p. I can't believe I lived so close to some great pussy. I could tell this was gonna be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.... LOL.
95% (62/3)
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6 months ago
Got my cock rock hard,wish I was there
1 year ago
That did it
1 year ago
now that was hot!
2 years ago
Nice story
2 years ago
Shit I felt like i was there... That was nice!
2 years ago
Wow, that was sooo hot....
2 years ago
Bravo...wish I had a neighbor like you...
2 years ago
Mm great one!
2 years ago
I didn't think I'd read the whole thing at 1st , but you did good
2 years ago
omg , great story
2 years ago
Great story I'm so wet!!!! Wishing it was me
2 years ago