My sissy son by his dad and lover Part 5

Well...what a few months it's been since i/we last spoke to you.Many things
have happened,some of them great,some fantastic..some not so good,best tell you!

Lucy and i are in love,no two ways about it,we found out how to change her name by deed poll(to legally change your name in the UK)So she's now,legally..Lucy Alice Andrews and she wears a matching wedding band and engagement ring like mine.I wear just the band when we go out together,as i said..she passes for a woman no problem.So people just think i'm a guy with a younger/sexier trophy wife,(which in a way is right!) She dresses as Lucy full time now,only keeps a few items of male atire for f****y get togethers.(not that we have many relatives left!)

During the week we sl**p together as man and wife...she keeps the house,does the shopping and generally looks after she loves me! And every night we make love..and explore our bodies together..teasing/kissing/holding/touching..just the things that a couple in love do.She's the wife..i'm the i fuck her every night Monday to Saturday! On Saturday morning,i shower,shave(all over)paint my fingers and toes,do my make-up..and become Connie! Maid/slave/lover to Miss Alice the Mistress of my dreams...of any persons dreams really.I serve her/wait on her during the day..pleasing her/masaging her/bathing her/dressing her.I love her very much.

I'm expected to please her orally whenever i'm instructed to do so.And as i'm now the "female" in this relationship...i'm fucked every Saturday night! I spend that night on my knees,or on my back..letting my Mistress use my body for her pleasure.I hold my bum cheeks open...let her "use me"..and i love it.Some Sundays we carry on being Connie and Alice..Sometimes it's Jack and Lucy! We "Go with the flow" as it were! But a disater was heading our way one soon to be "ex wife" (And Lucy's mum) arrived and found us both dressed up.We'd been shopping,buying a few outfits,and were showing the other "gurl" them.She went crazy,started throwing things,calling us both hurtfull and disgusting names. Lucy burst into tears..and then my ex calmed down.

She didn't mean to hurt Lucy,said before she didn't care,but could see she still loved her c***d..whether she was a girl or a boy! But i wasn't spared her she new Lucy and i shared a bed together...she'd..well..not too sure what she'd do!! She said she'd found a new man..who she loved..and wanted a quick divorce.I said she could divorce me on any grounds she wanted,i wouldn't contest it.She stayed,we chatted..luckily i wasn't dressed at that time,so she mellowed.Lucy sat and held her mum's hand..but she was uncomfortable.She got up,said she needed to go,she'd be in touch through her Soliciter,but didn't think she'd visit again!

Took a couple of days for Lucy to get back to normal,tried to make love to her last couple of nights..but she gently pushed me away. Then the next day she said, "I'm sorry daddy..i've been such a cranky pants..why don't we go away together,somewhere nice and warm!(Was winter in England)" So that's what we did,went on a her a passport in her new name...was the best thing we did.She bought some lingerie and "things" to surprise me..and we bahaved like a honeymoon couple..(which i suppose we were really!) "Take me daddy ...make love to me...fuck your lttle girl!" I did...and we stayed in bed for 3 days and i fucked her silly! Was wonderfull...had fantastic 12 days together.
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1 month ago
i think you've left it where you were happy to leave them, those who try to take an amount of control of the story should just go write their own the way they want it. beautiful story, love lucy and connie, jack too, i'd fuck all three in a heartbeat
2 years ago
Hope there is still more to come. I think I would like to know more about Connie the slave for a change...