Aunt Jackie

Aunt Jackie was my Dad's s****r who lived across town from us. She was my Dad's only s****r and he looked after her even into adulthood. My s****r and I spent plenty time with her as she had no c***dren. As I became a teenager and started playing ball I didn't get to see her as much as I used to.
One day my dad told me to go over to her house and charge her battery for her car. So I loaded my dad's charger and headed over to aunt Jackie's. I got to her house and rang the bell. When she opened the door she was wearing a silk robe that was tied tightly around her body.
At 47, she could easily pass for a 30 year old. She was tall about 5'9, and weighed about 180 lbs. She had big tits that were round and pushing against her robe. She had a small waist attached to a big set of hips and ass. She had long dark caramel legs .
"Hey Benji, come on in" says AJ. She hugs me as I come on inside. "Hey Aunty, been a long time since Ive seen you. I missed u Aunty. What u been Up to" I ask. "Working hard and staying busy. It's u that's been missing in action. I haven't seen you since Christmas and its October" laughs AJ
We small talk and I go out into the garage and hook up my Dad's charger to recharge her car. "Are you hungry Benji" she asks. "No Aunty I'm ok, When I was younger she would always gather up goodies and bag them up and have them ready for when I went home. "I've made a bag for you and your s****r take when you finish charging my car.
"What you put in those bags Aunty" I laugh. She was walking around the kitchen putting treats in the bags for my s****r and I when she fell over the chair. When she stumbled over the chair she fell forward and her robe was over her head exposing her nakedness.
I ran to her and scooped her up off the floor. "Are you ok Aunty, I picked her up easily and carried her into her room. As I scooped her up her robe became bunched up and her nipple came out. I almost dropped her I could feel my dick growing.
I laid her on her bed. "Are you hurt" I ask. She said she was ok, she had just stubbed her toe, and bruised her knee. I went to the bathroom and got a pan and filled it with water for her to soak her foot in. I called home and told my dad what happened , he told me stay with her and come home in the morning.
My mother told me to get some oil and massage her knee and put a compress on it. She told me to get her some Tylenol and i did. After she soaked her foot she said it felt better. I told her to lie back and I was going to massage her knee for her.
Aunt Jackie positioned herself in the middle of her queen sized bed and she sat propped up against her pillows. I poured the oil on her knee and started to rub it in. I worked on her knees down to her ankles. I kneaded her calves and rubbed them running my knuckles along her legs.
"Benji that feels really good. Boy u r almost like a pro" she laughs. "I feel bad , you were trying to pack a bag for me and fell, it's the least I can do Aunty" I say. As I massage her she closes her eyes . I take this time to peek at her body.
Damn her tits must be at least a 38dd and I could see the triangle of her pussy as the robe's material was thin and pressed up against it. I poured more oil on and rubbed her knee and her inner leg. I slowly put my hand on her inner thigh. As I was 6'2 I had no problem kneeling over and massaging her legs.
Her skin was so soft yet firm and tight. I wanted to touch her all over. I knew I couldn't play myself, but just knowing she was naked underneath that robe had my dick getting harder with each touch. "I'm gonna do both knees" I say. I take off my shirt and leave on my wife beater. I also kick off my sneakers.
"It's easier if I sit on the bed , that way I can do both legs" I say. I sit beside her near the middle of the bed and do her other knee. She still has her eyes close. Just making small grunts of pleasure as I massaged her knees. I had to touch her , I think to myself.
I start to rub her inner thigh. I wait for her to stop me, and when she doesn't, I start slowly working my way upwards. "Im gonna do your whole legs" I say. She doesn't answer but she never says no.
To my surprise she opens her legs and lays back against the pillows. when she does this her tits are coming out of the robe. I grab one and put it in my mouth. I lick and suck that nipple til it's hard and shiny with my saliva on it. I grab both tits and lick both nipples the same time.
"Oh Benji, it feels so good. Please don't stop" says Aunt Jackie. I lick and suck them tits as if milk was gonna come out of them. By this time my dick is rock hard. I stand up and step out of my pants and boxers. "Damn you big just like your daddy" she laughs.
I had a fat 10 ' with a fat monster mushroom head. She pulled me to her and started sucking my dick. IT felt so good. She had my toes curling and my breathing was getting fast. No girl had ever sucked my dick like this before.
I got that feeling in my stomach and knew I was about to buss. "Damn it's good Aunty, you gonna make me cum" I say. "Come on baby, buss it for Aunty.
When she swallowed my dick down her throat and spit it back out I came all over her face. I pushed her back and buried my face between her thick thighs. I could smell her sweetness and wanted to taste her. I stuck my finger in her pussy and she was wet and creamy.
She had no hair on her pussy and her lips were fat n glistening with her juices. I kissed her pussy. Then spread her lips and went inside. She tasted sweet like nectar and I devoured her pussy. I had her all over the bed but I held her legs firm and wouldn't take out my tongue.
She came twice and I just swallowed every bit of her juice. I had to fuck her. I had fucked many girls, but never fucked one without a condom. My Parents stressed the use of condoms and always bought me boxes of magnums and left them in my room.
Tonight I didn't need or want any condoms. I was gonna fuck Aunt Jackie RAW. I wanted to feel her wetness on my dick. After she came I positioned myself and put the head of my dick on her pussy. She felt the heaviness of my dick and wanted it inside of her.
I put my dick to the lips of her pussy and I could feel her wetness drawing me in. I slid in slow and went in deep. She was wet and her tight pussy was gripping my dick and I moaned out. "Damn this is some good pussy Aunty. I pulled out to the head then slid back down inside.
I fucked her slow and hit every corner of that pussy. I rolled onto my back and she straddled me and started riding my dick. I was thrusting upwards and sucking her tits when she screamed out "IM gonna Cum Benji" I could feel her pussy contracting on my dick as she came.
As she rode my dick I could see her pussy creaming up. This made me grab her waist and start to fuck her her hard and I wanted to buss in the top of her pussy. I came all in her. I could feel my dick emptying out as I dropped my load up in her pussy.
"I loved it. Benji I haven't been fucked like that in years" she says. She puts my dick in her mouth and once again I'm hard as a hammer about to puncture a nail. we fucked all night. There's nothing like a quick f****y fuck.
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11 months ago
Excellent... love this one.
1 year ago
auntie wasn't one
1 year ago
luved it .. can we get a three some???
1 year ago
wish I had an aunt like that
2 years ago
I love milfs hmmm great story my dick still hard
2 years ago
yesssss!!! nice!!!!!!!!!!
2 years ago
loved it
2 years ago
this is one aunt i want to meet...luv the story
2 years ago
when i got caught by my aunt the first time
she slapped the shit out of me!
2 years ago
Great fucking story
2 years ago
Great story! made me hard just reading it haha
2 years ago
Great story
2 years ago
Great story, thanks for sharing
2 years ago
Damn I could have use an Aunt Jackie. Great story.
2 years ago
Great story, tell us more.
2 years ago